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Yet Another Music Entry

60616_162406233883141_1165801461_n (1)When I first picked up the guitar, I had no intention of learning how to play one. After all there was already a huge chunk of humanity that was already doing it in a much more advanced manner, or so it seemed. Yet, boredom has no bounds and so, here I was learning an instrument at the age of 14, one riff at a time. It was somewhere at this point that I developed a strong attraction towards the Heavy Metal genre, mainly perhaps due to its use of technical instrumentation and dark themes in general.

Over the years I became a part of various local projects, most of which never saw the light of day, while some others which faded over time. The thought of not being able to maintain a consistent “band” did not strike me down so much as most bands within this genre don’t last that long to begin with. Over the years I evolved my devotion towards music production and video editing, helping friends in parallel projects with their releases and recordings.

University life, as we know it, takes most opportunities of pursuing such extra-curricular away with it, or at least makes it increasingly difficult to do so. Luckily for me, I managed to find people sharing similar interests and talents within my own hostel. Starting as a three-piece project, I was able to construct an instrumental oriented project right there and over time we realized that we had to test our production techniques yet again. There was no point in establishing ourselves as yet another cover band, and the prospect of creating original music remained our top priority. We did however lack a certain orientation of what we wanted to achieve in terms of band direction and so, we gave birth to the “WeMakeShittyMusic” project; a music platform which allowed us to work on instrumentation and production techniques without having to worry about lyrical contents or long term ideologies.


The project allowed me to expand my own horizons by allowing me to experience techniques and genres that I would probably not have chosen to experiment with otherwise. It also allowed us to merge as a functional unit that learnt to collaborate with each other musically, hence allowing us to keep future prospects of pursuing a more lyrically driven project in the future open. Now may not be the right time for that, but over time we will have gained enough experience at not only a instrumental, but also at a production level. It’s just how they say, “there’s no wine before it’s time”.

Here is a link  to our Facebook page:


Film Industry of Pakistan

One of the biggest reasons for the failure of the film industry would be the losses investors had to face. People have lost the desire to invest in Pakistani films as it seems like a dead field now.

The competition Indian movies give our movies is impossible to meet. They have a way bigger set up than ours and the quality of technical assistance is unmatchable so end of the day the quality of there is film is way better and when both the movies are available at the same price people prefer watching Indian movies and that is a big burden for the cinema that is trying to establish a market.

The quality of cinemas available is very poor. It is impossible for the families to go to those cinemas because the atmosphere that exists there is not suitable for a family set up.

In Pakistan there is a huge lack of fresh talent. In our movies the actor who are working are not suitable for the roles they are playing. They are too old for playing the main lead but since we don’t have new people to replace then and there is a huge lobby which resisting the change.

Pakistani films have a very bad impression on the families because of the vulgar dances and the obscene dialogues. Families don’t find them suitable for the families to watch them together.

In Pakistani film industries most of the people in all the fields are uneducated. All the technicians are not educated enough to deal with all the advancement in the field. Even the most of the directors are illiterate and that reflects in the type of work they are producing.

In such a place where the industry is still striving to establish itself the government should play a part in facilitating the process. Government should provide incentives for the film makers as well as the distributors.

I think this is a big challenge that we the industry is facing right now and to deal with the challenges we will need to get united, government and the industry. We have to work hand in hand if we want to thrive like we once did in the past


By: Momin Ali

Increasing trend of Cinema in Pakistan.

Increasing trend of Cinema in Pakistan.


An interview with Mian Zahid, Owner of Cinestar Lahore.

Pakistan’s film industry was reborn after independence. Even with limited budget and facilities the industry managed to strive and produce some remarkable movies. Pakistan’s cinema was at its peak during Ayub Khan’s regime when color film were introduced and a lot of Pakistan film industry’s legends were introduced in that time. During the mid-80sPunjabi films took over Pakistani Cinema where Jutts and Gujjars with a ‘Gandasa’ in their hands became the heroes in every movie. As there was a strong policy of censorship specially for any display of affection onscreen, the directors and script writers shifted to more violent movies. This meant that the families now couldn’t go and watch the movies as they, because the culture they referred to in these films did not even come close to the true culture of Pakistan. Thus began the decline of cinema. In 1990 there were 750 cinema theatres in Pakistan and this number decreased to 175 by 2002. The cinemas left were in a really bad condition and showed movies which could never be watched by families.

