Thinking is easy, acting is difficult, and to put one’s thoughts into action is the most difficult thing in the world. (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe )
733775_352095428234042_1951377350_nActing has always been my passion but I discovered my good acting skills when I joined the Lahore School Dramatics Society. Being a debater I was confident enough to communicate well and pitch in my ideas at any forum. I think this was why I thought I had acting potential too. I have always been a Bollywood fan and acting world has always inspired me.


Having no prior acting experience I was never sure if I could really perform and put myself into some character. Giving an audition for the dramatics society was a challenge for me not only because I was not sure about my acting but also because I was the least experienced student among others who were present there to join the very same society. My audition went really well. I was asked to enact a multiple personality disorder character. Multiple personalities included being a child, a patriotic person and an insane person. This was not an easy task for me but surprisingly, I was chosen for the lead role in a play that is to be performed by the society in coming week.

216792_352096444900607_16127307_nOnce the rehearsals started I found out that I am really amazing in this field. Practicing four five hours a day is really hectic but I think I am enjoying it because  now when I think how passionate I was for acting, this is the time for me to enjoy it and see how far I can go and how much better I can get. Lahore School Dramatics Society has given me chance to challenge my own self and become a better actor every day.

Asim Zia



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