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Stamp Collection

Stamp Collection

Hobby is an interesting and good past time. Its an activity taken up in leisure time..It keeps the people busy and gives pleasure also. Hobbies are of different kinds, different people have different hobbies. My hobby is collection of stamps.

I am very fond of collecting postage stamps. I have many sources of getting stamps. Some of my friends exchange stamps with me. I have got a book to preserve the stamps. After my lessons are done, if I can make time, I arrange the stamps that I get and stick them in an album in their proper places. I have now a very good collection of stamps. There are some very rare stamps among them. At present their value is very great. I purchase stamps at times from dealers in old stamps. I have got stamps of many countries of the world.

This hobby has increased my knowledge of history and geography very much. Now I know the names of countries which were formerly unknown to me. In the stamps of many countries there are pictures of special things of interest of these places. So I can know what special things are found there. From an Australian stamp, we can know that the kangaroo is a peculiar animal of the country. From an Egyptian stamp, we can know that the famous pyramids are situated in Egypt.
With this hobby i get to know the names of many kings and famous persons. Since the independence of Pakistan, many new postage stamps have been issued by our Government on many occasions. We can learn many things from those stamps Conclusion—The collector of stamps is called a philatelist. We have heard that many famous persons of the world, including some kings of England, had this hobby of collecting postage stamps. Every man should have a hobby of his own. According to me, i have best hobby.
Written by : Amna sultan



Women Abuse

Women Abuse is one of the major issues faced by Pakistan. Pakistan is an Islamic country and in Islam women have some high level of regard but still due to the growing illiteracy rate people are unaware of this fact, and they are disrespecting women all around in the country.
According to a 2011 poll of experts by the Thomson Reuters Foundation Poll, Pakistan is the third most dangerous country for women in the world. It cited the more than 1,000 women and girls murdered in “honor killings” every year and reported that 90 percent of Pakistani women suffer from domestic violence.

A challenging irony for females in Pakistan is that, should a victim talk up about physical or sex-related abuse, she is seen as having missing her and her family members pride. Many rapes go unreported as the sufferer worries she will become useless in Pakistani community. Often, females will convert to their employers; family members they can believe in. It’s a generally unseen way of charitable organisation but one that can be essential to their success.

Pakistan is a low-income Muslim country with approximately 176 million inhabitants. Only 36 percent of Pakistani women can read and write, and the employment rate for women is 22.2 percent, as compared with an average of 77.8 percent for men, with higher rates in urban areas.  How a women can speak for her if she cannot even read or write. Women are treated as slaves in this male dominant country.

Records shows that most of the women who are being abused committed suicides, they lose hope immediately. Why are the people in the country are still quite? why is there no serious action taken place? If not now then when will these innocent and beautiful creature of Allah will found their justice?
Break The Silence Stop The Violence


written by:Amna sultan