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Cricket My Passion

Cricket, for some people is just a game but for me it is more than that. Cricket is my passion. Ive been playing cricket since my childhood and with time, my love for cricket has grown. Talking about talent, there’s only one thing that comes in my mind, my love for cricket which is never ending. My passion and my love for cricket got me into my school’s cricket team which was one of the proudest moment of my life. With my talent and hard work i won a lot of medals and certificates after which i became the captain of my team.



. All my success came from my hard work. When i came to lse i did not continue cricket which i consider a big mistake but now finally i’ve managed to get into one of the best league in lse cricket and hope to make a place in the official cricket team of lse and make them proud. I love watching cricket is as well, i follow all the news related to cricket and especially Pakistan’s cricket team.

BOOM BOOM: The Hero Of Cricket

Shahid afridi was born on 1 march 1980. He started his cricketing career in 1996 and till date he has played more than 436 matches which includes 27 test matches, 59 Twenty 20 internationals and 350 ODI’s. Afridi is known for his fierce batting style because of which he has broken many records as well as made many new ones as well. Afridi holds the record for the fastest century, scoring 32 runs in just an over, hitting most number of sixes in the history of cricket and the list goes on. He has now become a national hero by his innings performances.


Afridi is know all over the world by Boom Boom Afridi which his fans call him when he enters the ground. He has also managed to make records by his bowling. Afridi, initially started off as a fast bowler but later mastered in leg spin in. He has taken more than 300 wickets in his career. He is recently been thrashed for his consistent and performances and the reason for him being not picked for the starting 11. His bowling performances have kept him in the team and aswell as his very strong fan base. He is popular amongst the masses as he is an entertainer on and off the field.