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Hunting/Shooting in my Blood

“Hunting my passion”

Hunting is like anything to me in my life. I have seen this practice being followed by my father and grandfather. When I was young I used to go with my father and grandfather on hunting. They used to have rifles in their hands and making me walk over a large fields searching for birds and animals. They were actually interested in hunting them down only nor interested in making them stuffed or eating them. All guns you can see in the picture belong to my father and are used on different occasions.


Hunting is like passion to many people like it is to me. I got addicted to hunting when I was studying in school and when I was at the age of 12. I was class six when I shot first fire from my gun. I shot it from my father’s pistol named smith and Wesson which was a 9mm pistol. I actually did not fired while hunting actually I fired when I was at a wedding. I was with my friends and they forced me to fire a shot and shot a fire up in the sky. The feeling that I got after firing the shot was unexplainable. Hunting then came into my blood and after that incident I also used to carry a rifle along with my firing while we used to go on hunting.


These are two guns the most I have used while hunting. Both of them belong to my father as I have no gun registered on my name. I can use all my father’s guns but I cannot call any gun to be my personal gun. I was very weak in taking aim when I was young because I cant carry the gun properly due to its heavy weight. With the passage of time I learned different things and now hardly I miss any shot. Hunting is something that runs in my blood and once a month we confirm go on our agricultural land in order to hunt. If we want to hunt animals than we go into deep forests.


Actually hunting is practiced all over Pakistan. People come here from different parts of the globe and there is a wide range of species in Pakistan. A lot of money is spent on this. Hunting is actually quite expensive as ammunition is very expensive along with arms. For actually need to have some real guts and I take hunting as my passion.

By: Zuhaab Farooq


Snooker and Me

Snooker one of the most addictive game in the world. It is a game which cannot be played without some real talent. A game which stops you from eating and spending your time in just playing. Once a person starts playing this game he/she does not realize the importance of time and how the time passes.


Snooker is one the best invented games of all times. It is a game with a lot of calculations and thinking. It is also called one of the best mind games. It is a complete mental exercise and of the best of the best way to spend your vacant time.


I was at the age 15 when first I played this game. Before this I used to watch this game on TV or just play it on facebook. This game was like in my blood but I realized it after playing my first game. Apart from watching it on TV or playing it on internet I had no experience but when I played my first game it was like I am playing it since how many year. Normally people do not know even to carry a cue or how to hit a ball. Since then I realized this is the game I am really capable of. Since then hardly any days passed when I did not played this game.


In the past there was very less scope of this game in Pakistan but in recent years there has been a great increase of players in this game. Recently Muhammad Asif won the international snooker championship making Pakistan proud. One of the best international player and most inspirational player for me is Ronnie o Sullivan. He is regarded as one of the world’s best player and has won many championships.


When I was small I used to spend my whole pocket money in playing this game as it was a very expensive game to play. Winning and losing was part of game and every game you play increases your experience. This game is like a born talent in me and I realized this thing after playing this game. I have played many tournaments as well which includes inter university and inter school competitions.

I regard this as one of the best games I have ever played and can hardly think of leaving this. Even if my pockets are empty I play this game and try not to lose.

By: Zuhaab Farooq

Have We Lost Ourselves?

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Something that boggles my mind is the stimulating pace the world is moving at today. What are we actually after? One end to it is the great advancements we’ve made in diverse sectors. But is this all what we essentially want? What are we looking for? Well here’s a contemplation of mine.

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Yeah, it’s truly great the way we’ve advance in health, education, entertainment, technology and what not. But let’s pause for a minute? Think of how the world is slowly loosing itself, indulged in all the materialism, and just become so cold blooded and egocentric. I mean, this includes me, and everyone else too. Loyalty, integrity, realism naming a few, is probably no longer something indispensable in an individual; it’s rather an exceptional case. Let’s take the instance of backbiting, is that really a sin in today’s world? It’s witty how we don’t even realize what we’re doing. Look at these social pages named confessions, Lucas’s, rumors revealed…etc; how do we just convince ourselves as this being tolerable by any conduct?


Hey, well even if we do, it’s your way, and your life at the end of the day. But maybe what isn’t ours is being too quick on judging others? If someone does drugs or drinks, by no means is to be labeled as a “bad” person. How do you know the crap he has gone through or the reason why he got indulged in such things? As a matter of fact, maybe that guy or girl does drugs, but never talked back to his/her parents ever? You never know the other person’s story. We go ahead and label a girl a “slut” if she’s had a couple of relationships; how do you know it was her fault? Ever heard of someone being dealt bad cards?

