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Brand Conciousness on a Rise

You may come across many shopaholics throughout the globe but in our society there is a certain stereotype of these at a rise. They may widely be known as brand conscious people. These snobs are mainly the youth and the working class. Young adults believe to gain an edge and ego boost when acknowledged by their peers. Whereas the working people think looking sharp gives them the confidence needed to make professional leaps.

Many blame the internet and this new age of knowledge and globalization. It is no doubt that due to globalization many foreign brands and western thinking has swept into our country. Everyone is westernised be it the appearance or the mindset. This is also the reason why many foreign brands have opened their outlets in Pakistan and are running them quiet successfully. It wasn’t long ago that M.M.Alam was a quiet market with few shops and restaurants but now it is the hub of elite dining and designer wear. It is a constant battle to ‘check in’ at the top restaurants and to post pictures with designer clothes on Facebook before your peers.


Brands nowadays have a great influence on the thinking of people. I personally have experienced a sudden change in the attitude of people when they see a tag on you. Throwing around popular brand names is necessary for an individual to be accepted in the society nowadays. A person who knows well about the brands is considered ‘cooler’ rather than the person with knowledge. Universities have become a show of tags. What to wear each day has become harder of a decision. Many students have reported that they feel embarrassed to admit they got a pair of clothing from a normal shop rather than a brand. People are constantly adapting to styles and attires way different from their culture and comfort zone in the race to top the trendy charts. To be accepted and praised by people have become an addiction much worse than drugs. This robs a person of their integrity and culture.

The constant struggle to gain the outfit your influencer or celebrity wore leaves a person trying out all alternatives to gain it. Be it spending heavy amounts on unnecessary luxury items. There has been an hundred percent increase in the depression in our society. People constantly exposed to items they can never purchase leave them with a feeling of hatred and anger towards the unfair world. One must use brands as just brands and not make them so important that they start to reshape the society. Image

By Mahreen Azam section G (11Uo538)


Photography. Creating Magic in Simplest of Things.

Usually when a famous person is asked as to when their talent was first spotted they reminisce about their childhood and how even the first word they spelled was a clear indication of their love for their talent. In my case it was different. I was born amongst hundred ordinary children who are confused as to where their talent lies. For me it all started in A-levels when my sister who was in an Arts University begged dad to get her a professional Nikon camera. Like any younger sibling I was eager to get my hands on the new gadget in the house. I still remember the few times I had snuck the camera from my sister’s room and taken random pictures around the house only to be caught and scolded badly. But that wasn’t the end of it. I continued my quest. With a sea of random snaps came a lucky one. A snap that made it all begin. It was appreciated by my family and friends. Before I knew it I was clicking pictures of random things wherever I went. As time went by I got finer at it. Clicks weren’t random any more  As I joined the university I realized that I can take my amateur passion to new levels. Exploring the photography society lead to few competitions held in university which made me confident enough to let people see my work. Soon I registered for the first ever PhotoWalk 2011 held in Lahore. Through much motivation and praise I was now a photographer.

ImageInstagram a new application popular in Pakistan nowadays where people post  pictures they want to share. We can also follow many inspirational photographers into gaining an insight of their work. I too have recently joined instagram in a quest to further polish my amateur skills and post pictures that I want to share with the world. Through my photography I try to capture magical moments. In our busy schedule seldom do we realize the magic held in simplest of things. We are exposed to so much in this era of technology that things don’t impress us much now. To me a fallen leaf, a white flower, chirping birds, sunsets and clear blue sky all seem magical and special.

Here is some of my work. Follow me on instagram mehru91.


Each day is a blessing; live it to the fullest.

Adios Friends

Mahreen Azam (11U0538) section G