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In the search of hope

IMG-20130328-WA0001   It is not often that we see the whole of Pakistan come together for a cause, it is also quite rare to see the now scattered Pakistanis come in the foreground with a showcase of true patriotism and partisanship, where the barriers of classes, gender and race are broken to form an amalgamation of people who are all looking for the same thing, HOPE and a “NAYA” Pakistan.

I was proud to be a witness of such a mass gathering where whole villages and towns were not paid to come and fill the crowds, but they were present with will and their zeal and passion was reverberating through the crowd gathered around the Minar-e-Pakistan. And it was not just that enclosure, but miles before reaching the designated area me and my friends were spectator to the innumerable people waving PTI flags, screaming slogans and PTI’s anthem, and supporting t-shirts of ‘Khan’s Army’, heading towards the “NAYA” Pakistan. these moments i was able to capture through the pictures that follow.

IMG_20130323_235802   IMG_20130323_224825


No storm and no amount of rain deterred these people who were there to witness Imran Khans speech and have their hopes refueled. The crowd stood strong against the weather and held onto every single word coming out of the hopeful prime minister and his party leaders, whose speeches comprised of themes of anti corruption and nationwide vehemence. Imran Khan attracted large throngs of supporters, and spoke of the power of faith and his belief in Quiad’s Pakistan and made the following six promises:

 IMG-20130327-WA0003   IMG_20130325_190642


1.” I will always speak the truth to the people of Pakistan.”

2. “The PTI government that will come into power, I promise that we will try to end tyranny. Until the time our system in this country isn’t grounded in equality and justice, Allah will never send his blessings to this nation. We will stand the weak and the powerful in front of law all the same.”

3. “I further promise you, that all my wealth and property will be in Pakistan. I will take ownership of this country and won’t be like those leaders who create hideouts abroad”

4. “I will never take undue benefits from politics nor will I grant favours to my friends and family. I am not here for personal gain.”

5. “I will protect your tax money! It won’t be spent on Prime Minister and Governor Houses. Inshallah the day PTI government comes in power these walls of governor houses will be brought down. We will break these walls and make libraries and playgrounds for the public to use.”

6. “We will stand together with every Pakistani in or outside Pakistan.”


The torrent that followed Imran Khans speech hardly dampened the spirits of the magnanimous crowd which held people from all ages and walks of life, it infact proved a symbolic finish to the jalsa. Although people are now referring to the PTI jalsa as having offered ‘more hope and less substance’ I must add that hope is what brings our ideologies and thinking to the boil demanding us to take action and stand up against what we see as wrong and each be that single drop which when brought together can create an ocean and later maybe a ‘tsunami’. For it is when the people demand a change, a change is seen.


Many people decided to go to the jalsa in hopes of seeing Imran khan while the others just went to be a part of such a mass gathering, some went looking for hope. And in the pulsating rhythm of the  devoted crowd, I found hope.

note: all pictures in this blog post are taken and edited by the author, copyrights reserved.


View of PTI jalsa

Pakistan Tehreek-Insaf (PTI) had arrainged well courses of action for its get-together assembling at Minar-i-Pakistan on March 23 (Saturday). Director Imran Khan was line up to manage promise to recently chose gathering authorities, commence-the decision crusaded and presented the gathering declaration. Party authorities stated there might be numerous talks and also national tunes and music suited for a devoted disposition. And they did that

The organizing council had leased 50,000 seats. The same amount as 3,000 young people was performed different volunteers callings incorporated gave security and controlled the members to chosen zones.


The police was conveyed 1,500 staff for security. Five section and retreat doors were instated incorporated two entryways saved to utilize within a crisis. Out of the three doors, two was for men and one for ladies. The gathering was institute 16 stroll-through doors. Drinking water was furnished. Disconnect zones had been saved for the media and onlookers.

PTI Punjab President Ejaz Chaudhry stated Khan might regulate the pledge to 80,000 recently chose office bearers. Every last trace of the recently chose office-bearers had been administered to guaranteed interest to stamp a show of quality. Chaudhry anticipated over a large part of a million members.


All the people there were with full of zeal and zest and through their faces and zeal it was looking like change has come and Imran Khan will be the next Prime minister of Pakistan. All the people there were with the same hope.

Dr Yasmin Rashid, the recently chose general secretary of the Punjab part, agreed with Chaudhry on the numbers. She stated the most members might be from centermost and west Punjab. This, she stated, was an exceptional chance for those looking for gathering tickets to show their quality.


One of their party member said “We want all applicants for tickets to carry supporters to catch the change statement,” She stated she needed 70 for every penny of the city’s inhabitants present to cooperate “straight or by implication”.

Individuals from varying backgrounds were joining in the social event. The social affair was stamp the restoration of The Tsunami. Pioneers were conveying discourses, the junior was introduced national melodies and bands were playing music. It was the grandest political assembling in the history of Pakistan.








