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Hunting/Shooting in my Blood

“Hunting my passion”

Hunting is like anything to me in my life. I have seen this practice being followed by my father and grandfather. When I was young I used to go with my father and grandfather on hunting. They used to have rifles in their hands and making me walk over a large fields searching for birds and animals. They were actually interested in hunting them down only nor interested in making them stuffed or eating them. All guns you can see in the picture belong to my father and are used on different occasions.


Hunting is like passion to many people like it is to me. I got addicted to hunting when I was studying in school and when I was at the age of 12. I was class six when I shot first fire from my gun. I shot it from my father’s pistol named smith and Wesson which was a 9mm pistol. I actually did not fired while hunting actually I fired when I was at a wedding. I was with my friends and they forced me to fire a shot and shot a fire up in the sky. The feeling that I got after firing the shot was unexplainable. Hunting then came into my blood and after that incident I also used to carry a rifle along with my firing while we used to go on hunting.


These are two guns the most I have used while hunting. Both of them belong to my father as I have no gun registered on my name. I can use all my father’s guns but I cannot call any gun to be my personal gun. I was very weak in taking aim when I was young because I cant carry the gun properly due to its heavy weight. With the passage of time I learned different things and now hardly I miss any shot. Hunting is something that runs in my blood and once a month we confirm go on our agricultural land in order to hunt. If we want to hunt animals than we go into deep forests.


Actually hunting is practiced all over Pakistan. People come here from different parts of the globe and there is a wide range of species in Pakistan. A lot of money is spent on this. Hunting is actually quite expensive as ammunition is very expensive along with arms. For actually need to have some real guts and I take hunting as my passion.

By: Zuhaab Farooq


Hoping Against The Odds.


When I was young I could never imagine I would someday be this mad about air-crafts and birds. On my first trip on a plane, I kept looking out of the window. I was amazed to see that humans can fly as well; it was something different for me I only knew that birds could fly. The air hostess gave me a book, it was a coloring book. It had different kinds of planes. My world changed all of a sudden after looking at such planes. They were so many, my passion was slowly developing about air-crafts  and I used to wonder that what if I was born as a bird, yes I know I was childish back there.

child hood

Let’s go flying. Isn’t that a cute phrase to go around with, the dreaming of flying is in just about every young person’s mind when they see birds in the air. When I was finally about to start lessons to fly, life came along with burst of other family matters become a higher priority. As I grew up the dream of flying never was far from my thoughts and hopes that one day getting behind the stick and taking off to soar above the rest of the world. Being able to look down in a more 3-Dimensional world than the flat roads we often drive. Now that I am at a point in my life where I can pursue my lifelong dream, I am finding it more difficult than I would have ever imagined, cost? Even though it is high in today’s economic times, I can swing this, time? No problem. I am available most weekdays and weekends. It seems there are still some problems I am facing mainly the permission from my parents. According to them I have to wait till I get my bachelors done. But it’s been a childhood dream to fly on my own not being a passenger being free to fly.


In pursuit of my ambition about birds how they fly, I even tried paragliding. So I could have the feeling of flying without any machinery involved, it felt really adventurous. But it wasn’t enough for me, so I started a journey to discover every single form that could give you feel that you are free of every boundary and sky isn’t the limit or you, I came across many amazing books about air-crafts  bungee jumping, paragliding, parachuting, and sky sailing. It still is on my mind and I don’t till when it will remain there. Hope to see this dream come true one day.

By Sajjad Naqvi

ID: 11U0036

Prisoner’s Dilemma


My father is a rich man.Which implies that i am a rich boy too.It means i do not have to worry about my financial future.It means i can spend on whatever i want,how much ever i want and my daddy will foot the bill.It means that my friends give me respect-at least to my face.It also means it won’t be hard for me to find a good ‘rishta’. You must be despising me for my luck.I advise you don’t.While i must confess that i lust for all these material luxuries and their consequential benefits,but in the process,i have lost my self-belief and individuality.I want people to value me for what i am and not for how much my father has at the bank.At the same time i can’t even think of leaving all the niceties my father’s wealth provides me.You must be thinking what a loser i am-but believe me it’s easier said than done.Time for my jacuzzi bath now.

Yet Another Music Entry

60616_162406233883141_1165801461_n (1)When I first picked up the guitar, I had no intention of learning how to play one. After all there was already a huge chunk of humanity that was already doing it in a much more advanced manner, or so it seemed. Yet, boredom has no bounds and so, here I was learning an instrument at the age of 14, one riff at a time. It was somewhere at this point that I developed a strong attraction towards the Heavy Metal genre, mainly perhaps due to its use of technical instrumentation and dark themes in general.

Over the years I became a part of various local projects, most of which never saw the light of day, while some others which faded over time. The thought of not being able to maintain a consistent “band” did not strike me down so much as most bands within this genre don’t last that long to begin with. Over the years I evolved my devotion towards music production and video editing, helping friends in parallel projects with their releases and recordings.