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If someone acts in a certain manner does not by any way give anyone to label him or her. Everyone has there reasons, and whether they suffice or not is the person’s deeds to justify. Maybe you’ve been blessed with a better mind and you’re a better judge of good and bad; some people lack that level of mind development (are you going to blame them for something they genetically lack?) The thing that really matters is a person’s intentions, it’s not everything by any way, but that’s the true essence on what anyone can ever judge if it’s really that important to. Though that’s something only the person can truly know and God for that matter.

before-the-throne-of-the-almighty-man-will-be-judged-not-by-his-acts-but-by-his-intentions-for-god-alone-reads-our-hearts images (4)

In closing, the point I’m trying to get across is that it’s remarkable the way the world is advancing, and there is no question of how far we have gone in a grand regard. But maybe we shouldn’t off-set that by doing equally as awful. Just a thought; really.

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Written by: Noaman Zakir

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Words – my best friend!


  When actions fail you, words become your best friend; such has been my journey with words. I, Zara Saeed, have often found it hard to express my feelings with actions, but words have never failed me or disappointed me. Since a young age, I have often found it peaceful and stress relieving, to pen down my feelings in the form of stories or poetries. These stories and poetries reflect my feelings, my experiences, my happiness, and my disappointments. Reading poetry, and going into the depth of words, has been my favorite pastime.

Apart from indulging myself in writing stories and poetries, I always kept myself indulged in debates. Throughout my school life, I used to participate in all debating competitions. It was my confidence that opened up a great opportunity for me, the opportunity of being chosen to represent Pakistan in the “IIPM, Ciceros Challenge” held in Delhi, India, in 2008. Those 5 days in India, among students from over 16 countries, was an eye opening experience for me. The experience boosted my confidence, and made me realize the worth of Pakistanis. Undoubtedly, we Pakistanis, stood out amongst the hundreds of students over there, and the encouragement, and appreciation we received, was overwhelming. Interaction with students, from different races, ethnicities, cultures, and countries, aided in my knowledge about cultures, and helped me to identify the beauty of every culture. To sum it up, those 5 days, were the best days of my life.



Thus, words have, and will always be my best friend, and for me, the best medium of expression!

The writing takes me to a place I have never been before, to an unknown destination….beyond fear, beyond hope”

By: Zara Saeed

Child Labor in Pakistan



God has bestowed human beings with wisdom and knowledge to think upon the symbols of the universe and to draw conclusions accordingly. That is the reason why they unveil the hidden facts and arrangement of the universe and have made remarkable progress in many walks of life. Children are the flowers of paradise and the most beautiful, innocent and purest creation of God. They are innocent both inwardly and outwardly.

Early in the morning when a child gets ready for school at the same time there is a child who prepares himself for the undesirable forceful job due to the financial problems faced by his family and secretly watch the others go to school, carrying in heart the wish to seek knowledge and claim all the pleasures and benefits of being a child. These innocent children face many hindrances and difficulties; desperate conditions that they face in life. Having been forced to kill their childhood for- going all their dreams and aspirations they are pushed to earn a living for themselves and for their families. It is a fact that these children are also the ones who play a key role in sustaining the economic life of their family without which, their families would not be able to survive. When a child earns his livelihood, this act of earning a livelihood is called as child Labor. The concept of child Labor got much attention during the 1990s when European countries announced a ban on the goods of the less-developed countries because of child Labor.

The International Labor Organization (ILO) defines child Labor as:

1- When a child is working during early age

2- He overworks or gives over time to Labor

3- He works due to the psychological, social, and materialistic pressures,

4- He becomes ready to Labor on a very low pay

“Child labor and poverty are inevitably bound together and if you continue to use the labor of children as the treatment for the social disease of poverty, you will have both poverty and child labor to the end of time.”

Grace Abbott

Child labor has become a major problem in most of the third world countries. Child labor in Pakistan is the employment of children for work, leading to physical, mental, moral and social harm to children. In the 1990s Human Rights Commission of Pakistan estimated that 11 million children were working in the motherland, half of those below the age of ten. While in 1996, the average age for a child entering the work force was seven. The research showed that one quarter of the country’s work force consisted of child laborers.

