Room decoration

room decoration is an art. it includes the color combinations, furniture settings and other thins related to the bedroom things. the first tip to decorate your room is that your room must not be full of stuff. it should be seen clear and ample of space. colors of bedrooms are very important according to age, gender and thoughts of a person.  because it affects the psyche  of a person.

There is a cycle of adapting colors that influences our psyche and form through the diverse phases of life. The aforementioned are reflected in our modifying color inclination. Youngsters have color likes and hates as per single character and phase of their life. Moreover room decoration include color combination with furniture, curtain and decoration peaces

Senior citizens need specific things when it comes to a bedroom. They need a place that is soothing and bright, but without much glare as elderly eyes can be quite sensitive to glare. The colors of the room should be from a palate that goes well with age furniture, as a few time accents might make the elderly person feel more at home. Green is the perfect color for old people because it is a color of nature and it gives cool sight to eyes and gives comfort to mind.

                  057                                           058

For young couples blooming colors are very good because young people specially married couples have very jolly type of mind. These colors also enhance their jolliness and give comfort to them and these colors make them satisfy. These colors also groom their personality and represents that they are happy and these colors take tensions away from young people’s mind.

                  052                                       053

For girls mostly pink and purple color is recommended because pink color represents softness which is in girl’s nature and purple color represents decentness which is also present in girl’s nature. Moreover girl’s rooms should not be very stuffy and furniture should be simple which represents the neatness and cleanliness of girl’s nature and habit.

                            023                                   024


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