Hunting, the manly sport.

“There is a passion for hunting something deeply implanted in the human heart”


While talking about people’s passion for hunting, I’ve observed a lot. The love for hunting could never be brought to a halt. I got the viral disease of hunting when I was 6th grade, accompanied by my father who is a great hunter, since birth i have been seeing stuffed animals hanging on the walls of my house, always willing to go.


But then, finally at a pre mature age, having quite a lot of idea regarding the sport I started to accompany my father, my ideal, and every weekend. Looking around for saint grouse, deer, ibex, and mountain sheep, following their tracks and hunting them down. The adrenaline rush, blood pumping whether you would strike the target at the right spot requires a lot of agility, when comes with the passage of time.


Talking about the geographical boundaries of Pakistan, its pretty rich when it comes to wild life. Sindh compromises of teetar, wild boars, Foreigners come for hunting ibex and mountain sheep especially, paying a lump sum amount for the annual permits that are handed out.


Sheikh’s from Saudi Arabia have their mansions build up in Sindh and Baluchistan just for hunting season, they basically come for talore, a bird whose diet is only scorpions, they simply love it. They are sold for even more than pkr 50,000. Pakistan comprises of very rare animals e.g. snow leopard, Himalayan ibex, talore etc.


people go crazy over hunting, I’ve witnessed people going to Africa for hunting and bringing back huge stuffed animals on their way back, which is mainly through ship. My father’s friend Mr. Sultan has a huge collection of animals, which even compromises of giraffe, elephant, lions, leopards, as you can see in the pictures above. Hunting in Pakistan is not an easy task, you need to have a lot of sources to get through to good hunting sites, as the sport is spreading across vividly, and a hefty amount of animals are shot annually, yet there is wildlife for conservation purpose, it derives a lot of tourism, and Pakistan is one of those countries where there is a rich culture of hunting.



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