Projection of Turkish Dramas in Pakistan

Pakistani media that concentrates on acting is being watched to have been troubled of the developing rating of Turkish shows in Pakistan. The serials like Ishq-e-mamnoon, Aasi, Manahil or Khalil, Fatima Gull etc have earned massive reaction from our viewers and have created the disappointment of dramas in Pakistan. Then again, the disappointment of dramas and Turkish shows are direct following to the appearance of Turkish media dominion in Pakistan. Turkish shows are considered as focal purpose of level headed discussion in media since couple of months, it was watched that Pakistani serials had been successful because of the unbelievable victory of Turkish serials in Pakistan

The strong devaluation opposite Turkish serials is not just made by TV creators, executives and writers yet even an aggregation. They depict Turkish Dramas as opposite the society of Pakistan. It is surely real to recognize the fact of Turkish shows raising its communicational power in Pakistan what’s more this additionally teaching, planning, or more every last trace of the belief of secularism in Muslim social norms. The individuals of Pakistan are dividing in their tendency of conduct consistent with their ethnic society and its conduct consequently the loving of Turkish’s media stuff is resultant of it. apart the drama viewers have been enraged of Pakistan’s neighborhood dramatization serials in light of absence of variety in serials that might conceivably catch the eternal consideration and willingness of viewers.

Turkish dramas

They are not educated of specialized matters relating to media hence the level of drama serials are more than show-fiction and less than social message, it is likewise matter of gratefulness to the old serials of Pakistani media throughout 1960s, 70s, and late 80s. The nature of traditional serials began to decay with the rise of Islamism and fundamentalism majorly throughout Musharaf’s tenure. We need to acknowledge and recognize that media could not outfit the stuff such of the mentioned Turkish shows. Assuming that we do will to run the business media at defensive level, we need to think about some major adjustments and enhancement in show serials with the different social note and dispose of scripts and deficiently steered dramas.

People think that they are very familiar to Pakistani culture but this concept is totally wrong. Their costumes which are being used in these dramas, their story out line, their family traditions and many things which have been projected in these dramas are not familiar to our culture, norms and traditions. In the picture iven blow you can see the dresses which are not acceptable in our society. Moreover the last episode of drama Ishq-e-Manoon was projected in cinemas of Pakistan to continue the influence of these dramas in Pakistan.

2013-03-23 12.22.33

Turkish dramatizations are controlled by profoundly qualified specialists and moreover extremely well mannered and conventional dialect is utilized within scripts signifying the qualities of living standard in Turkey and we need to get used to the same level of composition and making serials. The business and established dramatizations are full of societal reflection. The characters, scripts, planning and topic are obliged to be situated as far as making social acquaintance; so the dramas might as well refresh their scripts with a specific end goal for the standard of public order through their particular beat of work in media.

Pakistan’s business media is presently needed to render its ability to match the worldwide standard of dramatizations rather than maundering opposite different dramas as Ishq-e-mamnoon, Aasi, Manahil or Khalil, Fatima Gull and numerous more.

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  1. Well written… very important and interesting topic.

  2. its very impressive article, i agree with you. it is exploiting our drama channels as well as our society and its norms. they should not be projected here in Pakistan

  3. A very thoughtful article. Impressive to say the least. A job well done. thumbs up

  4. Well written 🙂

  5. Nice article.. Completely sums up the Turkish drama trend these days

  6. well written.Must read article for every Pakistani.

  7. very well, quite impressive and comprehensive i must say 🙂

  8. well if these dramas are related to our customs, then they are surely exploiting our new generation.

  9. Completely agree with the message conveyed….. It is our responsibility to protect and respect our norms.

  10. I believe that we need to keep a broad mind when looking at something cross cultural. this a world of globalization and change, and if you fail to evolve, you will eventually become extinct. I think we should keep ourselves open to the issues and ways of life depicted in these dramas!
    the piece was well written and conveyed!

  11. interesting topic…

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