As the world is progressing in the material sense of the word; similarly the progress is also increasing the corporations’ appetite for accumulating wealth at the expense of other human beings. One case in example is the introduction of packages by different networks to lure common folks into a trap which not only swindle’s them but also deprive them of using their time in a constructive manner.

The packaging (presentation) of the different mobile packages hit the common person at their weakest spot which is greed; thus one is lured into the web of deception and thus in the end the corporation/ network increase their earnings at the expense of common folk.

If the financial loss was the only result it can be overlooked keeping in view the fact that these actions are basic fundamentals of capitalism. But the impact of these packages are much more as it takes the person into a fantasy world as he is only in contact with the persons of his like. This deprives him of social interaction with different groups which are the basic building blocks of human society as it prepares the person to face reality of the world. This deprivation of conflicting points of view and ideas, stunt the growth of analytical mind and person is left with preconceived ideas of good and bad.

The timing of the packages are such that it also comes into conflict with his or her educational progress and thus education is also impacted, as can be seen in any class room most of the pupil are either texting or frequently glancing at the screens to keep themselves updated on the social activities of their peers.

 This proliferation has also impacted the morals of the society as now all things which attract the young generation are at their finger tips and the social values are changing so rapidly that the family values are also getting compromised in the process. Parents are unaware of the activities of their children which previously was not the case and they were able to teach their children social and moral values. This break up of the family value has resulted in different scandals and heart breaks which has torn the fabric of our culture and family values.

Halima Shahid.


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