Have We Lost Ourselves?

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Something that boggles my mind is the stimulating pace the world is moving at today. What are we actually after? One end to it is the great advancements we’ve made in diverse sectors. But is this all what we essentially want? What are we looking for? Well here’s a contemplation of mine.

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Yeah, it’s truly great the way we’ve advance in health, education, entertainment, technology and what not. But let’s pause for a minute? Think of how the world is slowly loosing itself, indulged in all the materialism, and just become so cold blooded and egocentric. I mean, this includes me, and everyone else too. Loyalty, integrity, realism naming a few, is probably no longer something indispensable in an individual; it’s rather an exceptional case. Let’s take the instance of backbiting, is that really a sin in today’s world? It’s witty how we don’t even realize what we’re doing. Look at these social pages named confessions, Lucas’s, rumors revealed…etc; how do we just convince ourselves as this being tolerable by any conduct?


Hey, well even if we do, it’s your way, and your life at the end of the day. But maybe what isn’t ours is being too quick on judging others? If someone does drugs or drinks, by no means is to be labeled as a “bad” person. How do you know the crap he has gone through or the reason why he got indulged in such things? As a matter of fact, maybe that guy or girl does drugs, but never talked back to his/her parents ever? You never know the other person’s story. We go ahead and label a girl a “slut” if she’s had a couple of relationships; how do you know it was her fault? Ever heard of someone being dealt bad cards?

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If someone acts in a certain manner does not by any way give anyone to label him or her. Everyone has there reasons, and whether they suffice or not is the person’s deeds to justify. Maybe you’ve been blessed with a better mind and you’re a better judge of good and bad; some people lack that level of mind development (are you going to blame them for something they genetically lack?) The thing that really matters is a person’s intentions, it’s not everything by any way, but that’s the true essence on what anyone can ever judge if it’s really that important to. Though that’s something only the person can truly know and God for that matter.

before-the-throne-of-the-almighty-man-will-be-judged-not-by-his-acts-but-by-his-intentions-for-god-alone-reads-our-hearts images (4)

In closing, the point I’m trying to get across is that it’s remarkable the way the world is advancing, and there is no question of how far we have gone in a grand regard. But maybe we shouldn’t off-set that by doing equally as awful. Just a thought; really.

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Written by: Noaman Zakir

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