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Stamp Collection

Stamp Collection

Hobby is an interesting and good past time. Its an activity taken up in leisure time..It keeps the people busy and gives pleasure also. Hobbies are of different kinds, different people have different hobbies. My hobby is collection of stamps.

I am very fond of collecting postage stamps. I have many sources of getting stamps. Some of my friends exchange stamps with me. I have got a book to preserve the stamps. After my lessons are done, if I can make time, I arrange the stamps that I get and stick them in an album in their proper places. I have now a very good collection of stamps. There are some very rare stamps among them. At present their value is very great. I purchase stamps at times from dealers in old stamps. I have got stamps of many countries of the world.

This hobby has increased my knowledge of history and geography very much. Now I know the names of countries which were formerly unknown to me. In the stamps of many countries there are pictures of special things of interest of these places. So I can know what special things are found there. From an Australian stamp, we can know that the kangaroo is a peculiar animal of the country. From an Egyptian stamp, we can know that the famous pyramids are situated in Egypt.
With this hobby i get to know the names of many kings and famous persons. Since the independence of Pakistan, many new postage stamps have been issued by our Government on many occasions. We can learn many things from those stamps Conclusion—The collector of stamps is called a philatelist. We have heard that many famous persons of the world, including some kings of England, had this hobby of collecting postage stamps. Every man should have a hobby of his own. According to me, i have best hobby.
Written by : Amna sultan


As the world is progressing in the material sense of the word; similarly the progress is also increasing the corporations’ appetite for accumulating wealth at the expense of other human beings. One case in example is the introduction of packages by different networks to lure common folks into a trap which not only swindle’s them but also deprive them of using their time in a constructive manner.

The packaging (presentation) of the different mobile packages hit the common person at their weakest spot which is greed; thus one is lured into the web of deception and thus in the end the corporation/ network increase their earnings at the expense of common folk.

If the financial loss was the only result it can be overlooked keeping in view the fact that these actions are basic fundamentals of capitalism. But the impact of these packages are much more as it takes the person into a fantasy world as he is only in contact with the persons of his like. This deprives him of social interaction with different groups which are the basic building blocks of human society as it prepares the person to face reality of the world. This deprivation of conflicting points of view and ideas, stunt the growth of analytical mind and person is left with preconceived ideas of good and bad.

The timing of the packages are such that it also comes into conflict with his or her educational progress and thus education is also impacted, as can be seen in any class room most of the pupil are either texting or frequently glancing at the screens to keep themselves updated on the social activities of their peers.

 This proliferation has also impacted the morals of the society as now all things which attract the young generation are at their finger tips and the social values are changing so rapidly that the family values are also getting compromised in the process. Parents are unaware of the activities of their children which previously was not the case and they were able to teach their children social and moral values. This break up of the family value has resulted in different scandals and heart breaks which has torn the fabric of our culture and family values.

Halima Shahid.

In Pursuit of Cooking

Not the first time that I ever cooked, I was connected to it since I was born. This was the only thing I knew the best in my life, and had the confidence in it. I still remember when I first entered the kitchen to cook an omelet, I was only seven and without the help of anyone I did a pretty good job. At that time I thought that everyone knows how to cook but as I grew, I realized that there are only few people in this world who are blessed with this magnificent gift. As a child I started helping my mother in the kitchen not because I was forced too but I loved to see my mother cooking and learn from her.

IMG_3283   collage  DSC03225

I still go back to my old times and feel the essence of my beautiful childhood spent in kitchen. The aroma and the taste I can’t come out of that age because that was the only time that made me believe that I actually have the ability to cook. Cooking is the only thing that is left out of my history; however I have my good and bad days in the kitchen. You can’t always come out from the kitchen as a winner so sometimes I come out with my sprits high and sometimes defeated. What’s the point of cooking when you follow the same recipe again and again? It’s like watching one movie endless times and then the moment comes when you’re fed up and started to hate it. Innovation is always the key to keep that spark alive in you for cooking, if you creative you can make wonderful recipes or even improve the existing ones. In future I have planned to open a restaurant that provides both fusion and comfy food, but before that I have to learn more about food and cooking and understand the deep meaning of it.

