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Have We Lost Ourselves?

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Something that boggles my mind is the stimulating pace the world is moving at today. What are we actually after? One end to it is the great advancements we’ve made in diverse sectors. But is this all what we essentially want? What are we looking for? Well here’s a contemplation of mine.

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Yeah, it’s truly great the way we’ve advance in health, education, entertainment, technology and what not. But let’s pause for a minute? Think of how the world is slowly loosing itself, indulged in all the materialism, and just become so cold blooded and egocentric. I mean, this includes me, and everyone else too. Loyalty, integrity, realism naming a few, is probably no longer something indispensable in an individual; it’s rather an exceptional case. Let’s take the instance of backbiting, is that really a sin in today’s world? It’s witty how we don’t even realize what we’re doing. Look at these social pages named confessions, Lucas’s, rumors revealed…etc; how do we just convince ourselves as this being tolerable by any conduct?


Hey, well even if we do, it’s your way, and your life at the end of the day. But maybe what isn’t ours is being too quick on judging others? If someone does drugs or drinks, by no means is to be labeled as a “bad” person. How do you know the crap he has gone through or the reason why he got indulged in such things? As a matter of fact, maybe that guy or girl does drugs, but never talked back to his/her parents ever? You never know the other person’s story. We go ahead and label a girl a “slut” if she’s had a couple of relationships; how do you know it was her fault? Ever heard of someone being dealt bad cards?

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If someone acts in a certain manner does not by any way give anyone to label him or her. Everyone has there reasons, and whether they suffice or not is the person’s deeds to justify. Maybe you’ve been blessed with a better mind and you’re a better judge of good and bad; some people lack that level of mind development (are you going to blame them for something they genetically lack?) The thing that really matters is a person’s intentions, it’s not everything by any way, but that’s the true essence on what anyone can ever judge if it’s really that important to. Though that’s something only the person can truly know and God for that matter.

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In closing, the point I’m trying to get across is that it’s remarkable the way the world is advancing, and there is no question of how far we have gone in a grand regard. But maybe we shouldn’t off-set that by doing equally as awful. Just a thought; really.

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Written by: Noaman Zakir

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Drugs and Pakistani youth

Social acceptance has opened gates for drugs in such modern times. Pakistan, an Islamic state, where youth is apparently expected to indulge in to activities in accordance to what the religion demands, an increasing number of children are getting addicted to dangerous drugs for example, heroin.

Where on one side “lack of awareness” in uneducated children motivates and inspires them to deviate and to follow “socially evil” actions the other side of “apparent aware” and educated students in colleges and universities have their own “explanations” of taking these drugs.

It is not like there are no ways that can be implemented to avoid such circumstances or to make the existing situation better. It is just that the “weak” economic conditions of this country makes providing help and support to assist these teenagers and to cater to their psychological needs, in the form of rehabs, almost impossible.

Factually speaking, almost five per cent of the adult population has already been addicted to drugs across the country keeping Pakistan at the top of the list among the countries which are affected by this scourge.


“One of every ten students at college or university level is drug addict.” I, for one, can no doubt relate to this statement. It has only been a few weeks that I lost a good friend of mine. His drugs of choice were charas (cannabis), the most commonly used substance, sedatives and tranquillizers, heroin, opium, injecting drugs and use ecstasy tablets.

He was the only son in his small family and he had a lot more to see. But, like define it, he committed a “socially evil suicide”. His death was not shocking and was called for as all the doctors that he attended had told him that they have “given up” on him. He had been paying official visits to rehabs. It is 2007 that I am talking about when he took off from college and I saw him wasting years and years of his life just sitting at home in his village far away from the city, practicing social isolation, doing what he liked doing. But soon after God called it a day and he lost hold of his life last Saturday when he slept and never woke up again, as his heart caught a cardiac arrest during night time.

International newspapers have printed and I am quoting that “In Pakistan, this problem is increasing because of proximity of production (poppy in Afghanistan) and smuggling and illegal drug trade into Pakistan. The absence of ‘cohesive approach’ has led to continued drug trafficking and proliferation in Pakistani Society.”

It is saddening that there is no social end to this “psychologically contagious” habit that is developed. However it is important to keep pooling in to create awareness of the serious consequences that drugs have attached to them, through different portals.

In my opinion Pakistani youth has a lot more on its shoulders to pay heed to than such criminal-to-self actions that have not only successfully driven us away from society but also has driven us away from our God and religion.



Euthanasia of Youth

To pinpoint that the youth of today faces a lot of problems would not reveal something new. Every generation of youth has encountered difficulties. But this specific era of our nation’s history appears to offer the young complications that were not always that pressing before. Their problems seem to be overshadowing the good things of their life. According to my personal observation, the youth seems to be confused, aggressive, indulged in wrongdoings, involved in riots, rebelling against authority and the age is characterized by suicide.

One of the major sources of the problems of youth is home- a place that is meant to be the comfort zone of a person. Home is a place filled of love, care, relief, discipline, hope and provision. But nowadays this concept isn’t valid at many places. This modern era has altered the traditional way of living as a family. Parents are too busy in the money making process hardly paying any attention to their children. Young children demand love and care and when they are deprived of it, they indulge themselves in attention seeking activities. They fail to respect their parents and are frequently observed to be involved in quarrels and arguments with them. Children learn disrespect for authority in the home. It carries into the school and other avenues of life.


Drug usage is an upcoming trend in the teenagers. Whenever I visit any restaurant or cafe, I see teenagers smoking cigarettes or shisha. This has become a symbol of belonging to a “socially acceptable” class. The youth is confused as to what is the right step to be taken- whether they should let themselves go with the flow of the society or they should take a stand and not indulge in such activities. If they opt for latter, then they are somehow isolated from others. But they need to realize the fact that how harmful it is to use all these drugs and how prone they are to different health problems. Our youth is our future, and if they are headed towards a wrong path then our future is at stake.


Moreover with the advancement in terms of technology, the youth has become so much techno-savvy that they seem to have time for nothing else. All the time, they are busy with their mobile phones or laptops; they have isolated themselves from other things and are engrossed in their own secluded world of technology. This has created a communication gap between parents and children which in turn has made matters worse.


Nowadays, we see that competition exist in almost every field of life be it be studies, work or job. Everyone is running a race; a race for moving ahead and leaving others behind and this has created serious consequences for the nation. The youth has become very materialistic.  Money, comfort and luxury are the topmost priority whereas love for relations and humanity is somehow being left behind.


We need to take these problems and their deadly consequences under consideration because this is high time we should take an action. Guidance is truly needed for the youth and we should work for them and with them to overcome these challenges rather than simply hope that everything will work out all right. I am doing my part… Are you doing yours?