Singing Talent and Passion for Guitar

Talent is one of those God Gifted ability that a human posses in him. Some might sing good, some might bee good in numbers and some can be excellent in a particular sport etc. Passion is that urge of a man to do something he/she wants to do for example passion for singing or passion for being a car racer.

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Allah Almighty have blessed me with a talent of singing which i know i have to explore more deeply. From an early age i started singing just like that with no proper guidance, just matching the tone and lyrics with the song playing. as time passed i developed an urge to refine my voice and let people hear it. this became a small part of my passion as well. Along this activity of mine another passion of mine was to learn how to strum strings of the guitar. After all the arguments with my father he finally bought me one and i took classes to learn it.



Now that time has come that these two things have become a part of my daily life. Everyday i sing and make compositions on the guitar. One day while sitting alone i started writing randomly and luckily when i compiled it, it turned out to be a song. Just threw a tune on to it and it was liked by everyone. Due to this urge i also performed at few events and got a positive reaction from the crowd. Now Alhamdulilah very soon in Pakistan my song will be watched on television and listened om radios. The conclusion i figured out is that nothing is impossible till the time you make it possible.








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