University life, as we know it, takes most opportunities of pursuing such extra-curricular away with it, or at least makes it increasingly difficult to do so. Luckily for me, I managed to find people sharing similar interests and talents within my own hostel. Starting as a three-piece project, I was able to construct an instrumental oriented project right there and over time we realized that we had to test our production techniques yet again. There was no point in establishing ourselves as yet another cover band, and the prospect of creating original music remained our top priority. We did however lack a certain orientation of what we wanted to achieve in terms of band direction and so, we gave birth to the “WeMakeShittyMusic” project; a music platform which allowed us to work on instrumentation and production techniques without having to worry about lyrical contents or long term ideologies.


The project allowed me to expand my own horizons by allowing me to experience techniques and genres that I would probably not have chosen to experiment with otherwise. It also allowed us to merge as a functional unit that learnt to collaborate with each other musically, hence allowing us to keep future prospects of pursuing a more lyrically driven project in the future open. Now may not be the right time for that, but over time we will have gained enough experience at not only a instrumental, but also at a production level. It’s just how they say, “there’s no wine before it’s time”.

Here is a link  to our Facebook page:

Drama, my passion.

ImageStage for me is like a sacred place. I have loved drama and acting for as long as I can remember. It’s not just acting, its every tiny detail that comes with drama, from direction to production to music to costume. The bright lights, the vibrant costumes, new stories and new characters, I always found all this exciting even when I was a little boy. Drama helps me to discover my soul and it gives me a peace of mind, through drama I can let out all my emotions and thus free my heart and mind. The mere feeling that I’m a part of something so enthusiastic and energetic is great. My earliest memory related to drama is when I was 12 years old and was chosen to play the lead role in my class’s annual play. It was then that I first felt the thrill of the stage, the feeling was so amazing that I decided, then and there, that this was something I wanted to do all my life.


After that I took part in almost all the dramas and plays organized by my school and won several awards. With time everything about the art of drama began to consume me. I was not just a good actor but also excelled at production, direction and music. I was elected as Dramatics President of high school from 2009 to 2011. During this time I directed several plays including the school’s annual play. I also took part in different events on national as well as inter school level. Some of these events are Lums Dramafest, Olympiad, Colors and Humours, Grammmathon. For my performance in these events I achieved different awards like best production, best music, best direction, and best play. I am determined to take drama with me wherever I go and explore my capabilities in drama and theatre. To achieve the best out of my love for drama is my pursuit of excelling.


The Journey


“Proclaim the truth, and do not be silent through fear.”

Since childhood, we’ve been taught about freedom, especially freedom of speech. Speak up your mind, have your say. You’re entitled to freedom of expression.

“This is slavery, not to speak one’s thought.”

It’s all very well to have your say, but do you really know how to form an argument and debate an issue?

This question popped up in my mind one day and that was when I realized why I was unable to convince others most of the time. That was the time when I needed to explore my inner self, what am I capable of, what is my area of excellence. And when I was in search of my talent, keenly observing every thing around me, one day, a poster was put up on the notice board of my school informing about public speaking competition. This got my attention instantly and I signed up for it. After attending this, I was shortlisted to attend debating sessions. Childhood lessons seemed to have worked, but I still needed to learn how to form an argument.

From there on, the journey seemed to be very fast. In a short span of time, I got selected in B team of my school and started speaking at inter school debating competitions. It was a big achievement for me as now I was not just able to present my point of view, but I was also able to channel it and use it to break others’ argument and prove myself right.

But this wasn’t enough. There was more room of improvement. More hard work was required to be on the A team. I never gave up and never missed an opportunity to articulate my thoughts in front of the world. In a debate, every one has different point of view, things can get a little heated up, and in the heat of a debate, it is easy to lose your cool. But I kept following my mantra, “don’t raise your voice, improve your argument.”

This helped me remove all of my jitters and made me confident enough to play with words, proving right to be wrong, and wrong to be right. I became persuasive. This helped me climb the ladder of success and I finally made my spot in the A team. But there was no stopping. I had realized that debating was my true passion and kept polishing this talent of mine.

I ended up as the vice president of my school’s debating society in A levels. Moreover, I went to parliamentary debate competition at Headstart Islamabad as an adjudicator.


Talent is innate. Everyone is born with an innate quality. What you need to do is to explore it, and wait for the right moment and strike when the iron is hot. This journey begins with the impossible and turns into unforgettable. Therefore, one must work hard and never quit as talent won’t carry a quitter.

In Pursuit of Cooking

Not the first time that I ever cooked, I was connected to it since I was born. This was the only thing I knew the best in my life, and had the confidence in it. I still remember when I first entered the kitchen to cook an omelet, I was only seven and without the help of anyone I did a pretty good job. At that time I thought that everyone knows how to cook but as I grew, I realized that there are only few people in this world who are blessed with this magnificent gift. As a child I started helping my mother in the kitchen not because I was forced too but I loved to see my mother cooking and learn from her.