DSC03132    DSC03130

Scream and shout poster


Women Abuse

Women Abuse is one of the major issues faced by Pakistan. Pakistan is an Islamic country and in Islam women have some high level of regard but still due to the growing illiteracy rate people are unaware of this fact, and they are disrespecting women all around in the country.
According to a 2011 poll of experts by the Thomson Reuters Foundation Poll, Pakistan is the third most dangerous country for women in the world. It cited the more than 1,000 women and girls murdered in “honor killings” every year and reported that 90 percent of Pakistani women suffer from domestic violence.

A challenging irony for females in Pakistan is that, should a victim talk up about physical or sex-related abuse, she is seen as having missing her and her family members pride. Many rapes go unreported as the sufferer worries she will become useless in Pakistani community. Often, females will convert to their employers; family members they can believe in. It’s a generally unseen way of charitable organisation but one that can be essential to their success.

Pakistan is a low-income Muslim country with approximately 176 million inhabitants. Only 36 percent of Pakistani women can read and write, and the employment rate for women is 22.2 percent, as compared with an average of 77.8 percent for men, with higher rates in urban areas.  How a women can speak for her if she cannot even read or write. Women are treated as slaves in this male dominant country.

Records shows that most of the women who are being abused committed suicides, they lose hope immediately. Why are the people in the country are still quite? why is there no serious action taken place? If not now then when will these innocent and beautiful creature of Allah will found their justice?
Break The Silence Stop The Violence


written by:Amna sultan

“Everything is possible in Pakistani politics”

Current political situation of Pakistan.


We live in the world where every thing is possible. Democratic governments have always failed to complete their tenure which eventually results in a long lasting dictatorship reign. In Pakistani politics, there is a clear domination by few families only and these families have never produced long lasting fruitful results. The political system has been stagnant since 70′s and no drastic change has taken place. The chair of head of state has been a war between the head of the army staff and a few noticeable political leaders. Who has suffered? Well, you guessed it right, the nation!

CaptureIf we observe the political situation of Pakistan, much of the politics is based on different ethnic groups. It’s fair to say that the current political situation of Pakistan is in dire need of substantial changes if we compare it to the political systems of leading nations in the world.

This is how Pakistani political parties work.

Almost every party represents a particular ethnic group; therefore no party has got the support in every region because the role of political parties in Pakistan is very much based upon different ethnic groups they represent. This is one of the major reasons of slow development in some specific areas as compared to others. There are a number key problems in political system of Pakistan, & the list grows on and on with every passing minute.



Pakistani politics has started to take an adverse route as the layman pursues to struggle in the rut. The current situation in Karachi and Baluchistan is worse than ever. The blame of these riots clearly is on politicians who are just manipulating different groups to get benefits for themselves. If the current political situation in Pakistan does not change, the country would keep on suffering at the hands of monarchs and waderas!


Overview of role of Pakistani youth in Politics

The Pakistani Youth has stepped on a train named as destiny that takes its passengers on the path towards development. Since the establishment of Pakistan, youth had always been crushed and oppressed by teachers, leaders and parents. Moreover the role of youth in politics has always been limited due to corrupt and inept political system. They failed to get exposed to the world that could lead to a new era of modernization. As the clock ticked and time flew, things started to change their discourse. The new century brought about much advancement along with the change in trends of Pakistani youth.

The history tells us that political parties have always used the youth to achieve their political targets but looking at the bigger picture, the role of youth in Pakistani politics has always been limited. Never has the true democracy been at the helm thanks to corrupt and substandard political infra-structure. Men with money, or shall we say, the big players have always dominated the political playground.




Amid all the hypocrisy, the youth has always been used as political horses. The “Kings” have used the horses to well effect but never have they empowered the resilient armed men! Like pawns in a chess game, the kings have used the youth to its benefit but never let it express itself. Sighs!


