The Sound of Music

190656_10152383839700055_1124479788_nMy earliest memories are not those of the happiness of getting a doll, or being gifted your favorite action figure, but they are of the excitement I felt when I first touched my grandfathers grand white piano. Instantly my mind was elated at the melodic sound I could make through the keys. In a matter of days I knew of all the different notes I could strike with this wondrous instrument and just a little while later I could play any song my mind took like to.

I guess there are some things in life that you are just meant to love and for me it was always music. Be it old Indian, classic, western or contemporary I was always transfixed by music thus I was gifted my first guitar at the age of eleven and soon I was learning the instrument from beginning till end. Singing just came to me naturally, maybe it was that I had a “singing” gene considering my father, aunts, grandmother all had gifted voices.


I was always a part of the school choir I guess that took out most of the fright one feels when they are on a stage for as far back as I remember I always wanted my voice to be heard. While in-between came times, when I felt shy, or under confident I kept opting for competitions and concerts and kept bringing myself out there. What this resulted in was that I lost most of the jitters I felt in the earlier years of performing on stage and in a way kept getting better at what I do.

My love for music is not something I can explain in words, or even through what I play as I have not reached a level where I can even consider myself a musician, I cannot explain my thoughts when I hear an exceptionally well written piece of music, or hard hitting lyrics, or a beautiful composition; but I know that my love for music will keep taking me forward and make me into something one day.


To listen to a cover I recorded of wicked games check out:

If anyone is interested to learn the guitar in easy lessons, check out:


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  1. amazing cover!!

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