There is increasing trends of smoking not only among the elite class or the religious group of the society nowadays, but also the youth, especially the students enrolled in universities and colleges. The realms of smoking are broad enough to encompass tobacco smoke as well as shisha smoke among people of all types. The increasing popularity of cigarettes and shisha among students specially is a major issue at hand these days. Smoking cigarette is an unhealthy behavior that becomes addiction and it gets difficult to quit smoking and it is the most important factor that causes premature deaths. There are many factors that lead a person to start smoking and these factors are difficult to understand. Many people start smoking because of tobacco advertisement, peer pressure and a concept that smoking is an acceptable behavior. Many people start smoking in young age. Shown by the study there are more people of young age that have started smoking, the highest percentage of smokers is 25 to 44 year age group and there is more percentage of males then females. Advertisement of tobacco attracts young people to start smoking, they first think of only trying it once but then they get used to of it. Many people who get attracted to smoking have a family member or close friend who smokes.


It is a known fact that smoking is a behavior that can become addiction because of the nicotine and few other chemicals that are present in it, the main chemical that causes addiction is nicotine and this is the chemical that causes major diseases among people who smokes. The major causes of smoking can be peers, teenagers may smoke because they want to fit in the environment they are living in, and surrounding people can also attract the non smokers to smoke. Another factor can be image people might want to smoke because they think that smoking will make them look better and high in the society.
There are many effects of smoking, with the passage of time chain smokers’ teeth starts turning yellow. With the period of time your body gets trouble in blood circulation because of the smoke you inhale and it gets into your blood stream, your body will not be able to circulate blood as freely as before you start smoking and your arteries will begin to clog. A health skin have natural glow but with the clogged arteries, and with less blood flow, will slowly and steadily make your skin pale. With the passage of time chain smokers began to experience smokers cough this is because of the toxins you inhale you body uses this coughing to try and get rid of the toxins you inhale.Smoking affects just about every organ in the body. One of the organs’ that is most directly affected is the lungs; this is the organ in direct contact with cigarette smoke.

Water-pipe smoking also known as shisha in other countries is often reflected as fun, harmless and lighter version of smoking without the dangers cigarettes stance. Add the appealing social element of going out with friends to charmingly decorated hookah lounges, filled with an array of sweet-smelling odors, and it’s no surprise that hookah, smoking has become a rising trend in the Pakistan, especially among youths and the college student population. There is a widespread myth about water-pipe smoking or shisha is that the passage of smoke through the steaming water in water-pipes ‘purifies’ the smoke of all harmful elements. The studies have shown that shisha is more harmfull then cigarettes and it directly affects lungs and heart leading to lungs cancer.



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