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Cricket My Passion

Cricket, for some people is just a game but for me it is more than that. Cricket is my passion. Ive been playing cricket since my childhood and with time, my love for cricket has grown. Talking about talent, there’s only one thing that comes in my mind, my love for cricket which is never ending. My passion and my love for cricket got me into my school’s cricket team which was one of the proudest moment of my life. With my talent and hard work i won a lot of medals and certificates after which i became the captain of my team.



. All my success came from my hard work. When i came to lse i did not continue cricket which i consider a big mistake but now finally i’ve managed to get into one of the best league in lse cricket and hope to make a place in the official cricket team of lse and make them proud. I love watching cricket is as well, i follow all the news related to cricket and especially Pakistan’s cricket team.

Long Distance Love: A passion For Football

My talent is football. I love playing and watching sports, but football attracts me the most. During my childhood, I used to play table tennis a lot and cricket as well, but as I grew up, I lost interest in these sports, and gained interest in football. All of my cousins used to play football, and because of that, I started playing it myself, I found my hidden talent, I got really good at it, and I used to be the first pick in any of the teams.Image

At school level as well, I played a lot, we used to play football, in the breaks and in our games periods as well. I was always the captain of my team. And as I got into my o levels, I was considered for the school team. And at that age, getting in the school football team was a big thing. I played in the school team for the next four years, and was named the captain in my last year. But when I changed schools, I lost interest in playing football, studies took a toll on me, and there was no time to play football, and also, during a match I got badly injured, and wasn’t able to play football for 6 months. But I kept on watching football, I follow Portugal and Manchester United. My favorite player is Cristiano Ronaldo. I try not to miss a United match. One of the things in my bucket list is, visiting Old Trafford, and watching Ronaldo play live.


I prefer playing as a holding midfielder, because sprint isn’t my forte. I play for the phantoms in the LSE football league.


Donning Young Adulthood

Life has just begun. The past year has been full of surprises, ups and downs and loads of fun all because of me starting my University life, finally! Even though there are days when I dread going to the building situated amongst fields, called Lahore School of Economics, everyday has its own charm.

I still remember the first day I was to go to LSE. My stomach was a mush, my mind was a conjuring up twisted thoughts that made me want to scream and run away from what was going to come. My parents, oblivious to my situation, were beaming at me proudly. They were overjoyed to see their eldest child starting a whole new chapter of her life! Their words of encouragement were drowned by the pessimist inside of me. Feeling completely lost and small I entered the front gates. Fortunately a friend of mine was already there. However, the happiness soon vanished as a huge group of seniors surrounded us, eyeing our bags, ready to rag us. The experience of being ragged would remain etched in my memories forever. Then, there was this other dilemma; no one I knew was in my section. They were all new faces, aliens. However, I became friends with them quickly and soon we were having the time of our lives.


Coming from an all-girls school, interacting with boys was something new and different. I must say in this past one year I have become quite confident and more at ease as I was before. Another new experience was going out. Never had I gone out with friends during school years. Sure we had gone to each other’s place, but never for an outing. The first time I went out with friends from LSE was to BRB. It was a memorable day, perhaps because I was thrilled by this new found freedom! To my surprise, my parents were alright with me going out with friends as long as I told them exactly where I was going!

Then there was the looming terror of presentations. Teachers who were sweet and kind throughout the beginning became extremely serious when it came to presentations and submissions of projects. The first time I presented felt like death. I was numb; all my feelings were cut off. My legs felt like lead and my tongue felt like sand paper! I couldn’t even mouth the words properly and overall it was the worst experience of my life! However, the good thing about LSE is that you get so many presentations and projects that after a semester or two, you become so used to them that it feels like nothing. However, to be honest I am still getting the hang of controlling my nervousness and tensions when it comes to all this.


The past one year has groomed me into becoming a well-balanced person. Not only have I become responsible and confident, university has taught me to stand on my own feet and face the world myself. Before this I was in a much protected environment and under the shelter of my parents. LSE has taught me how to face challenges and be ready for anything that comes my way.

I believe university is a platform that helps you get ready for the real world out there. It makes you able to succeed in life, not only professionally but in every aspect of your life. The different people you interact with, the different situations you go through are all experiences that hone you and make you understand your purpose in life. You tend to understand your worth as well as those around you and you learn how to survive.


Although only a year has gone by, I have learnt so much from my mistakes and of my friends. I have learned to value time, something I had never done before and a sense of competing against my fellow classmates, which was never there before, has risen inside me. I would always remember these days and cherish them all my life.


Football is a dream I never want to wake up from

When I broke my ankle while playing football for the first time when i was 8 years old, I made a confession to myself that whatever happens, I will never play this game ever again in my life.


I used to go and watch other kids play football during my time of recovery. I followed my favorite team Arsenal and never missed watching a game from them. During that, I realized my love for football. I knew I had it in myself but the fear of getting injured again took me a while to kick the glorious football again. It took me almost two years to overcome my fear. It was the time when there were football trials for a team of junior section in my school. I had to get in the team, I kept telling myself with a sense of motivation that I was better and more knowledgeable about the game than all my other fellows preparing for the trials. I practiced hard enough to make myself sure that the injured ankle was alright. I used to kick the ball 24/7 in the backyard of my house and in my room as well. There I discovered this talent in me. With ball I was very quick and kicking on the walls of my house improved my touches. During trials, i was nervous. I knew I would get selected but still, there was fear of rejection. The fear of being let down. Within 10 minutes, the football coach of our junior campus Sir Arif called my name and told me, you’re selected. There I wrote my name on that teams list and at that moment all I could do was to run back on the field and finish the game.


Time past, I used to play football regularly for my team in school and my neighborhood. I never got substituted during my time of playing. In the eleventh grade, I got my first own football jersey with the number 14 on it. It was something I always wanted. I earned it. It was for the Punjab Olympics in which our team got 4th position and we only lost two matches in the tournament. My position was to cover the defense line and I believe I was very successful in doing that as we lost both the matches on penalty shootout and we didn’t concede a single goal during the 90 minutes of play in 8 matches.

My O level grades disappointed me and changed my priorities. During A-1, all I wanted to do was to study and get good grades. So for one full year, I didn’t touch the ball. I missed the trials intentionally and left my team in neighborhood as well. My team in neighborhood had a name Illusions FC. It is still considered in top 10 teams of Lahore. I won many prizes and tournaments while playing in the team. I had left it all back and thought studying was something more important. In AS level, I got 2 A’s. I was quite happy with the result and then, i decided to continue with my extra activities. In A2, inter-class tournament, I decided to play again. I was the top scorer with 7 goals in 3 games which included one hat-trick. I was selected automatically without any trials for my school team. My sports teacher, Sir Iqbal, named me the captain of the football team for the Punjab Olympics. Although we were eliminated in our very first match, I am still proud of captaining the team of my school.


The journey of football with me still continues in LSE. I have my own team although I am not as good as i used to be since I have gained weight, I still have a team of my own named Phantoms. We reached semi finals in the last league we played and I know, i have this feeling that before graduating in almost 2 and a half years time from here, my team will win the football league once.


Football is my talent and my love for football will never die.

From: Ali Murad

ID: 11U0262