Reading Is Creating A World Of Your Own

People say reading is for nerds and serious people. I must say, they are mistaken. In fact reading brings joy no other kind of entertainment can bring; be it watching movies, playing video games or sports.

Reading has been my passion from early childhood. My first memories of finding joy among pages are when my mother used to read out bedtime stories to me. Since then I haven’t spent a day without having a book on my bedside table.


Book reading transports me to a whole new world. Sometimes, I become so engrossed in the plot of the story that, on a subconscious level, I become the protagonist and that I am the one who is maneuvering the situation. Some books have affected so much that for a little while, I became that character. My likes and dislikes changed, my habits changed. Reading has also helped me to think in different ways and out of the box. It has helped me to find the creativity inside of me, and it has reflected a lot on my writing as well. Moreover, by reading you imagine everything the way you want to and you create a world where you are the King or Queen and no one else is there to tell you what to do and what not to. Over the years, the books I have read range from The Famous Five, to Agatha Christies murder mysteries, from Harry Potter to Twilight. I have read innumerous classics, my favorite being Little Women, Gone with the Wind, Thorn Birds, and many more!


I hope that this hobby of mine remains and that I always find joy in reading as much as I do now.


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