Basically revolution is not an easy thing to bring, it requires serious hard work. We have to work hard day and night to bring a revolution. It’s not a one night game. It requires sacrif

ices and time. It cannot be brought in a day or two, takes a lot of time and effort. As very rightly said by CHE GUVERA that “The revolution is not an apple that falls when it is ripe, you have to make it fall.”

Nowadays revolution is just a matter of speech as you can see the upcoming superstar Imran Khan has the only slogan or hoping symbol to make his next election successful.


Imran khan niazi born on 25th November 1952 is a Pakistani politician and former cricketer playing international cricket for two decades in the late 20th century

In fact, he was not taken seriously for the next 15 years of his political career. He was hardly ever scandalized due to corruption scams like other politicians were; but that was mostly because he was hardly ever noticed. Throughout his career, he has spent most of his time doing two things: criticizing other politicians and struggling to gain real political popularity. He has always been called the ‘cricketer’ turned politician – until October 30, 2010, when he created some significant seismic waves amidst the sea of people in Pakistan.


In 2002, he won his first seat in Mianwali. Later, he was offered a slot in another party but he declined and went on boycotting elections. If there is anything constant in his rather rocky career, then that would be (a) his TV appearances bashing other politicians – many of whom have now joined his party, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI); and (b) his stance on the need for ‘change’.

There are many celebrities in the PTI list as PTI is famous for welcoming discredited politicians from other parties. There is a rising ‘join the-PTI’ craze among the ‘Lotas’ as they say on twitter. Imran says, “They say funny things on twitter.” (Lota is a toilet utensil and symbol of PML-Q.)



It’s a wonder how Imran Khan’s aggressive insistence that he can ‘change’ Pakistan makes this things apparent, which could be true. That he is desperate to come to power – his critics say this ‘greed’ could indeed be backed by the establishment.


Manifest in both his greatest triumphs and his most an obvious failure is Imran Khan’s greatest quality. Imran Khan is a born leader, and believes that the steely determination of a leader can single-handedly lead to victory. It is why his World Cup winning speech sounded like that of a singles’ tennis players. At the twilight of “my” career? Imran Khan wasn’t being stubborn or ungraceful. He was just being “me.


There are two lessons that Imran Khan could have learnt from his cricketing and philanthropic adventures. The first is that people matter, and therefore, change can only come about when the people stand up and make it happen. The second is that no matter how good a leader, a winning team is made up of multiple points of talent and skill. Only teams can win team sports.

On most days, it is obvious that Imran Khan learnt the first lesson well, but did not learn the second, at all. The PTI is a collection of nice young people, from mostly good families, who are almost exclusively from the cities. That is a demographic that has had almost zero electoral success. The reason is quite simple. They don’t vote. But even if they were to start voting, what are the chances that Imran Khan’s peripheral populism would catch fire and become a national juggernaut? Pretty low.

Some, for sure. But not all. Imran Khan’s political failures are the topic of many a cocktail party in Defence, F-6 and over drinks during hunting trips in the deep south of Punjab, and the deeper rural neverland of Sindh. But such criticism, while often on-the-mark, does stretch the imagination. Imran Khan, after all, poses no threat whatsoever to the established political order. Or does he?

Pakistani Media: A never ending drama

Who wants to watch The Game of Thrones, Prison Break and other hit series when we have our very own media and its actors. Pakistani media provides you with hits through their headlines, scandals and some very entertaining talk shows that have become an addiction for many viewers of the country or even people living overseas. The actors are of course non-other than our “Leaders” who are paid to perform for an hour or so, on daily basis in front of the camera. The day of a normal Pakistani is incomplete nowadays if he/she forgets to watch Geo or other  News channel.


The leading talk-shows are:

  • Hamid Mir’s Capital Talk on Geo Television
  • Kamran Khan’s Aaj Kamran Khan ke sath
  • Kashif Abbasi’s Off the record
  • Yakeen by Sana Bucha

Have you ever thought of the fact that why these talkshows have conquered our prime entertainment time? I remember the time when Ptv and Stn were the only channels Pakistan had. In the primetime from 7 to 9 pm, there used to be a mind soothing entertainment. There were dramas that actually made you feel better and gave you a lesson which followed by a half an hour news. Now, its the age of “FREE” media. Every now and then, there is a news on television with a red tag line hitting your eyes. It is known that an excess of everything is bad, you realize it when you watch these news channels for like half an hour constantly. The same news is repeated more than a 100 times in just 2 minutes. They do it on purpose. They have to gather your attention and create chaos in your minds. I believe they have been quite successful in doing so. Arguing for like an hour on television on baseless topics, personal fights have actually gathered viewers interest. If in a talkshow, there is no fight and exchange of harsh words, it is not considered as a hit show. There has to be some chaos. People love chaos. Topics will never end, there are many things happening on daily basis but the point is they happen everywhere, but when you are on an international forum, you don’t have to post every news you hear. There are things that are better hidden than known. Ofcourse practical action should be taken, but cricticising and posting 24/7 is not right.


This drama has evolved for years now since the birth of these channels and we are pretty sure that they will continue until the end of time.

From: Ali Murad

ID: 11U0262