In 2001 the Cinema Industry started to change again when cinemas like Anmol(opened in 1985) were taken over by Cinestar. In these new cinemas Hollywood and Bollywood movies were shown and it brought the people back to cinemas. In order to get a professional’s opinion about the decline and then a sudden trend of cinema in Pakistan, we interviewed Mr. Mian Zahid, who is the owner of Cinestar.


Q: Could you tell us about the history of Cinestar?

Mian Zahid: Cinestar took over the cinema Anmol, Township, Lahore in 2001. People had stopped going to the cinemas and ridiculed the idea of us investing in a cinema. But we didn’t lose hope. As you know that for a city as populated as Lahore, there is no healthy source of entertainment. So investing in a cinema was a huge risk but we took it anyways. But it was quite a big success. Our café’s profit alone, was more than 65 lakhs last year. This must give you a clear idea as to how good our cinema is doing.

Q: What sort of movies earn the most profit?

Mian Zahid:  Well different types of movies attract different age groups. For example when a Bollywood emotional drama is showing that attracts a lot of women who want to see Shahrukh Khan and Ranbir Kapoor. English fantasies attract youngsters and animated and cartoon movies attract kids. As far as I think the movies which prove to be the most profitable are those which have famous Bollywood actors in them.

Q: Why do you think Pakistan’s Cinema has seen a decline over the years?

Malik Zahid:Currently we have 18 cinemas in Lahore but only 4 with good quality. The first reason is that Pakistan’s own film industry is so bad now that people don’t see a point in going to the cinemas to watch foreign movies. Another reason is that the educated people do not like watching mvies like Mola Jutt as those movies do not represent their own culture. They want to watch movies they can relate to but get disappointed by the movies produced in Pakistan. The entertainment taxes are really high so that is another reasin because people do not invest in this sector.


Q: How do think the film industry of Pakistan can be improved?

Malik Zahid: Well, the first reason is that we do not have many educated and professional people in this field. All the directors and actors and crew, they lack knowledge of what they’re doing and what they’re supposed to do. So we need more professional and knowledgeable people in our film industry. Another way to improve this industry is to get more investment. We need more people to invest and bring in more money to make better films and more films like Khuda k liye and Bol.  Also, the corrupt mafia needs to be eliminated.

Q: What are you future plans if any for Cinestar?

Mian Zahid: We are planning to buy all the rights of IMAX technology in Pakistan so we will be their soul distributors. Also We are planning to open another Cinema in DHA.


Here is a link to the website of Cinestar.

Ladder to success for Arslan

A guy who claims to be blessed extraordinarily in such a way and have achieved on whatever he settled in his mind and heart and that is non-other than Arslan A. Arsi. An unusual start in his modeling career and achieving a lot in such a small time span . Started his career from the brand shoot of Stone Age d gave a fresh face to the industry. He has done the shoot for exist ,dynasty , Dulha house and appear in the commercials of PSO blaze , jazz jazba , gourmet and sprite the most recent one, beside that he has done the ramp walks in the most famous bridal couture week ,PFDC fashion week

bridal couture week

bridal couture week

and Pakistan fashion week. Having a great portfolio with top brands in his list he’s unstoppable. Let’s find out more about him.


  • What’s your favorite time pass?

Long drive and high music

  • First off tell us how you “discovered” and how your modeling career all started?

It started 3 years ago, I was in a party and there was a fashion photographer he came to me and introduced himself and told me                       that he’s looking for some new fresh faces for making portfolio and he wants to shoot me .as it was free I went up for it .after a week we did the shoot and it was unexpectedly amazing and he handed me the pictures of me as well. So one day I was quite bored and I saw a fan page of Stone Age so just for fun I emailed my pictures to them with my contact number. and very next day an unknown call from the marketing manager of stone age .it was then I was selected for their summer campaign .i was shocked literally and happy as well .and surprisingly my first income as a model was unbelievable . it was a matter of 3 weeks and I was on billboards and magazines.

