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Ladder to success for Arslan

A guy who claims to be blessed extraordinarily in such a way and have achieved on whatever he settled in his mind and heart and that is non-other than Arslan A. Arsi. An unusual start in his modeling career and achieving a lot in such a small time span . Started his career from the brand shoot of Stone Age d gave a fresh face to the industry. He has done the shoot for exist ,dynasty , Dulha house and appear in the commercials of PSO blaze , jazz jazba , gourmet and sprite the most recent one, beside that he has done the ramp walks in the most famous bridal couture week ,PFDC fashion week

bridal couture week

bridal couture week

and Pakistan fashion week. Having a great portfolio with top brands in his list he’s unstoppable. Let’s find out more about him.


  • What’s your favorite time pass?

Long drive and high music

  • First off tell us how you “discovered” and how your modeling career all started?

It started 3 years ago, I was in a party and there was a fashion photographer he came to me and introduced himself and told me                       that he’s looking for some new fresh faces for making portfolio and he wants to shoot me .as it was free I went up for it .after a week we did the shoot and it was unexpectedly amazing and he handed me the pictures of me as well. So one day I was quite bored and I saw a fan page of Stone Age so just for fun I emailed my pictures to them with my contact number. and very next day an unknown call from the marketing manager of stone age .it was then I was selected for their summer campaign .i was shocked literally and happy as well .and surprisingly my first income as a model was unbelievable . it was a matter of 3 weeks and I was on billboards and magazines.

  • Will you make modeling as a profession?

I belong from a business family and we have two parallel businesses to run in future as well. so as far as earning is concerned that is settled for me and I can join the business any time I want to .modeling  is just for fun .my main interest is in electronic media which is considered as TV commercials drams n movies.

  •  Do u have any plan for movies?526511_202705509832922_629665697_n

Yeah I have big plans for heading towards Bollywood and I think I’m capable for it as well

  • Why do you want to work as a model? Why are you interested in this career?

Because it has a broader vision and gives you out a freedom of expression and a perfect way to show up with your skills in style

  • What are your goals as a model? How do you see yourself progress in this field?

I’m more focused towards the present rather than future because it’s the present that creates the future of a yes currently I’ve achieved more than my age in this short period of time

  • Tell us about your education: Have you attended fashion modeling courses?

I’m in the last year of BSC honors… Nah I had never attended any fashion courses. I believe that in whatever is your interest you learn that automatically.

  • Is modeling an easy job or more strenuous than people realize?

Exploring yourself is one of the hardest things to do for a human being .modeling is same thing which is exploring you and bringing out better output which is obviously a hell of a job

  • What have been your favorite shoot / campaign / work?

The sprite commercial

  • How would you describe your personal style, where do you pull your inspiration from?

Truly and heartedly being myself. My personal style and I’m a well-wisher of my own so that’s the only source of my inspiration

  • Do you have any unusual talents that you like share with us?

Umm well I don’t relate this to talent but yeah I can judge a person in a minute communication

  •  Sometimes the modeling industry gets a bad rap with the jealousy and egos encountered between other models . Was this true   for you? Have you managed to tough it out and make good friends?

Yes this is a modeling thing but rising above hate is what I call success and I’ve achieved that always

  • Five things you can’t live without?

Hmm there are just two things oxygen and a morning kiss (even better if I get it from my mum)

  • Any upcoming plans for new project that we will be seeing in future?404284_178530785583728_1237375797_n

              I don’t like to reveal my projects until they gets on air /published

 What’s the first word that comes to your mind when you hear these words?

