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My dream and goal in life has always been one, and that is to become a successful entrepreneur. The best quality of an entrepreneur is to come up with innovative ideas and take risks. One such idea came to the minds of two young students i.e myself, and my friend Shahan Josh, and we decided to open up our own clothing line, and we actually did it; Snt – A clothing line was launched by me and Shahan Josh, on Eid, in August 2012. Our clothing line provided new designer traditional men’s wear. In this over branded world, where mass production has taken the spot light away from custom traditional wear fashion. SnT focused on both ready made and custom tailored traditional wear. Regardless of what our customers chose, we promised our customers a graceful wardrobe. SnT was aimed to be a clothing solution by the people for the people.



Our first sets of exhibitions began from 3rd August 2012, at Taj center adjacent to HKB liberty, and prove to be a success. We indulged in advertisement by using the most popular medium i.e the social media websites. Our Facebook page, with over 600 likes, managed to create a huge publicity of our clothing line. People from every fields of life, thoroughly expressed their liking of our products, and we managed to reach our break even  within a few days. SnT was a great experience for me. Launching a clothing line, managing the financial aspects of the business, gave me a good experience of what the practical life actually is. Dealing with people, and meeting their product needs and demands, allowed me to get a glimpse of the real world, and the likes and dislikes of people. To sum it up, the launch of SnT, was my first step towards fulfilling my dream of becoming a successful entrepreneur.

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Malik Taha

Basant – the festival of colours!

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Every year such a festival day comes,

When the flowers blossom and the kids come out of homes!

The roaring sounds of everyone yelling around with joy,

The colors up above flying in the sky!

The competition between friends and their fun,

The last flying kite that still runs!

It was that time of year again,

When we all touched the sky with our flying kites!

It was when spring comes to life it was basant,

Children enjoy flying kites all around the beautiful sights!

   In Pakistan all seasons have their own festivities, each has a different flavor. Traditionally, it is said that basant is celebrated to bid farewell to the winter season and to announce the arrival of spring season. Basant is celebrated in a big way in Pakistan and has become a very traditional festival of Pakistan. It’s a kite flying festival which had originated from India and now it’s famous across Pakistan especially in the Punjab province. In Lahore, basant is celebrated usually around end of February. The girls and boys wearing yellow dresses and dancing with the beat of dhole is known as bhangra. The sky is covered with all kinds of beautiful kites, large and small, which decorate the sky in a glorious and pleasant way. It looks as if a painter has painted the sky with beautiful colors. But unfortunately, Pakistan’s government has banned kite flying as it became a cause of some horrible incidents but still, people think that it’s a way to celebrate their happiness with others. But the decision is upon us whether we want our happiness or other sorrows of being a cause of loss of lives that occur due to kite flying.


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My personal opinion is that we really have no one to blame except for ourselves for this ban. It is the collective failure of the entire city for such incidents and it is easy to blame the government when they occur. Proper safety precautions are not taken. People use deadly strings which they should avoid.

By: Malik Taha

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