The Journey


“Proclaim the truth, and do not be silent through fear.”

Since childhood, we’ve been taught about freedom, especially freedom of speech. Speak up your mind, have your say. You’re entitled to freedom of expression.

“This is slavery, not to speak one’s thought.”

It’s all very well to have your say, but do you really know how to form an argument and debate an issue?

This question popped up in my mind one day and that was when I realized why I was unable to convince others most of the time. That was the time when I needed to explore my inner self, what am I capable of, what is my area of excellence. And when I was in search of my talent, keenly observing every thing around me, one day, a poster was put up on the notice board of my school informing about public speaking competition. This got my attention instantly and I signed up for it. After attending this, I was shortlisted to attend debating sessions. Childhood lessons seemed to have worked, but I still needed to learn how to form an argument.

From there on, the journey seemed to be very fast. In a short span of time, I got selected in B team of my school and started speaking at inter school debating competitions. It was a big achievement for me as now I was not just able to present my point of view, but I was also able to channel it and use it to break others’ argument and prove myself right.

But this wasn’t enough. There was more room of improvement. More hard work was required to be on the A team. I never gave up and never missed an opportunity to articulate my thoughts in front of the world. In a debate, every one has different point of view, things can get a little heated up, and in the heat of a debate, it is easy to lose your cool. But I kept following my mantra, “don’t raise your voice, improve your argument.”

This helped me remove all of my jitters and made me confident enough to play with words, proving right to be wrong, and wrong to be right. I became persuasive. This helped me climb the ladder of success and I finally made my spot in the A team. But there was no stopping. I had realized that debating was my true passion and kept polishing this talent of mine.

I ended up as the vice president of my school’s debating society in A levels. Moreover, I went to parliamentary debate competition at Headstart Islamabad as an adjudicator.


Talent is innate. Everyone is born with an innate quality. What you need to do is to explore it, and wait for the right moment and strike when the iron is hot. This journey begins with the impossible and turns into unforgettable. Therefore, one must work hard and never quit as talent won’t carry a quitter.


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