Life               Unpredictable

Modeling    Jab tak mein jawan hoon whereas a man never gets old

Family          Source of my happiness

Friend           jab tak I got money

Camera          illusion

It’s always an amazing experience and opportunity to meet people like Arslan .A very down to earth person with electrifying personality .Never thought it would be such an easy job to approach him but he was really accommodating and helpful and was very inclined and interested to give interview. I thank him a lot for taking his valuable time for me and wish him best of luck for the future.

guest :Arslan A arsi525024_270570829713056_2057584115_n


author :Aisha zahid

A Man is Incomplete Without a Watch

Men aren’t passionate with fashion, at least not to the extent that women are. Men have more essential things in life to do and worry about than the latest fashion trends. There are a few things you can do to express your fashion sense, even if you don’t have the  time to read the latest issues of GQ (GQ is a very famous British fashion magazine). The most important thing that all men must have is a great watch.


A quality watch is the quickest way of emitting a confident, successful image. Men’s watches are often underrated accessories. They have become more than just instruments to tell time, they are reflections of one’s personality. Anyone can purchase a bunch of economical Timex watches (which by the way are great men’s watches, especially for sports) throughout their life but what they should do instead is invest in one great timepiece that will last a lifetime.


A watch is an important accessory that every man needs. Men are not supposed to decorate themselves like Christmas trees, by wearing gold chains and thumb rings. With watches, you get what you pay for so purchase the most expensive watch you can afford, because a man is incomplete without a watch.

By: Muhammad Naeem

Brand Conciousness on a Rise

You may come across many shopaholics throughout the globe but in our society there is a certain stereotype of these at a rise. They may widely be known as brand conscious people. These snobs are mainly the youth and the working class. Young adults believe to gain an edge and ego boost when acknowledged by their peers. Whereas the working people think looking sharp gives them the confidence needed to make professional leaps.

Many blame the internet and this new age of knowledge and globalization. It is no doubt that due to globalization many foreign brands and western thinking has swept into our country. Everyone is westernised be it the appearance or the mindset. This is also the reason why many foreign brands have opened their outlets in Pakistan and are running them quiet successfully. It wasn’t long ago that M.M.Alam was a quiet market with few shops and restaurants but now it is the hub of elite dining and designer wear. It is a constant battle to ‘check in’ at the top restaurants and to post pictures with designer clothes on Facebook before your peers.


Brands nowadays have a great influence on the thinking of people. I personally have experienced a sudden change in the attitude of people when they see a tag on you. Throwing around popular brand names is necessary for an individual to be accepted in the society nowadays. A person who knows well about the brands is considered ‘cooler’ rather than the person with knowledge. Universities have become a show of tags. What to wear each day has become harder of a decision. Many students have reported that they feel embarrassed to admit they got a pair of clothing from a normal shop rather than a brand. People are constantly adapting to styles and attires way different from their culture and comfort zone in the race to top the trendy charts. To be accepted and praised by people have become an addiction much worse than drugs. This robs a person of their integrity and culture.

The constant struggle to gain the outfit your influencer or celebrity wore leaves a person trying out all alternatives to gain it. Be it spending heavy amounts on unnecessary luxury items. There has been an hundred percent increase in the depression in our society. People constantly exposed to items they can never purchase leave them with a feeling of hatred and anger towards the unfair world. One must use brands as just brands and not make them so important that they start to reshape the society. Image

By Mahreen Azam section G (11Uo538)

Lawn Mania

As soon as the spring season arrives, we are bombarded with billboards of the numerous designer lawns. The lawn fever has gripped the women of our country. There was a time, though not long ago, when a lawn suit was available in every clothing shop at reasonable prices which the masses could afford. Every one could wear these dresses but this is not the case anymore. Lawn is no longer just anything that one wears to feel cooler and more comfortable in the scorching heat of this country but it has become more of a fashion statement. This is due to the introduction of the designer lawn. Almost every designer has now introduced their lawn prints such as Maria B, Nomi Ansari etc.


For parties and formal gatherings, silks and chiffons were preferred due to the fact that they were expensive and gave an element of elegance. However, now the designer lawn prints have a price which is equalant to these silks and chiffons and are now worn on special occasions and functions.