In recent times, a hope arose in the shape of Youth Parliament. It created optimism, a fresh wave of breath. Young intellectuals were given importance, and it seemed finally Pakistan was on the verge of revolution. An in-house revolution that would change the face of Pakistan on the political front. But the house never realized its potential. It was suppressed under the might of the wealthy parliamentarians.


So youth all you need to do is: –

Let’s join hands, let’s walk together and let’s make Pakistan a better nation!


written by Zainab malik 🙂




So here is the end of another semester (but, of course, it’s only the beginning…) 

I’m a bit late finishing, but I hope I’ve still done enough to get through with it. It’s been an interesting experience, and I have really appreciated the chance to improve myself during the course which had tied me down quite often. There’s enough flexibility for the time challenged (I wish I had kept up as it went along though!) 

The big thing which it has got me doing is the newsletter, although not basic but I haven’t yet strayed beyond purpose. I’m hoping that I will keep it up now that the course has nearly finished. I’m still conscious of the rather self-indulgent aspect of talking in public and I’m aware that I am slipping into anecdotage at times. Still. to understand how we have got to where we are now. I intended to make the blog look more interesting but haven’t yet mastered my anxiety about using images, something I must do as blogs with pictures look so much more appealing.

Some of the tools we have looked at have great potential for me and I hope to revisit them one at a time and get to know them better (I’m thinking of Dreamweaver and swish max). One really surprising outcome is that I’m definitely going to revert to the practical assignments during the course which I enjoyed doing. Fell by the wayside once due to a combination of unexpected events.

I don’t think I’m going to share a formal analysis of my strengths and weaknesses with the world, but I’m hoping to come up with ever-evolving ideas and courage, lot of it and not to struggle this hard every year. (An aside – all the emphasis on goals and outcomes can sometimes have a knock-on effect on other people)



Here’s my six-word story:

Still got a lot to learn!

Retro flyer Team


Retro Flyers is one of the emerging cricket teams of Lahore School Premier League. it was established in 2009 by Asif Malik, the first captain of Retro Flyers Team followed by Atique and currently lead by Asim Zia Khan. This cricket team has already won a premier league in 2010 and has played semi final in 2011.Retro Flyers has faced alot of ups and downs along it journey to this date. Unfortunately, due to some controversies, this team was almost dissolved. Under the captaincy of Sameh in year 2012, the team was not able to win a single match, however, Asim Zia was the leading run scorer in those matches. Sadly, everyone left this team.

As the time passed, Sameh left the team an d the captaincy was handed over to Asim Zia Khan. It took him 3 months to build up a new Retro Team, with the support of his few friends such as Waleed Khan, Usman Masood and Momin Ali. The first league played under the leadership of Asim Zia Khan proved to be a really good one. Although, after winning some matches the team was not able to reach the semi-finals. however, the teams performance was commendable and once again Asim Zia Khan was the high scorer. Due to this amazing performance many new players signed up for Retro Cricket Team. Three most good players included Imad and Ahmed Mela and Qasim Idrees.

In the latest league Retro Flyers Team performed outrageously well. It was able to defeat all the teams except Avengers, reaching semi-finals. Most important match of Retro’s was with Underdogs (winner of last Premier League) and in the history, for once the cricket ground was full of Retro supporters.

All of the Retro team members are very devoted and perform extremely well on the ground like Shehryar, Junaid, Ibrahim, Daniyal and others. Unity among the Retro Players is highly visible and once united all of the players are encouraged to play more than there capacities.

Presently, Retro Flyers Team has reached the semi-finals and we pray for their win. Ameen.


Asim zia


Through time personal expression has been an important element of human kind and music has been one of the best way to express the emotions and feelings of a person. This is the sole reason why I am indulging into learning the guitar. Every person in the world has a way to get his frustration out of his body, find his inspiration and relax. Some cook, some read and some do gardening, for me the pleasure lies solely in trying to play the guitar. Although im still learning the instrument I feel that it has become a part of me as it helps me everyday. When I’m angry or frustrated the guitar puts my mind to ease as I create music that defines how I feel and with that I let go of my anger. When im stuck in a difficult situation I hold my guitar and play whatever my fingers would let me and with that come the answers that were so difficult to find. My music is my soul and has helped me throughout time to be a better person. Learning the guitar and playing music is my way of expression and so has been the best way for me to grow, spiritually and mentally.

