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Brand Conciousness on a Rise

You may come across many shopaholics throughout the globe but in our society there is a certain stereotype of these at a rise. They may widely be known as brand conscious people. These snobs are mainly the youth and the working class. Young adults believe to gain an edge and ego boost when acknowledged by their peers. Whereas the working people think looking sharp gives them the confidence needed to make professional leaps.

Many blame the internet and this new age of knowledge and globalization. It is no doubt that due to globalization many foreign brands and western thinking has swept into our country. Everyone is westernised be it the appearance or the mindset. This is also the reason why many foreign brands have opened their outlets in Pakistan and are running them quiet successfully. It wasn’t long ago that M.M.Alam was a quiet market with few shops and restaurants but now it is the hub of elite dining and designer wear. It is a constant battle to ‘check in’ at the top restaurants and to post pictures with designer clothes on Facebook before your peers.


Brands nowadays have a great influence on the thinking of people. I personally have experienced a sudden change in the attitude of people when they see a tag on you. Throwing around popular brand names is necessary for an individual to be accepted in the society nowadays. A person who knows well about the brands is considered ‘cooler’ rather than the person with knowledge. Universities have become a show of tags. What to wear each day has become harder of a decision. Many students have reported that they feel embarrassed to admit they got a pair of clothing from a normal shop rather than a brand. People are constantly adapting to styles and attires way different from their culture and comfort zone in the race to top the trendy charts. To be accepted and praised by people have become an addiction much worse than drugs. This robs a person of their integrity and culture.

The constant struggle to gain the outfit your influencer or celebrity wore leaves a person trying out all alternatives to gain it. Be it spending heavy amounts on unnecessary luxury items. There has been an hundred percent increase in the depression in our society. People constantly exposed to items they can never purchase leave them with a feeling of hatred and anger towards the unfair world. One must use brands as just brands and not make them so important that they start to reshape the society. Image

By Mahreen Azam section G (11Uo538)


An Invasion (Influence of Bollywood)

Our youth has become increasingly obsessed with Bollywood and i am mortified to admit that I hear people saying ‘sapna’ and ‘patni’ instead of ‘khawab’ and ‘biwi’. Bollywoods influence on Pakistan is undeniable and their culture is creeping into our society while we are blissfully ignoring it.

Throngs of people stand outside the cinemas that feature Bollywood movies and it pains me when I think of the revenue that we are generating to a cinema that is not our own. The influence of Bollywood is murdering our already crippled movie industry. People will wait in lines if they have to, just so they can watch the first screening of a new Bollywood movie they know nothing about. It does not matter if it attacks our culture and our traditions. If it has an item song with Katrina Kaif in it we won’t be missing it for the world. Right?

A lot of Bollywood movies portray us negatively concerning the Kashmir conflict and our next generation might start believing what they see. The young girl who works at my house knows the name of every Indian actor but started stuttering when I asked her the name of the prime minister of Pakistan. Don’t even get me started on the Grandpas and Grandmas who so dedicatedly watch every soap opera on Star Plus together. What will we learn from these soap operas? How to wear layers of makeup and pounds of jewelry to bed or how to fake a death and then come back craving for vengeance.  How horribly dramatized.

Most menacing of them all are the cartoons dubbed in Hindi that we so willingly allow our kids to watch. If your kid is watching that right now, please turn off the TV. Have some mercy. You’re opening your children to a culture that is entirely different from ours and they’ll grow up speaking Hindi and not Urdu or even English.


Pakistani weddings have lost their charm and have become a mere representation of the Hindu culture. They do not reflect our values and customs anymore.  We have let Bollywood penetrate so deep into our society that change might be unacceptable to the masses now.  They have become accustomed to the Indian culture and if we want to bring a change we will have to revive our own entertainment industry.

We cannot just blame each other for this invasion of culture. We have allowed it and we must accept that. Our own entertainment industry is not doing that good so we watch Bollywood movies to de-stress ourselves and most people find that acceptable. It is acceptable if we don’t let it take control of us and set certain boundaries.

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By: Shamaim Younas (Section G – 11U0040)