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In Pursuit of Cooking

Not the first time that I ever cooked, I was connected to it since I was born. This was the only thing I knew the best in my life, and had the confidence in it. I still remember when I first entered the kitchen to cook an omelet, I was only seven and without the help of anyone I did a pretty good job. At that time I thought that everyone knows how to cook but as I grew, I realized that there are only few people in this world who are blessed with this magnificent gift. As a child I started helping my mother in the kitchen not because I was forced too but I loved to see my mother cooking and learn from her.

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I still go back to my old times and feel the essence of my beautiful childhood spent in kitchen. The aroma and the taste I can’t come out of that age because that was the only time that made me believe that I actually have the ability to cook. Cooking is the only thing that is left out of my history; however I have my good and bad days in the kitchen. You can’t always come out from the kitchen as a winner so sometimes I come out with my sprits high and sometimes defeated. What’s the point of cooking when you follow the same recipe again and again? It’s like watching one movie endless times and then the moment comes when you’re fed up and started to hate it. Innovation is always the key to keep that spark alive in you for cooking, if you creative you can make wonderful recipes or even improve the existing ones. In future I have planned to open a restaurant that provides both fusion and comfy food, but before that I have to learn more about food and cooking and understand the deep meaning of it.

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Basketball , Baking and Me

Hello everyone, I am Aisha zahid and currently doing my bachelors from Lahore school of economics in majors in marketing and minors in media. describing my past in one word would be “twisted” .nothing happened to me the way I planned it, but it was the best part I got to experience new things and learnt a lot from it too. From childhood I have been favorite of my family as I am the only daughter that did not make me the favorite though. It’s my dad. He is the shining star of everyone eyes in his family and I resemble my dad a lot.

my bro

my bro

I always wanted to be pampered and taken extra care  kind of child, but no that spot taken by my youngest brother. We all simply adore him.

I did my junior school till A-levels from the city school and I have a lot of respect for it in my heart. Made some great friends and shared the most wonderful time with them as well. As I mentioned before nothing happened the way I wanted in my life and so is LSE was not exactly what I wanted to do. I am very much inclined towards the arts and drawing, since childhood I wanted to be a fashion designer. The fashion industry always attracted me a lot but God had different plan for me. I am from a business background and so my dad wanted me to join a business school, at first I use to regret the decision but now it’s all I wanted and the best I could have. I am thankful to God and pray that whatever is an ahead of me is only betterment for my future :).

I live to love friends, family and my favorite sport may be known as a fun past time for any person but I see it as a life. On the court struggling to win for the thing you are good at. It always was special for me and is a great way of exercise and a great way to have fun with friends and possibly make some new ones. Basketball in my view is the best thing I can do with my friends to have fun while burning a few calories. I see basketball as a fun and easy way to have fun rather than sitting on the couch all day playing video games or watching television. Basketball is known as a good pastime in many people’s eyes but can also be seen as a passion for many others. 163315_10152544277020307_1146573613_nTo me there is not only one word that I can describe basketball.

To the people who are new at basketball you can play it with different styles .there are styles such as a passer, playmaker, shooter, defensive player, and dunker or highflyer. When you play basketball you feel much more confident and makes you not care much about how others think about you. When I possess the ball in basketball I have the mentality of being the best and no one could stop me. Many people have creative ideas and find new ways to trick the opposing players. Playing Basketball is very entertaining since there are endless ideas you can think of just with a hoop and a basketball. It’s a great way to get your mind off things and is also a great way to express yourself. It is a sport that can work your whole body. I see in my eyes that basketball is very addicting and makes you want to play more and more of it.


Another passion of mine is baking. My mom is a great cook and she also wanted me to learn cooking like her so it was a matter of two three times to enter in the kitchen and voila.

cake i made for my brother birthday

cake i made for my brother birthday

I wanted to bake. so the journey started its been few years have been following a lot of cooking experts and channels of YouTube my favorite one is laura in the kitchen sorted foods( . These guys are great and are the people who develop my love for baking.

my Favorite people <3

my Favorite people ❤

My advice to new bakers is to be patient because it’s not a one day game and follow the recipe exactly. You need all the ingredients on room temperature for better results. I wish to prosper in future and the love for my sports and cooking remains the same

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Cooking my passion

Cooking My Passion


A hobby is a theme or an object considered as unduly occupying one’s interests or attention. To me it is the reflection of a sort of mental weakness for a particular thing. By having certain hobbies I have provided my restless mind with a healthy cultural sport. I have few hobbies some are major and some are minor. Hobbies vary person to person. Some love travelling other love reading, but I love cooking. Cooking has been my passion since my childhood. I still remember when I was a kid I used to stand by my mother and watch her cooking. According to me every one can cook, it is not difficult at all. But the main ingredient to cooking is presentation.


I love making Pakistani dishes, and healthy food which is nourishing and is good for health. When I was 14 I made my first dish which was Biryani. Mostly I prefer to cook my favourite food. Being a gourmet I love to eat food. I bake pizzas and muffins too whenever I am free from my busy routine. I think that cooking is an evolving art. Everyday people are experimenting with new dishes and adding different flavours to it. So as I do. I make something different and unique. I think that one should always try new things and it need not be repetitive and boring.






Cooking as a hobby is easiest among all hobbies. For instance if you want to paint you should have talent, for photography you need equipment. Cooking might not need that much equipment. All it needs is love for food, taste and one’s own talent. In my case my mom has been my cooking expert and the greatest inspiration. I still remember how she used to cook me a variety of dishes on weekends. At time she would bake a steak or make sushi or cook continental.

                                                                                                        254479_2096617132778_3298311_n 68627_10151183157241466_2086993404_n