Drugs and Pakistani youth

Social acceptance has opened gates for drugs in such modern times. Pakistan, an Islamic state, where youth is apparently expected to indulge in to activities in accordance to what the religion demands, an increasing number of children are getting addicted to dangerous drugs for example, heroin.

Where on one side “lack of awareness” in uneducated children motivates and inspires them to deviate and to follow “socially evil” actions the other side of “apparent aware” and educated students in colleges and universities have their own “explanations” of taking these drugs.

It is not like there are no ways that can be implemented to avoid such circumstances or to make the existing situation better. It is just that the “weak” economic conditions of this country makes providing help and support to assist these teenagers and to cater to their psychological needs, in the form of rehabs, almost impossible.

Factually speaking, almost five per cent of the adult population has already been addicted to drugs across the country keeping Pakistan at the top of the list among the countries which are affected by this scourge.


“One of every ten students at college or university level is drug addict.” I, for one, can no doubt relate to this statement. It has only been a few weeks that I lost a good friend of mine. His drugs of choice were charas (cannabis), the most commonly used substance, sedatives and tranquillizers, heroin, opium, injecting drugs and use ecstasy tablets.

He was the only son in his small family and he had a lot more to see. But, like define it, he committed a “socially evil suicide”. His death was not shocking and was called for as all the doctors that he attended had told him that they have “given up” on him. He had been paying official visits to rehabs. It is 2007 that I am talking about when he took off from college and I saw him wasting years and years of his life just sitting at home in his village far away from the city, practicing social isolation, doing what he liked doing. But soon after God called it a day and he lost hold of his life last Saturday when he slept and never woke up again, as his heart caught a cardiac arrest during night time.

International newspapers have printed and I am quoting that “In Pakistan, this problem is increasing because of proximity of production (poppy in Afghanistan) and smuggling and illegal drug trade into Pakistan. The absence of ‘cohesive approach’ has led to continued drug trafficking and proliferation in Pakistani Society.”

It is saddening that there is no social end to this “psychologically contagious” habit that is developed. However it is important to keep pooling in to create awareness of the serious consequences that drugs have attached to them, through different portals.

In my opinion Pakistani youth has a lot more on its shoulders to pay heed to than such criminal-to-self actions that have not only successfully driven us away from society but also has driven us away from our God and religion.




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