Poverty is the greatest single cause behind child labor .The per-capita income of Pakistan is approximately $1900, an average middle class person makes about five dollars and that single working person carries the burden to feed nine or ten people with that five dollar. Above that, there is the high inflation rate to deal with and so it becomes tough to survive in such conditions when that on person now cannot feed and provide shelter to the whole family alone. These families left behind with no other option being helpless are forced to giving their children in to the hands of child labor in order to increase income to support their household. This activity of Child labor is scattered all over Pakistan, and shows the greatest impacts of its existence in Sialkot. Sialkot is a central place for the production of goods for export, especially sports goods. Child labor exists in both the domestic and export sectors of the economy in Pakistan. This issue has been well documented internationally, and it is known by every person that child labor is against Pakistan’s law, but neither the government nor anyone else chooses to work on it.

Now we can easily imagine in the light of above mentioned facts and figures how the nation’s future namely ‘children” are deprived of pleasures of life, ignorance has reduced their abilities of thinking right or differentiating between right and wrong, as well as their life-chances, to their non-access to education. It is true that child Labor is not an isolated phenomenon and this is not what the children of our country deserve.


Ayesha Tariq Qureshi



Westernization in Pakistan

Beginning of 20th century, western culture has increased, a step towards disaster


Westernization has been spread throughout our country because of the media. The TV channels show various newscasters and different characters in the dramas wearing westernized clothes. In addition to this, intimate scenes are becoming more common in TV programs. Even our Lux Style Awards depict the western style of dressing and decor.

The catalogs, magazines, billboards etc. clearly show the impact of westernization all over Pakistan. You can see the catalogs of StoneAge for example. Magazines and certain TV shows discuss extremely open issues that are out of the scene if people take into account our culture, tradition and religious values.

This is what, following, western liberal concepts has done to us. We don’t even remember our own values and beliefs and therefore we are getting entrapped deeper into the web of westernization (so called advancement that is considered essential for development!!!)

Moreover , URDU OR ENGLISH?? A dilemma most Pakistanis are facing today especially the youth. Each country has its own mother language and they are not just a way of communication but also a part of their culture. Most of the people are not proud to speak our own language now and this is mostly seen in the middle and upper class. Most Pakistanis are moving away from their mother language and adopting English. By adopting English we are not just adopting their language but also their culture, values, customs and traditions and in the process are forgetting our own culture. This confusion started when the British came to rule our land and since then people have been trying to copy their language and have associated it with prestige and class. This problem has been further aggravated by the excessive exposure and the media influence. Even our education is now focusing too much on English at all levels. It is true that English is an international language and is used worldwide; everybody should know it in order to excel abroad. Hence we need to find a balance between our choices of language between one that represents our culture and the other that will take us to international markets.

Yes to find this balance is hard and confusing but we have to come up with one fast before its loo late.

Most importantly, Westernization has intruded so deeply into our culture that the Islamic values and “Adaabs” have faded away. The obligations of a Muslim have long been forgotten. No longer do people respond to the call for prayers, No longer do they keep fasts in Ramzan, in fact, they eat or smoke openly. Alcohol, prostitution, drugs are becoming regular and despite their openness, no actions are being taken to eliminate them from our society.

Don’t let westernization win!!!!

Now a new trend in Pakistan is the emergence of the boyfriend/ girlfriend relation which starts at the age of 15 (hopefully). Parents send their children to schools and universities to study but unfortunately they end up into some other activities. There’s no right or wrong over here it’s not bad to like someone but is it good to have relationships that are not meant to last? People have come forward with this western culture of going out together and dating in the “Cafe’s”. Being physical in a relationship is not much of a big deal and they actually think it’s cool. Is this the future of Pakistan? Why is it that it has become mandatory to have a boyfriend/girlfriend?

In short we all must consider that where is this country leading to? Has anyone really thought about it? Why is it that our culture is disappearing in front of our eyes and westernization has taken its place…All these questions are basically describing the current situation of Pakistan. Yes! Our economy and political condition is suffering but so are our values and culture. One should stop and think whether Pakistan is really what its name mean or is it just another country vanishing under the spell of modernization!


