Prisoner’s Dilemma


My father is a rich man.Which implies that i am a rich boy too.It means i do not have to worry about my financial future.It means i can spend on whatever i want,how much ever i want and my daddy will foot the bill.It means that my friends give me respect-at least to my face.It also means it won’t be hard for me to find a good ‘rishta’. You must be despising me for my luck.I advise you don’t.While i must confess that i lust for all these material luxuries and their consequential benefits,but in the process,i have lost my self-belief and individuality.I want people to value me for what i am and not for how much my father has at the bank.At the same time i can’t even think of leaving all the niceties my father’s wealth provides me.You must be thinking what a loser i am-but believe me it’s easier said than done.Time for my jacuzzi bath now.

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