Retro flyer Team


Retro Flyers is one of the emerging cricket teams of Lahore School Premier League. it was established in 2009 by Asif Malik, the first captain of Retro Flyers Team followed by Atique and currently lead by Asim Zia Khan. This cricket team has already won a premier league in 2010 and has played semi final in 2011.Retro Flyers has faced alot of ups and downs along it journey to this date. Unfortunately, due to some controversies, this team was almost dissolved. Under the captaincy of Sameh in year 2012, the team was not able to win a single match, however, Asim Zia was the leading run scorer in those matches. Sadly, everyone left this team.

As the time passed, Sameh left the team an d the captaincy was handed over to Asim Zia Khan. It took him 3 months to build up a new Retro Team, with the support of his few friends such as Waleed Khan, Usman Masood and Momin Ali. The first league played under the leadership of Asim Zia Khan proved to be a really good one. Although, after winning some matches the team was not able to reach the semi-finals. however, the teams performance was commendable and once again Asim Zia Khan was the high scorer. Due to this amazing performance many new players signed up for Retro Cricket Team. Three most good players included Imad and Ahmed Mela and Qasim Idrees.

In the latest league Retro Flyers Team performed outrageously well. It was able to defeat all the teams except Avengers, reaching semi-finals. Most important match of Retro’s was with Underdogs (winner of last Premier League) and in the history, for once the cricket ground was full of Retro supporters.

All of the Retro team members are very devoted and perform extremely well on the ground like Shehryar, Junaid, Ibrahim, Daniyal and others. Unity among the Retro Players is highly visible and once united all of the players are encouraged to play more than there capacities.

Presently, Retro Flyers Team has reached the semi-finals and we pray for their win. Ameen.


Asim zia


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