By Maha Mahmood


Pakistan Media Challenges

The media has revolutionized the world. In no time it makes people inform of that what is going around them. Like by sitting in your home, you can get all type of information from all around world. The media has provided number of opportunities on one hand but has also given challenges. The challenges are not only given only to specific countries of the world but to the every country.

In this research work I will discuss about the Pakistan media challenges which are increasing day by day. After researching a lot I came across major challenges which are following:

Safety for the Pakistani journalists and media workers

Now-a-days the killings and physical attacks are constant concerns for the people related to media workers, owners and journalists. Violence and threats are problems for the media people who lead to self-censorship and limit the topics and geographical areas covered by the media.

Another issue is regional differences. The FATA and NWFP have become the most dangerous areas for journalists due to prevailing conflict.

The FATA is a focal point in war on terror. The army has tried a lot but still unable to assert itself in that area. This area is mostly under the control of Al Qaeda and the Pakistani Taliban and is used as a safe place to launch attacks in Afghanistan, Pakistan and for overseas terrorist activities.

Mr. Mazhar Abbas, Secretary General of Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists (PFUJ) has said that

 “Due to this pressure in the last 2 to 3 years many journalist have stopped working for foreign media. The extremist groups have very good international network, and find out if you have worked for international news agencies. The reporting has becomes more difficult, especially because of the many bombings that take place. The journalist’s families are coming under danger, and they can be forced to move to new locations”

Also in my research an anonymous reporter said about the challenges of media in following way that when the media started, it was not worried about the safety and even it did not have a bullet proof jacket. Because of the today’s condition of world every person whether it’s a normal reporter or a cameraman carry bullet proof jackets. He added that even journalists carried guns because the situation is out of control and any one can attack you and you can get caught in to the cross fire any time.

The safety issues are not only in FATA and NWFP areas but also in Baluchistan, Sindh and other areas.

If we take Baluchistan in account then it will become clear that Baluch people are suppressed by the federal government by unwillingness to cede political and economic autonomy to his resource rich area which has led to serious uprisings by Baluch leaders and nationalists. All this has led to secular Baluch and moderate Pashtuns forces. The Baluch local media faces threats, assaults, prospects of kidnappings and murder by Islamist militants as well as by the military and radical Baluch separatists.

Media distortion

The content of media in Pakistan is distorted because of coercion, pressure, bribery and propaganda from outside actors. Even some of the newspapers are paid by the government to incite anger in minorities and people from different religions. Radical groups and political parties such as Jamaat-i-Islaami, Sipahi- Sahaba and more recently the Pakistani Taliban, have infiltrated the mainstream media or strengthened and expanded their own media platform. These radical organizations have grown strong to threaten violence by using their own media platform. Because of their strength, the normal media is unable to show their reality and present facts to the public otherwise they and their families will be threatened even to death.



Information vacuum

From all issues the biggest one is that the some areas in Pakistan suffer from a lack of access to information or only receive information that is one-sided and manipulated. Many people living in areas of FATA and NWFP that have been living under the control of the Taliban for years. Mainstream newspapers are not available as many villages are difficult to access and selling publications can be dangerous. Since only very few people can afford television sets radio transmissions are the main sources of information and radical hate-speech and propaganda dominate the airwaves although some unbiased FM radios transmit in the region as well.

In short the country’s troubled economy has also affected the Pakistani media sector because of the critical period. The state institutions are unstable and are threatened by political conflicts and by extremists. Moreover the life, safety and security of Pakistani journalists are at risk. Because of troubled economy the resources for media outlets are also limited.

By Maha Mahmood

Fashion’s True Essence

“Whoever said that money can’t buy happiness, simply didn’t know where to go shopping.”
— Bo Derek

Today, on every turn one finds an individual wanting to make their way in the field of fashion, yet in a country like Pakistan this industry still has a far way to go. Even in current times, with more and more awareness being created in fashion trends, the concept of style is under valued by a great number of people.

The way a person dresses is now not only about wearing styles sufficient to fulfil the basic needs of casing and covering one’s body but also about expressing one’s individuality and wearing something which would make you stand out in a room full of people. Fashion is in its true sense is about being different yet getting inspired by what you see and like on others. The gap however comes, due to the fact that though there is a want of the people to now stand out and express themselves through what they wear; but tend to lack the ideas or know how to do so explicitly.