  • Will you make modeling as a profession?

I belong from a business family and we have two parallel businesses to run in future as well. so as far as earning is concerned that is settled for me and I can join the business any time I want to .modeling  is just for fun .my main interest is in electronic media which is considered as TV commercials drams n movies.

  •  Do u have any plan for movies?526511_202705509832922_629665697_n

Yeah I have big plans for heading towards Bollywood and I think I’m capable for it as well

  • Why do you want to work as a model? Why are you interested in this career?

Because it has a broader vision and gives you out a freedom of expression and a perfect way to show up with your skills in style

  • What are your goals as a model? How do you see yourself progress in this field?

I’m more focused towards the present rather than future because it’s the present that creates the future of a yes currently I’ve achieved more than my age in this short period of time

  • Tell us about your education: Have you attended fashion modeling courses?

I’m in the last year of BSC honors… Nah I had never attended any fashion courses. I believe that in whatever is your interest you learn that automatically.

  • Is modeling an easy job or more strenuous than people realize?

Exploring yourself is one of the hardest things to do for a human being .modeling is same thing which is exploring you and bringing out better output which is obviously a hell of a job

  • What have been your favorite shoot / campaign / work?

The sprite commercial

  • How would you describe your personal style, where do you pull your inspiration from?

Truly and heartedly being myself. My personal style and I’m a well-wisher of my own so that’s the only source of my inspiration

  • Do you have any unusual talents that you like share with us?

Umm well I don’t relate this to talent but yeah I can judge a person in a minute communication

  •  Sometimes the modeling industry gets a bad rap with the jealousy and egos encountered between other models . Was this true   for you? Have you managed to tough it out and make good friends?

Yes this is a modeling thing but rising above hate is what I call success and I’ve achieved that always

  • Five things you can’t live without?

Hmm there are just two things oxygen and a morning kiss (even better if I get it from my mum)

  • Any upcoming plans for new project that we will be seeing in future?404284_178530785583728_1237375797_n

              I don’t like to reveal my projects until they gets on air /published

 What’s the first word that comes to your mind when you hear these words?

Life               Unpredictable

Modeling    Jab tak mein jawan hoon whereas a man never gets old

Family          Source of my happiness

Friend           jab tak I got money

Camera          illusion

It’s always an amazing experience and opportunity to meet people like Arslan .A very down to earth person with electrifying personality .Never thought it would be such an easy job to approach him but he was really accommodating and helpful and was very inclined and interested to give interview. I thank him a lot for taking his valuable time for me and wish him best of luck for the future.

guest :Arslan A arsi525024_270570829713056_2057584115_n


author :Aisha zahid

Enrichment In Pakistani Music

The time when i could properly understand what the song is about and what the lyrics are, my interest developed in it. I would listen to songs all day long and sang along them.Urdu songs where more preferable as Urdu i could grasp easily.


When i grew older my interest in music increased and decided apart from my studies i want to be a singer hence i learned guitar a bit and sang along it. I was not a good singer initially but gradually i got control over my voice. Started writing songs and making melodies. I searched a bit about the upcoming talents in Pakistan and their future standing in the society. I got shocked when i found out that there were many better than me waiting for their break. Many of them were performing in Gigs and small events held.


First i thought its over for me as i did not even stand close to the talent those people had. One day my father sat beside me and made me understand that keep working hard you will get what you dreamed of. Today’s the day i worked hard on my singing and by Gods grace and blessing my Debut song will be released soon.


At this era Pakistan’s music and talent has immensely enhanced because now there are event managing organisations which helps the buried talent in people to come out and show what they have. Uzair Jaswal one of the famous singers of Pakistan came into the medias lime light because of these platforms. But still many of them are struggling. Hopefully they get their shot as now people are listening to every kind of music which is a benefit for the uncountable talent hidden in Pakistan.

