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“Tabdeeli Chahyay” seems to be our motto these days. But how are we supposed to achieve it? Well in our case this change that everyone’s hoping for can be brought by a number of things including a better education system. Quality education is very important for a better performance whether it involves an individual or the society.
A third world county like Pakistan that has been a victim of poverty and corruption spending money on education is a secondary matter. Therefore THE HELP CARE SOCIETY has come up with a way to get the 20% of the households that earn 80% of the total riches of the country to join hands in providing free education to the poor.
Teach a Child School System that was established in 1998 is a project of the help care society; meant exclusively for the benefit of the unprivileged segment of the society. It’s a way to promote talent of those who have the ability but not the resources to do so. The students are only charged with a monthly dignity fee of Rs. 5. This school has been offering an opportunity for the financially constrained families to enter the world of an educational facility which is similar to any private or government elite educational institute in Pakistan. The main objective of the member of TAC is to impart in children the high moral and balanced religious ethical values along with socio-cultural skills enabling them to merge into the national mainstream. It’s a platform that has been providing various recreational and intellectual activities for the past 13 years, helping them develop self esteem, confidence and believe in themselves.
For the first 10 years TAC school operated from three different rented residential houses. However in 2008 a customized campus built in an area of 2.5 acres was established through funds and donations from all the national and international members of the help care society.
The students are provided with free uniform and books throughout their academic life at TAC. Students have also been have been given an opportunity to be a part of different competitions like Olympiad, Acmun and Grammathon, in order to polish their social and intellectual skills. TAC has also provided a good base for the interns to come and gain experience of the professional academic world. Internship programs for children from Lahore Grammar, Nca and Lums are available.
Though small in size, today its concept and vision is infinitely relevant to our nation as well as to a large part of the globe.