The trend was started with only a couple of designers stepping into this business and introduced the designer lawn prints. The pioneers included Gul Ahmed and AlKaram. Since then they have been making rapid progress in this field and thus, it gave an opportunity to others who decided that this was a very lucrative business and therefore, this rat race of the designer lawn emerged.


Every year women wait impatiently for these designer lawns to surface in exhibitions like wildfire and later in different outlets. The passion and enthusiasm with which the women buy these designer lawn is unmatched. The sight at these exhibitions is unimaginable. The women want to grab the best prints before others get hold of them and there are many instances of cat fights that can be sighted at the venue. This is because these prints are rarely repeated again which gives people an opportunity to flaunt their designer lawns as this has become a status symbol.

Every year the prices of the lawn prints are increased by one thousand or so but this does not refrain the lawn crazed women to buy them. So, in order to compensate for the high prices, the designers have started a new trend of marketing in which they hire famous Indian actresses to model for their lawn. Examples of these include Karishma Kapoor by Crescent lawn, Nargis Fakhri by Élan and so on. Apart from this British models are also hired. In addition to this many other strategies are also used to advertise the lawn which includes facebook advertisements, brochures, television, radio and many more. The sky high prices although leave the majority of the population unable to buy these prints but still the designers manage to sell of their stock due to the lawn fanatics who do buy these prints and in large quantities. Moreover, even before the lawn is launched, the females gets hold of the catalogues of their favorite designers and book their prints in advance in order to avoid fights at the venue.


This has become synonyms to a viral disease taking its toll on people’s lifestyle, minds and money. So it is high time that the ladies put a lid on it because there is much more to life than wearing fancy lawn prints.

By: Saniya Mansoor

Fashion’s True Essence

“Whoever said that money can’t buy happiness, simply didn’t know where to go shopping.”
— Bo Derek

Today, on every turn one finds an individual wanting to make their way in the field of fashion, yet in a country like Pakistan this industry still has a far way to go. Even in current times, with more and more awareness being created in fashion trends, the concept of style is under valued by a great number of people.

The way a person dresses is now not only about wearing styles sufficient to fulfil the basic needs of casing and covering one’s body but also about expressing one’s individuality and wearing something which would make you stand out in a room full of people. Fashion is in its true sense is about being different yet getting inspired by what you see and like on others. The gap however comes, due to the fact that though there is a want of the people to now stand out and express themselves through what they wear; but tend to lack the ideas or know how to do so explicitly.


Hence, NZN Clothing is a start up brand introduced, promising to fill the void that fashion-savvy individuals face in the rapidly evolving but still immature Pakistani Fashion Industry. At NZN we promise to give stylish originality coupled with superior fabrics and stitching something that many forget, with the word “fashion” is the fact that it’s not only about what looks good, but also what feels good.NZN uses the finest imported fabrics from Italy, Egypt and Thailand. The Italian fabrics are mostly finely cut for formal shirts and outstandingly used in their bespoke suits. This designer brand believes in impressions; as suggested by the slogan itself- “NZN- An Impression Forever”.

NZN uses the finest imported fabrics from Italy, Egypt and Thailand. The Italian fabrics are mostly finely cut for formal shirts and outstandingly used in their bespoke suits. This designer brand believes in impressions; as suggested by the slogan itself- “NZN- An Impression Forever”.3333
Although it has only been six months since NZN’s launch in the fashion market, that too operating only as an online store, it has managed to have a fan base of more than sixteen thousand people, which is rapidly growing and thriving amongst its’ competitors. Having served clients not only in Pakistan, but also all over the world through global shipments has helped the brand expand further into the international market in addition to the domestic one.
LASTT As NZN’s Chief Designer, I believe in fashion’s true essence stressing it being both stylish yet of the finest quality; at the end of the day also serving my clients with the Promise of creating an impression because as they say “An Impression is Forever”.

NZN Clothing official pages:

By: Noaman Zakir