Enrichment In Pakistani Music

The time when i could properly understand what the song is about and what the lyrics are, my interest developed in it. I would listen to songs all day long and sang along them.Urdu songs where more preferable as Urdu i could grasp easily.


When i grew older my interest in music increased and decided apart from my studies i want to be a singer hence i learned guitar a bit and sang along it. I was not a good singer initially but gradually i got control over my voice. Started writing songs and making melodies. I searched a bit about the upcoming talents in Pakistan and their future standing in the society. I got shocked when i found out that there were many better than me waiting for their break. Many of them were performing in Gigs and small events held.


First i thought its over for me as i did not even stand close to the talent those people had. One day my father sat beside me and made me understand that keep working hard you will get what you dreamed of. Today’s the day i worked hard on my singing and by Gods grace and blessing my Debut song will be released soon.


At this era Pakistan’s music and talent has immensely enhanced because now there are event managing organisations which helps the buried talent in people to come out and show what they have. Uzair Jaswal one of the famous singers of Pakistan came into the medias lime light because of these platforms. But still many of them are struggling. Hopefully they get their shot as now people are listening to every kind of music which is a benefit for the uncountable talent hidden in Pakistan.

Coke Studio is the major reason for the booming music industry of Pakistan. It has gathered all the musicians of Pakistan of all genres and has given them a new and different music to sing. A collaboration of POP and CLASSICAL which came out to be a HIT! Coke Studio is now famous all over Pakistan and also in some countries abroad.



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