Sleep! things you didn’t know about sleep.

After having a stomach full of Sunday’s special meal I decided to go to bed around 10 as I had to get up early for my College. Tossing and turning, it took me quite a while to finally fall asleep. I started having strange and vivid dreams that I couldn’t make any sense of. And suddenly I was jolted out of my sleep, I quickly glanced around the room and my heart instantly dropped. A woman was standing right beside my bed, I couldn’t decipher whether it was real or a shadow or merely a hallucination. Filled with extreme fright and terror,  I witnessed her slowly walking towards me. Without wasting another second I decided to run for my life but when I tried to get up, I felt an incredible amount of pressure gluing me down. I tried to scream but nothing came out of my mouth but some muffled sounds. My arms felt like slabs of iron. I felt helpless. But then I started praying and within seconds(which seemed like an eternity) it was gone. I could move again.

The next morning, bedeviled by the events of the night before, I told my best friend about it and she said that it was something called Sleep Paralysis. So I went home and looked it upon the internet. Turns out its pretty common and that you might experience sleep paralysis at least once or twice in your life.

Anyways, the problem with internet and most importantly Google is that once you start searching for stuff you can’t stop. One thing leads to another and suddenly you find yourself amidst a pool of webpages reading all sorts of articles. Sleep in my case. I found pretty interesting facts about sleep. For instance there are currently eighty four recognized sleep disorders.

But most importantly the thing that grabbed my attention was this article about the myth about sleeping 8 hours a day. For as long as I can remember my mother told me to sleep for at least 8 hours every night. Failure to do so would result in deterioration of my health. But that article completely changed my view about sleeping for 8 hours a day. It said that people who slept for 8 hours and more had a shorter spam of life than those who slept for 6-7 hours a day. On the other hand these people had a stronger memory and a greater IQ.

 That put me in my life’s biggest dilemma.  What do I want from my life? A longer life or a life worth living with the mind of Einstein? If I want a longer life I’d have to sleep for 8 or more hours but if I wanted a sharper brain I’d have to sacrifice my sleep and settle for 5-6 hours of sleep. After pondering over this for almost a good ten minutes I finally reached the conclusion that since I can never get the mind of Einstein or even close, I’d rather live a long life. And as far as the sleep paralysis is concerned, it didn’t happen again and I hope it never does.Image


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