Coke Studio is the major reason for the booming music industry of Pakistan. It has gathered all the musicians of Pakistan of all genres and has given them a new and different music to sing. A collaboration of POP and CLASSICAL which came out to be a HIT! Coke Studio is now famous all over Pakistan and also in some countries abroad.


Play time


Most of my day consists of rushing, assignments, and going to class. With all that, all my time is frequently taken up. It is very hard to find time for myself. It can get very hectic with homework, the weather and the lectures.


 Different individuals have different hobbies. Some people are on the hobby of collecting stamps or philately. Some have attraction for writing books and editing in newspapers. Without any hobby of our own, our life would have been void of charm and joy.


When I do get the opportunity to have some extra time, I have another activity I enjoy doing. I engage myself in the hobby of basketball.



I think by this way I make the proper use of time.   Since I was a little girl, I started to play basketball in the school team and also with my friends in the neighborhood. My mother told me that I liked kicking the ball around and had so much fun with it when I was only about three years old. Since then, playing basketball is my favorite sport and it is my hobby whenever I have free time.
Playing basketball also helps me to relax and be confident when I have stress and frustration.   For example, after doing my homework or when I come home from my university, I play a little bit with my friends to get

relief of the tension and worries I face the whole day.

Whenever I play basketball, I feel healthy and stronger.  I not only like playing basketball, but I also enjoy watching basketball on television. Also, during weekends, I would call up my friends to play basketball with me. After the intense games, we would go to the teashop nearby to relax and grab some cold drinks to cool us down from the games we had. It not only gives me a peace of mind but also help me enjoying with my friends too.
For me, basketball is a part of my life and it means a lot to me.


Most of the people confine hobbies related to sports and exciting activity to men. I fail to agree. Adventure is something that every human seeks because it gives them a sense of thrill and achievement.

Many of us let go of our interests and hobbies to assemble the daily demands of life, don’t do that. Life is about being happy, about being able to enjoy what you do, and trust me, there are many things that people enjoy doing.

Pakistani Music



When we say music, most of the people think at the great musicians from the western world. But what about the eastern music? What about the Indian Music or the Pakistani music? I have noticed that only few people know some general information on Pakistani music, which consists of diverse  elements ranging from music from various parts of South Asia as well as Central Asian,PersianTurkishArabic and modern day Western popular music influences. With these multiple influences, a distinctive Pakistani sound has been formed.

Pakistani music consists of several forms of genres such as gazaals and qawallis with blended form of modern genres such as rock and hip hop. Using of traditional instruments such as table, dholak, harmonium and rubab are still popular enough with consistent use of modern instruments such as guitars, pianos and drums. Pakistani folks are famous for composing songs in several languages such as Sindhi, Punjabi, Balochi, Saraiki, Potohari, Persian, Pashto and Urdu.


The music industry of Pakistan seems to move on and flourish in spite of the fact that there is mayhem and terror, day in and day out in Pakistan. Some of Pakistani artist have left their mark on the Earth in bold letters such as Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and Noor-Jahan. Every week the stories about the death toll in Pakistan storm the international and the national headlines, but the gutsy, battered and bruised Pakistani musicians seem to blindfold themselves and move on with their job of producing harmonious music that inflames the hope among the people and keeps the spirit to live alive and well fostered. Pakistani musicians have always tried to trigger and arouse the sleeping spirit in the people and songs like Shor Macha have given the much needed boost to stand up for oneself.


Some time back Atif Aslam sang a song “Hath Uthao” for the flood victims and “Ab Khud Kuch Karna Pade Ga” in collaboration with Strings and most recently Hadiqa Kiani, underwent a hair cut for some cancer patients. These acts have clearly exemplified the fact to a large extent that Pakistani musicians want to move forward and help in building towards a classic Pakistani society that will hopefully be full of richness, colour, beauty and plenty of other optimistic expressions.