Hence, NZN Clothing is a start up brand introduced, promising to fill the void that fashion-savvy individuals face in the rapidly evolving but still immature Pakistani Fashion Industry. At NZN we promise to give stylish originality coupled with superior fabrics and stitching something that many forget, with the word “fashion” is the fact that it’s not only about what looks good, but also what feels good.NZN uses the finest imported fabrics from Italy, Egypt and Thailand. The Italian fabrics are mostly finely cut for formal shirts and outstandingly used in their bespoke suits. This designer brand believes in impressions; as suggested by the slogan itself- “NZN- An Impression Forever”.

NZN uses the finest imported fabrics from Italy, Egypt and Thailand. The Italian fabrics are mostly finely cut for formal shirts and outstandingly used in their bespoke suits. This designer brand believes in impressions; as suggested by the slogan itself- “NZN- An Impression Forever”.3333
Although it has only been six months since NZN’s launch in the fashion market, that too operating only as an online store, it has managed to have a fan base of more than sixteen thousand people, which is rapidly growing and thriving amongst its’ competitors. Having served clients not only in Pakistan, but also all over the world through global shipments has helped the brand expand further into the international market in addition to the domestic one.
LASTT As NZN’s Chief Designer, I believe in fashion’s true essence stressing it being both stylish yet of the finest quality; at the end of the day also serving my clients with the Promise of creating an impression because as they say “An Impression is Forever”.

NZN Clothing official pages:

By: Noaman Zakir

Technology – all that glitters is not gold!


As I sat on my bed, looking at the screen of my IPhone, I suddenly had a flashback of my childhood, when life was all about dolls, playing games with friends, interacting with family members; today, things are very different. As I look around me, I see my 6 year old niece dialing numbers on her mother’s cellphone, while her 2 year old brother sits beside her crying and wanting the cellphone, and I think to myself, technology has taken over the lives of children, and the youngsters.

Technology has advanced at a fast pace in the past ten years, and has contributed to the success of the economies of the first world countries. Countries like China and the USA have used technology for their betterment, by constantly indulging in new inventions, to make life easier, and their hold on the rest of the world, firmer. However, the effects of technology have not been all that positive. Technology has deprived the children of their childhood; ten years ago you’d find children playing in gardens, drawing on papers, and today, you find them playing games on the cellphones, drawing on the cellphones. Television has contributed in stealing the innocence from the children. The youth back then was more active, more creative, but technology has made the youth of today confined to themselves. Facebook, televisions, and cellphones seem to have engulfed the young generation in them. Life of a child, and of a teenager, is all about social media websites, and televisions. The concept of love and attachment is lost in the past.




One of the worst effects of technology on the youth is the impact of it on education. Although the creation of the web has aided in increasing the knowledge of children and the youth, but it has also contributed to the increase in plagiarism. Brainstorming, which was once the major component of learning and creating ideas, has been transformed into “searching on Google”.

Technology has not only contributed in depriving the young generation of the fun of life, but has also contributed in spreading evil in the world. It is the advancement of technology that has spread hatred among people, has led to the increase in killing, and the increase in differences between nations. From the invention of the nuclear power, atomic bombs, to cloning, all are contributing in the destruction of the natural phenomenon of life.

Technology has played its part in contributing to the damage of the ozone layer. It is undeniable, that technology has led to the increase in pollution, and the mismanagement by the people, has led to the destruction of nature.


Although the fast pacing technology has brought with itself many advancements in the medical world, but technology itself has contributed to many medical illnesses, especially in the youth. As mentioned earlier, technology confines youth to themselves. Sitting in front of the televisions, using social media websites, and constantly engaging in the use of cellphones, have all led to obesity due to lack of movements, and eye problems due to the excessive usage of the technological devices. (Read more about the harmful effects of technology on health)

To sum it up, technology has indeed made life easier, brought with itself many useful inventions such as the airplanes, cars etc, which have contributed to reducing the distances, and has made communication easier, but the cons of technology are such, that they can never be overlooked. Technology creates distances between loved ones, as the presence of Skype, Viber, Whatsapp, reduce the need of going and visiting each other in person. The world today, is not a better place, and technology and its usage can be blamed for it. It is in the hands of the capable, i.e. the human, to use technology for the betterment, and to make this world a better place. Maybe our misuse of technology can lead to robots ruling this world one day, with none of us in sight!

By: Zara Saeed