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Hoping Against The Odds.


When I was young I could never imagine I would someday be this mad about air-crafts and birds. On my first trip on a plane, I kept looking out of the window. I was amazed to see that humans can fly as well; it was something different for me I only knew that birds could fly. The air hostess gave me a book, it was a coloring book. It had different kinds of planes. My world changed all of a sudden after looking at such planes. They were so many, my passion was slowly developing about air-crafts  and I used to wonder that what if I was born as a bird, yes I know I was childish back there.

child hood

Let’s go flying. Isn’t that a cute phrase to go around with, the dreaming of flying is in just about every young person’s mind when they see birds in the air. When I was finally about to start lessons to fly, life came along with burst of other family matters become a higher priority. As I grew up the dream of flying never was far from my thoughts and hopes that one day getting behind the stick and taking off to soar above the rest of the world. Being able to look down in a more 3-Dimensional world than the flat roads we often drive. Now that I am at a point in my life where I can pursue my lifelong dream, I am finding it more difficult than I would have ever imagined, cost? Even though it is high in today’s economic times, I can swing this, time? No problem. I am available most weekdays and weekends. It seems there are still some problems I am facing mainly the permission from my parents. According to them I have to wait till I get my bachelors done. But it’s been a childhood dream to fly on my own not being a passenger being free to fly.


In pursuit of my ambition about birds how they fly, I even tried paragliding. So I could have the feeling of flying without any machinery involved, it felt really adventurous. But it wasn’t enough for me, so I started a journey to discover every single form that could give you feel that you are free of every boundary and sky isn’t the limit or you, I came across many amazing books about air-crafts  bungee jumping, paragliding, parachuting, and sky sailing. It still is on my mind and I don’t till when it will remain there. Hope to see this dream come true one day.

By Sajjad Naqvi

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The Perfect Weather.

The perfect Weather.

Don’t you wonder how just a simple set of clouds could change your feeling, mood, emotions? These are the small wonders of life that we don’t notice in our daily life. Mother Nature has its own ways to talk to us but it is us who don’t seem to notice. Somehow every weather has its own effect on our moods such as when it rain you feel like sitting beside your friends or family with a cup of coffee or at times having Pakoras.

Each and every person has its different definition for a “Perfect Weather”. Some people might consider it to be clear sky with shinny sun above them but some might consider a blue sky, clouds with drizzling rain like someone is whispering into your ears and the greenery besides us makes the moment perfect. Just wait and imagine for a moment when passing through a hard day going back to home and the weather turns out to be perfect, forgetting the fact that you were tired you go on enjoying it and everything else seems to be lively and pure.

The Perfect View.

There are surprises and wonders which Mother Nature has kept on earth and weather is one of them. When I was little I used to chase rainbows and still now I wonder where would that rainbow head me too. As I remember I whenever it rained I used to go out and play in rain in my little blue shorts and the moment when my father would change for the rain it used to stop raining I used to tell my father not to change or else it would stop raining. I have always admired nature for its purity, the sparrows singing when the wind blows and the insects’ chirps in the moon light. It’s like God wanted us to be happy forgetting our worries and sorrows. I came across poetry by Asif Andalib that is:

On such a cloudy day why you are far away?
Lightning is writing in sky what I want to say

The cloudy sky is like my gloomy face
The thunderbolts are showing my distress

The raindrops are like my sorrowful tears
My soul is on your way like pioneers

The murmur of the leaves is like my whisper
Please meet me in such a romantic weather.

We should prevent and save our beauty of earth by removing catastrophic effects of pollution. Global warming is increasing day by day we should make an effort to guard where we live; our actual property should be Earth. I would advice and suggest every person to recycle trash and stop pollution by any means.

By Sajjad Naqvi

ID: 11U0036