“A unique Off-roading Experience”

In modern years, a number of people have purchased four-wheel- and all-wheel-drive vehicles. Among these people, the greater part has by no means modified the factory design of their jeeps or sport utility vehicle (SUV) and never tackle a driving challenge more severe than driving them on the carpeted roads among all the other cars. But a few feel the inexorable pull of nature and the road less traveled. These intrepid explorers spend countless hours and a little extra money to modify their SUV s into off-road vehicles capable of chewing up dirt roads, crawling over rocks and climbing near-vertical hills.


Our squad has joined hands in bringing together the passionate offroaders who at past were not given opportunity. We teach, we guide and we let everybody who owns an SUV in. Its totally free of cost and students at LSE are more then welcome to come and join us. We offroad at university timings and even after that depending upon the weather conditions and locations for the initial stage is in the nearby places of LSE.



If you’re hearing the call of the wild and feeling the need to explore nature, then you might be ready to become an off-roader. But before youhead for the hills, take some time to understand what off-roading is all about and what it takes to renovate a factory vehicle into an off-road vehicle.

Going unprepared into the wilderness can have severe consequences. You can get stranded. You can get lost. And, even accidents can happen through vehical roll-overs during off-roading. Hence, wellbeing precautions and off-roading without know-how can be fatal.
So, acquire it slow and easy. Understand how the various systems of your vehicle work. Then comprehend how to modify those systems to ensure that your vehicle functions effectively and safely in off-road situations.



Giving a brief review about off-roading trend in Pakistan, Let’s start from the common off-roading machines used in Pakistan which include

Land Rover Defender, Jeep M 151 Mutt, Landcruiser 70 Series, Jeep CJ, Mercedes G-class & Unimog

Next, the most initial step of modifying your vehicle is the off-road tires, which increase your vehicle’s clearance and give it traction in dirt, mud, snow and sand.



Thirdly, the handling and management of the Hub Lock & Differential locks depending upon the nature of the track. Understanding the function of H4-HI and H4-LO is the most important understanding one must have. All this off-roading learning process is mostly practical based and is learnt through experience while you off-road in extreme conditions.


Understand , Explore & Experience off-roading adventure with us:

By: Salal Rizwan (11U0660)

Music Riot

Pakistan is famous for making many well-known artists across the globe that had made music in many genres like Pop, Rock, and Hip hop (Wikipedia). Nowadays mainstream bands such as, Mauj, Noori, Entity paradigm, Mekaal Hassan are promoting music by performing at underground events, universities and at popular shows like Coke studio. So new and young talent of Pakistan gets attracted and eventually pursues this field. With this Ufone has launched Uth Records which is a youth based television show and its main purpose is to provide a platform to young and talented musicians in Pakistan.


However the Lahore’s underground music needs to work as the organization of its events remain pretty much underdeveloped and is not likely to rise up anytime soon Exploitation, poverty, extremism and disinterest on the part of general public are factors that contribute to the reason that Lahore’s underground band music scene is a distant dream. Various local bands struggle to survive the problems that they are forced to face due to the country’s irregular situation. Underground bands practices or jams hard to produce music to entertain masses at their own personal expense (time and money) and in return they are not given the respect and admiration they deserve.

Underground bands/Artists fail to seek the limelight they deserve because of the lack of platforms to perform at and along with the fact that the underground music scene is not usually appreciated. In his article, “Music: Rising from the underground” (Tribune, 2011) Sher Khan in his article “crumbling rock’ talks about the absence of locations where bands can showcase their talent. He also included statements from the director of Elysium Entertainment, MukarramJamil, who says that underground artists struggle as, to get attention they have to play everywhere. Many claim that playing in cafés and schools is sufficient and provides exposure but Jamil argues that it is not a positive trend as “shows are not happening”. Previously, it was also stated (anonymous, Tribune 2009). “There is no basic technical understanding of live performances and the people are now into more upbeat songs which don’t really relate to rock.”

