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Cricket My Passion

Cricket, for some people is just a game but for me it is more than that. Cricket is my passion. Ive been playing cricket since my childhood and with time, my love for cricket has grown. Talking about talent, there’s only one thing that comes in my mind, my love for cricket which is never ending. My passion and my love for cricket got me into my school’s cricket team which was one of the proudest moment of my life. With my talent and hard work i won a lot of medals and certificates after which i became the captain of my team.



. All my success came from my hard work. When i came to lse i did not continue cricket which i consider a big mistake but now finally i’ve managed to get into one of the best league in lse cricket and hope to make a place in the official cricket team of lse and make them proud. I love watching cricket is as well, i follow all the news related to cricket and especially Pakistan’s cricket team.

Basant – the festival of colours!

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Every year such a festival day comes,

When the flowers blossom and the kids come out of homes!

The roaring sounds of everyone yelling around with joy,

The colors up above flying in the sky!

The competition between friends and their fun,

The last flying kite that still runs!

It was that time of year again,

When we all touched the sky with our flying kites!

It was when spring comes to life it was basant,

Children enjoy flying kites all around the beautiful sights!

   In Pakistan all seasons have their own festivities, each has a different flavor. Traditionally, it is said that basant is celebrated to bid farewell to the winter season and to announce the arrival of spring season. Basant is celebrated in a big way in Pakistan and has become a very traditional festival of Pakistan. It’s a kite flying festival which had originated from India and now it’s famous across Pakistan especially in the Punjab province. In Lahore, basant is celebrated usually around end of February. The girls and boys wearing yellow dresses and dancing with the beat of dhole is known as bhangra. The sky is covered with all kinds of beautiful kites, large and small, which decorate the sky in a glorious and pleasant way. It looks as if a painter has painted the sky with beautiful colors. But unfortunately, Pakistan’s government has banned kite flying as it became a cause of some horrible incidents but still, people think that it’s a way to celebrate their happiness with others. But the decision is upon us whether we want our happiness or other sorrows of being a cause of loss of lives that occur due to kite flying.


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My personal opinion is that we really have no one to blame except for ourselves for this ban. It is the collective failure of the entire city for such incidents and it is easy to blame the government when they occur. Proper safety precautions are not taken. People use deadly strings which they should avoid.

By: Malik Taha

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Lawn Mania

As soon as the spring season arrives, we are bombarded with billboards of the numerous designer lawns. The lawn fever has gripped the women of our country. There was a time, though not long ago, when a lawn suit was available in every clothing shop at reasonable prices which the masses could afford. Every one could wear these dresses but this is not the case anymore. Lawn is no longer just anything that one wears to feel cooler and more comfortable in the scorching heat of this country but it has become more of a fashion statement. This is due to the introduction of the designer lawn. Almost every designer has now introduced their lawn prints such as Maria B, Nomi Ansari etc.


For parties and formal gatherings, silks and chiffons were preferred due to the fact that they were expensive and gave an element of elegance. However, now the designer lawn prints have a price which is equalant to these silks and chiffons and are now worn on special occasions and functions.

The trend was started with only a couple of designers stepping into this business and introduced the designer lawn prints. The pioneers included Gul Ahmed and AlKaram. Since then they have been making rapid progress in this field and thus, it gave an opportunity to others who decided that this was a very lucrative business and therefore, this rat race of the designer lawn emerged.


Every year women wait impatiently for these designer lawns to surface in exhibitions like wildfire and later in different outlets. The passion and enthusiasm with which the women buy these designer lawn is unmatched. The sight at these exhibitions is unimaginable. The women want to grab the best prints before others get hold of them and there are many instances of cat fights that can be sighted at the venue. This is because these prints are rarely repeated again which gives people an opportunity to flaunt their designer lawns as this has become a status symbol.

Every year the prices of the lawn prints are increased by one thousand or so but this does not refrain the lawn crazed women to buy them. So, in order to compensate for the high prices, the designers have started a new trend of marketing in which they hire famous Indian actresses to model for their lawn. Examples of these include Karishma Kapoor by Crescent lawn, Nargis Fakhri by Élan and so on. Apart from this British models are also hired. In addition to this many other strategies are also used to advertise the lawn which includes facebook advertisements, brochures, television, radio and many more. The sky high prices although leave the majority of the population unable to buy these prints but still the designers manage to sell of their stock due to the lawn fanatics who do buy these prints and in large quantities. Moreover, even before the lawn is launched, the females gets hold of the catalogues of their favorite designers and book their prints in advance in order to avoid fights at the venue.


This has become synonyms to a viral disease taking its toll on people’s lifestyle, minds and money. So it is high time that the ladies put a lid on it because there is much more to life than wearing fancy lawn prints.

By: Saniya Mansoor