It’s cooking time!

Life is all about experiments! We are always trying new things to add the spice of adventure and excitement in our lives. Cooking is my way of doing it. Call it my passion, interest, talent or a hobby, I simply love cooking! Usually I have a busy routine because of the hectic schedule of university; there are always projects or assignments burdening my mind. In such tiring routine, I always try to take some time out and relax. For me it’s tying my apron, going straight to kitchen, getting hold of some ingredients and then explore the world of flavors. Sometimes I can be very creative in terms of recipes and sometimes I just prefer trying something that I had seen on television or read somewhere. Cooking is always fun! I believe it’s an art and can only be acquired if one is truly interested in it. I cook depending on my mood; on lazy Sunday mornings I prefer to go for scrumptious cheese and mushroom omelets and hot coffee, if I have people coming over to my place then I try helping mum by making sweet dishes such as banana crunch or mango delight.


I love making desi as well as continental food. Cooking is definitely one of the activities that I enjoy the most!



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  1. This is really well written and interesting

  2. thankyou so much=)

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