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In Pursuit of Cooking

Not the first time that I ever cooked, I was connected to it since I was born. This was the only thing I knew the best in my life, and had the confidence in it. I still remember when I first entered the kitchen to cook an omelet, I was only seven and without the help of anyone I did a pretty good job. At that time I thought that everyone knows how to cook but as I grew, I realized that there are only few people in this world who are blessed with this magnificent gift. As a child I started helping my mother in the kitchen not because I was forced too but I loved to see my mother cooking and learn from her.

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I still go back to my old times and feel the essence of my beautiful childhood spent in kitchen. The aroma and the taste I can’t come out of that age because that was the only time that made me believe that I actually have the ability to cook. Cooking is the only thing that is left out of my history; however I have my good and bad days in the kitchen. You can’t always come out from the kitchen as a winner so sometimes I come out with my sprits high and sometimes defeated. What’s the point of cooking when you follow the same recipe again and again? It’s like watching one movie endless times and then the moment comes when you’re fed up and started to hate it. Innovation is always the key to keep that spark alive in you for cooking, if you creative you can make wonderful recipes or even improve the existing ones. In future I have planned to open a restaurant that provides both fusion and comfy food, but before that I have to learn more about food and cooking and understand the deep meaning of it.

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It’s cooking time!

Life is all about experiments! We are always trying new things to add the spice of adventure and excitement in our lives. Cooking is my way of doing it. Call it my passion, interest, talent or a hobby, I simply love cooking! Usually I have a busy routine because of the hectic schedule of university; there are always projects or assignments burdening my mind. In such tiring routine, I always try to take some time out and relax. For me it’s tying my apron, going straight to kitchen, getting hold of some ingredients and then explore the world of flavors. Sometimes I can be very creative in terms of recipes and sometimes I just prefer trying something that I had seen on television or read somewhere. Cooking is always fun! I believe it’s an art and can only be acquired if one is truly interested in it. I cook depending on my mood; on lazy Sunday mornings I prefer to go for scrumptious cheese and mushroom omelets and hot coffee, if I have people coming over to my place then I try helping mum by making sweet dishes such as banana crunch or mango delight.


I love making desi as well as continental food. Cooking is definitely one of the activities that I enjoy the most!


Adventures of an amateur baker

It all started when I was thirteen years old and accompanied my mother to the renowned shop “Pioneers” famous for all the baking ingredients. After having a look at the various ingredients, I got the idea of baking something on my own. Thus, I bought all the necessary essentials for baking a cake. Since then my journey of baking started.

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In order to polish my baking skills and take it to a new level, I took a course in my O’ Levels which was food and nutrition. This gave me an opportunity to collect various recipes of cakes, muffins, cookie, cupcakes and much more. I still recall the blunders I used to make while baking during my classes. One incident which is still fresh in my mind is when I baked some muffins and even after switching off the oven I forgot to take them out. After ten minutes when I opened the oven lid, I was horrified to see my burnt muffins instead of beautifully risen ones. So, from this incident I learned that even if you switch off the oven but don’t take out the muffins, they will burn due to the internal heat of the oven. These are the small things that I learnt while baking. Moreover, due to my passion for reading books, I read a lot of cooking books as well about the tips of baking and about how to convert a batter which has gone wrong into a perfect one just by following few easy steps.


Now I am an avid cook and I bake for my family on special occasions. Moreover, I am venturing into making customized cakes for birthdays and other occasions and who knows, one day I might start my very own business.

By: Saniya Mansoor