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The Sound of Music

190656_10152383839700055_1124479788_nMy earliest memories are not those of the happiness of getting a doll, or being gifted your favorite action figure, but they are of the excitement I felt when I first touched my grandfathers grand white piano. Instantly my mind was elated at the melodic sound I could make through the keys. In a matter of days I knew of all the different notes I could strike with this wondrous instrument and just a little while later I could play any song my mind took like to.

I guess there are some things in life that you are just meant to love and for me it was always music. Be it old Indian, classic, western or contemporary I was always transfixed by music thus I was gifted my first guitar at the age of eleven and soon I was learning the instrument from beginning till end. Singing just came to me naturally, maybe it was that I had a “singing” gene considering my father, aunts, grandmother all had gifted voices.


I was always a part of the school choir I guess that took out most of the fright one feels when they are on a stage for as far back as I remember I always wanted my voice to be heard. While in-between came times, when I felt shy, or under confident I kept opting for competitions and concerts and kept bringing myself out there. What this resulted in was that I lost most of the jitters I felt in the earlier years of performing on stage and in a way kept getting better at what I do.

My love for music is not something I can explain in words, or even through what I play as I have not reached a level where I can even consider myself a musician, I cannot explain my thoughts when I hear an exceptionally well written piece of music, or hard hitting lyrics, or a beautiful composition; but I know that my love for music will keep taking me forward and make me into something one day.


To listen to a cover I recorded of wicked games check out:

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Singing Talent and Passion for Guitar

Talent is one of those God Gifted ability that a human posses in him. Some might sing good, some might bee good in numbers and some can be excellent in a particular sport etc. Passion is that urge of a man to do something he/she wants to do for example passion for singing or passion for being a car racer.

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Allah Almighty have blessed me with a talent of singing which i know i have to explore more deeply. From an early age i started singing just like that with no proper guidance, just matching the tone and lyrics with the song playing. as time passed i developed an urge to refine my voice and let people hear it. this became a small part of my passion as well. Along this activity of mine another passion of mine was to learn how to strum strings of the guitar. After all the arguments with my father he finally bought me one and i took classes to learn it.



Now that time has come that these two things have become a part of my daily life. Everyday i sing and make compositions on the guitar. One day while sitting alone i started writing randomly and luckily when i compiled it, it turned out to be a song. Just threw a tune on to it and it was liked by everyone. Due to this urge i also performed at few events and got a positive reaction from the crowd. Now Alhamdulilah very soon in Pakistan my song will be watched on television and listened om radios. The conclusion i figured out is that nothing is impossible till the time you make it possible.