Cultural-invasion !

ImageThe fear of the unseen, or seen only on international media, is building up the perception that our culture is under attack by foreign forces. The consolidation of this perception and its contagious spread in society contradicts its very essence logically.

Looking at the flow of communication internationally, it is a perfect conclusion that it is one-sided. Go to the US and you will watch almost the same TV channels there as in Pakistan, which means we share a large portion of international media.

Some scholars see it as fruits of advancement in technology; the technologically advanced nations are called core countries and the rest peripheral states. The core countries have an edge over the others because they invest in placing satellites in the space, spread their information throughout the world, and reap its benefits in the shape of their extended markets.

While others scholars believe that core countries are part of the global agenda, which aims at investing in E.T technology , focused on one-sided flow of communication at imposing cultural imperialism, and electronic colonialism on the peripheral nations.

The supposedly cultural flow of information from foreign countries through media channels has successfully promoted vulgarity. The objective is nothing except to corrupt the minds of the youth and create distances between them and their rich traditions and cultural values. Dance parties and music has always been part and parcel of the western culture.  The soaps Operas depict a western lifestyle and deal with subjects that are considered taboo in Pakistan, they include characters with Muslim names which many Pakistanis can identify with.

If we see deeply, the international flow of communication has little to do with local media in Pakistan and indeed local media content against internationalization of culture are gaining popularity more than anything else. Fed by west hate, our media sometimes end up fanning violence and extremism in society, intentionally or otherwise.


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