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Dancing slippers


  Belonging from a huge family where every year is bound to be celebrated with yet another wedding, dancing has always been the best part of it. My interest and development in dancing started from a very young age when I took kathak classes. The sophisticated manner in which this art is performed has always consistently amazed me. One of my true inspirations are the Maharaj family dancers who perform with such serenity, it leaves you completely awe struck.
Apart from kathak, I enjoy modern day dance styles such as bhangra and ceremonial dance.
I am commended by fellow friends and family members for my quick on the spot steps and my ability to make a dance routine in a few minutes. Teaching these routines is extremely frustrating but watching it all fall together in the end makes it worth it.
In our society today, dance is looked down upon and not considered as a true talent but I believe these are the thoughts of today’s narrow minded society which refuses to accept any new ideas. I may be condemned for thinking this as according to a lot of people, it maybe against our norms and values but I believe otherwise. Dance is now also considered to be what is performed by vulgar dancing girls but I strongly disagree with this. What is performed by these girls is not dance, it is plain paid vulgarity. Dance is something which should be celebrated instead of looked down upon.
I won’t be pursuing any dance related career but it will always be an important part of my life and I will continue to practice it, be it in the confinement of my house.

“When words leave off music begins.”(Heinrich Heini)


Dance just like music is a food for my soul. Whenever I feel low or depressed I tend to put up my favorite music and go crazy with it. For me dance has this weird kind of attraction in it; it’s total fun. It pulls me out of my stressful life and in imparts a sense of relaxation in me. Dance has always had a great importance in my life because all the plays or extracurricular activities that I’ve been a part of always had something to do with dance and music. Normal people dream of being the head girl and seeing that golden badge tucked on their sash, but not me as I always dreamt of being the dance rep! It’s probably because of the music-dance oriented culture of my school that inspired me to go up to the admin and suggest them to introduce the dance society at 1-A/1 and my hard work did pay off since I became the first ever dance rep of 1-A/1 (hahaha so much to be proud of :p). Well with the authority comes responsibility and I had to deal with all sorts of complaints and criticisms of Mrs. Shakil, but I boldly faced all the challenges that came my way in the face of Oliver Trancingo , Sir salman (our dance coaches), welcomes, farewells, Grammathon and numerous other events (like the khusro night and poetry night lums drama fest etc). I’ve been so passionate about choreography and dance that I performed on my own welcome (just imagine my dedication! Who on earth performs on their own welcome?! Well, I do). Before joining the council I only knew salsa but thanks to the dancing society I can very proudly say that I can do cha-cha, street dance, stomp, irish jig and Spanish dance.
Well dance is the only thing that people can be passionate about even if they’re not good at it.