The guitar is an ancient and noble instrument, whose history can be traced back over 4000 years. Many theories have been advanced about the instrument’s ancestry. It has often been claimed that the guitar is a development of the lute, or even of the ancient Greek kithara. The oldest known iconographical representation of an instrument displaying all the essential features of a guitar is a stone carving at Alaca Huyuk in Turkey, of a 3300 year old Hittite “guitar” with “a long fretted neck, flat top, probably flat back, and with strikingly incurved sides”.the guitar’s ancestors came to Europe from Egypt and Mesopotamia. These early instruments had, most often, four strings – as we have seen above, the word “guitar” is derived from the Old Persian “chartar”, which, in direct translation, means “four strings”. Many such instruments, and variations with from three to five strings, can be seen in mediaeval illustrated manuscripts, and carved in stone in churches and cathedrals, from Roman times through till the Middle Ages.

Halima Sahid.

In the search of hope

IMG-20130328-WA0001   It is not often that we see the whole of Pakistan come together for a cause, it is also quite rare to see the now scattered Pakistanis come in the foreground with a showcase of true patriotism and partisanship, where the barriers of classes, gender and race are broken to form an amalgamation of people who are all looking for the same thing, HOPE and a “NAYA” Pakistan.

I was proud to be a witness of such a mass gathering where whole villages and towns were not paid to come and fill the crowds, but they were present with will and their zeal and passion was reverberating through the crowd gathered around the Minar-e-Pakistan. And it was not just that enclosure, but miles before reaching the designated area me and my friends were spectator to the innumerable people waving PTI flags, screaming slogans and PTI’s anthem, and supporting t-shirts of ‘Khan’s Army’, heading towards the “NAYA” Pakistan. these moments i was able to capture through the pictures that follow.

IMG_20130323_235802   IMG_20130323_224825


No storm and no amount of rain deterred these people who were there to witness Imran Khans speech and have their hopes refueled. The crowd stood strong against the weather and held onto every single word coming out of the hopeful prime minister and his party leaders, whose speeches comprised of themes of anti corruption and nationwide vehemence. Imran Khan attracted large throngs of supporters, and spoke of the power of faith and his belief in Quiad’s Pakistan and made the following six promises:

 IMG-20130327-WA0003   IMG_20130325_190642


1.” I will always speak the truth to the people of Pakistan.”

2. “The PTI government that will come into power, I promise that we will try to end tyranny. Until the time our system in this country isn’t grounded in equality and justice, Allah will never send his blessings to this nation. We will stand the weak and the powerful in front of law all the same.”

3. “I further promise you, that all my wealth and property will be in Pakistan. I will take ownership of this country and won’t be like those leaders who create hideouts abroad”

4. “I will never take undue benefits from politics nor will I grant favours to my friends and family. I am not here for personal gain.”

5. “I will protect your tax money! It won’t be spent on Prime Minister and Governor Houses. Inshallah the day PTI government comes in power these walls of governor houses will be brought down. We will break these walls and make libraries and playgrounds for the public to use.”

6. “We will stand together with every Pakistani in or outside Pakistan.”


The torrent that followed Imran Khans speech hardly dampened the spirits of the magnanimous crowd which held people from all ages and walks of life, it infact proved a symbolic finish to the jalsa. Although people are now referring to the PTI jalsa as having offered ‘more hope and less substance’ I must add that hope is what brings our ideologies and thinking to the boil demanding us to take action and stand up against what we see as wrong and each be that single drop which when brought together can create an ocean and later maybe a ‘tsunami’. For it is when the people demand a change, a change is seen.


Many people decided to go to the jalsa in hopes of seeing Imran khan while the others just went to be a part of such a mass gathering, some went looking for hope. And in the pulsating rhythm of the  devoted crowd, I found hope.

note: all pictures in this blog post are taken and edited by the author, copyrights reserved.