The Political situation and religious extremism also add to the quandaries of underground bands. There have been negligible or no live performances due to the extremist point of views in our country as (anonymous, Tribune 2009). “In 2000, there seemed to have been an explosion of bands across Pakistan but with the change in the security situation, live performances became rare. Now in Lahore, underground rock bands have disappeared and performances have also gone down,” Recently, it has been seen that many underground frustrated by the fact, has taken country’s internal turmoil in feeding their musical expression, as(Declan Walsh, Guardian 2009) wrote,” Even in a summer of Taliban violence young Pakistanis are rocking on. An underground music scene is quietly thriving in the country’s major cities, nourished by the internet and the passion of mostly amateur bands.”


Electronic media such as television do not provide much help, which has dispirited many young musicians. A much more accentuated form of its existence has been discussed by Arsal. AJafrias, he states that many Underground bands have either given up or are waiting for the right time to release their creation. Talents like Irtaash and Qayaas have been totally wasted due to lack of support from various T.V and radio Channels. Nowadays Youngsters do not prefer to do music as it seems worth waste of time as their talent is not appreciated and is not profitable for them.
Government’s shows very little involvement, in this sector of music as they are not keen in promoting or providing financial aid to them. In an interview, with Singer/guitarist Goharmumtaz from the band Jal stated “Its not only the Music industry but also the movie industry that suffered in Pakistan. The reason is simple, government officials don’t have vision for this industry, they may be confused, whether to do make it a profitable, economy supported industry or not”(,2012). Government has not helped reduce the crime which is Piracy/Bootlegging or mend laws for copyrights issues..Recently while in an interview with daily- pioneer newspaper, artist Shafqat Amanat Ali defined how young musicians have to quit singing due to the piracy and copy rights problems in Pakistan for them, while selling music on labels and Cd’s.

In conclusion, there is enough evidence to state that underground bands face great difficulty in performing or composing their music especially because of the political and economic situation in the country along with dispossession of platforms and slanting in our electronic media. With already not much music education provided and backward culture, Underground artists have to face these times knowing if given opportunity, they will put their hearts and soul to this field of art.

By Waleed Riaz (11U0688)

An Invasion (Influence of Bollywood)

Our youth has become increasingly obsessed with Bollywood and i am mortified to admit that I hear people saying ‘sapna’ and ‘patni’ instead of ‘khawab’ and ‘biwi’. Bollywoods influence on Pakistan is undeniable and their culture is creeping into our society while we are blissfully ignoring it.

Throngs of people stand outside the cinemas that feature Bollywood movies and it pains me when I think of the revenue that we are generating to a cinema that is not our own. The influence of Bollywood is murdering our already crippled movie industry. People will wait in lines if they have to, just so they can watch the first screening of a new Bollywood movie they know nothing about. It does not matter if it attacks our culture and our traditions. If it has an item song with Katrina Kaif in it we won’t be missing it for the world. Right?

A lot of Bollywood movies portray us negatively concerning the Kashmir conflict and our next generation might start believing what they see. The young girl who works at my house knows the name of every Indian actor but started stuttering when I asked her the name of the prime minister of Pakistan. Don’t even get me started on the Grandpas and Grandmas who so dedicatedly watch every soap opera on Star Plus together. What will we learn from these soap operas? How to wear layers of makeup and pounds of jewelry to bed or how to fake a death and then come back craving for vengeance.  How horribly dramatized.

Most menacing of them all are the cartoons dubbed in Hindi that we so willingly allow our kids to watch. If your kid is watching that right now, please turn off the TV. Have some mercy. You’re opening your children to a culture that is entirely different from ours and they’ll grow up speaking Hindi and not Urdu or even English.


Pakistani weddings have lost their charm and have become a mere representation of the Hindu culture. They do not reflect our values and customs anymore.  We have let Bollywood penetrate so deep into our society that change might be unacceptable to the masses now.  They have become accustomed to the Indian culture and if we want to bring a change we will have to revive our own entertainment industry.

We cannot just blame each other for this invasion of culture. We have allowed it and we must accept that. Our own entertainment industry is not doing that good so we watch Bollywood movies to de-stress ourselves and most people find that acceptable. It is acceptable if we don’t let it take control of us and set certain boundaries.

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By: Shamaim Younas (Section G – 11U0040)