IMG_3283   collage  DSC03225

I still go back to my old times and feel the essence of my beautiful childhood spent in kitchen. The aroma and the taste I can’t come out of that age because that was the only time that made me believe that I actually have the ability to cook. Cooking is the only thing that is left out of my history; however I have my good and bad days in the kitchen. You can’t always come out from the kitchen as a winner so sometimes I come out with my sprits high and sometimes defeated. What’s the point of cooking when you follow the same recipe again and again? It’s like watching one movie endless times and then the moment comes when you’re fed up and started to hate it. Innovation is always the key to keep that spark alive in you for cooking, if you creative you can make wonderful recipes or even improve the existing ones. In future I have planned to open a restaurant that provides both fusion and comfy food, but before that I have to learn more about food and cooking and understand the deep meaning of it.

DSC03132    DSC03130



My dream and goal in life has always been one, and that is to become a successful entrepreneur. The best quality of an entrepreneur is to come up with innovative ideas and take risks. One such idea came to the minds of two young students i.e myself, and my friend Shahan Josh, and we decided to open up our own clothing line, and we actually did it; Snt – A clothing line was launched by me and Shahan Josh, on Eid, in August 2012. Our clothing line provided new designer traditional men’s wear. In this over branded world, where mass production has taken the spot light away from custom traditional wear fashion. SnT focused on both ready made and custom tailored traditional wear. Regardless of what our customers chose, we promised our customers a graceful wardrobe. SnT was aimed to be a clothing solution by the people for the people.



Our first sets of exhibitions began from 3rd August 2012, at Taj center adjacent to HKB liberty, and prove to be a success. We indulged in advertisement by using the most popular medium i.e the social media websites. Our Facebook page, with over 600 likes, managed to create a huge publicity of our clothing line. People from every fields of life, thoroughly expressed their liking of our products, and we managed to reach our break even  within a few days. SnT was a great experience for me. Launching a clothing line, managing the financial aspects of the business, gave me a good experience of what the practical life actually is. Dealing with people, and meeting their product needs and demands, allowed me to get a glimpse of the real world, and the likes and dislikes of people. To sum it up, the launch of SnT, was my first step towards fulfilling my dream of becoming a successful entrepreneur.

For more information visit:


Malik Taha


419874_10152590496160416_2134957208_nMy name is zularsh arif and I am student of bba at Lahore school of economics. I love shopping, travelling to different places, spending time with my family and going out with my friends. Traveling to different places is very exciting and thrilling so where ever I go I always capure those moments. I am not a good photographer but still I love taking pictures, I want to capture each and very moment of my life whether it’s with my family or my friends.

 I think badminton is the best sports to play and I love playing badminton every day. Even if I am too busy even then I take out time to play badminton. Playing badminton keeps me fresh and energetic. Playing badminton makes body physically fit, this game burns fat; it increases your life longevity. Yes, it will help us to live a longer lifeby reducing the risk of heart disease, diabetes and obesity. Also this game gives us good cholesterol that we need in our body. So these are few reasons why I like playing badminton.


 I am a very career oriented person. I want to join my father’s business once im done with my studies. After my bba I have planned to do my masters and then join my father’s business that is the reason why I chose marketing media. I believe that to achieve any goal in life you need to have passion for that goal. I am always in search of as much work experience as I can possibly get. My best internship was at Nishat Company where I actually got a chance to see the real cooperate world scenario.

One of my hobby is writing poetry, I have made my 3 diaries for different types of poetry it think through poetry I can express what I feel about life about everything which is going on in my life which I cant express to others. Poetry is just not a hobby it’s a passion to me.  Poetry to me is an art just because it is not made with a brush, it doesn’t mean it is not a part of art, it is as much a part of art as drawing or painting is.



Thinking is easy, acting is difficult, and to put one’s thoughts into action is the most difficult thing in the world. (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe )
733775_352095428234042_1951377350_nActing has always been my passion but I discovered my good acting skills when I joined the Lahore School Dramatics Society. Being a debater I was confident enough to communicate well and pitch in my ideas at any forum. I think this was why I thought I had acting potential too. I have always been a Bollywood fan and acting world has always inspired me.


Having no prior acting experience I was never sure if I could really perform and put myself into some character. Giving an audition for the dramatics society was a challenge for me not only because I was not sure about my acting but also because I was the least experienced student among others who were present there to join the very same society. My audition went really well. I was asked to enact a multiple personality disorder character. Multiple personalities included being a child, a patriotic person and an insane person. This was not an easy task for me but surprisingly, I was chosen for the lead role in a play that is to be performed by the society in coming week.

216792_352096444900607_16127307_nOnce the rehearsals started I found out that I am really amazing in this field. Practicing four five hours a day is really hectic but I think I am enjoying it because  now when I think how passionate I was for acting, this is the time for me to enjoy it and see how far I can go and how much better I can get. Lahore School Dramatics Society has given me chance to challenge my own self and become a better actor every day.

Asim Zia