Cooking my passion

Cooking My Passion


A hobby is a theme or an object considered as unduly occupying one’s interests or attention. To me it is the reflection of a sort of mental weakness for a particular thing. By having certain hobbies I have provided my restless mind with a healthy cultural sport. I have few hobbies some are major and some are minor. Hobbies vary person to person. Some love travelling other love reading, but I love cooking. Cooking has been my passion since my childhood. I still remember when I was a kid I used to stand by my mother and watch her cooking. According to me every one can cook, it is not difficult at all. But the main ingredient to cooking is presentation.


I love making Pakistani dishes, and healthy food which is nourishing and is good for health. When I was 14 I made my first dish which was Biryani. Mostly I prefer to cook my favourite food. Being a gourmet I love to eat food. I bake pizzas and muffins too whenever I am free from my busy routine. I think that cooking is an evolving art. Everyday people are experimenting with new dishes and adding different flavours to it. So as I do. I make something different and unique. I think that one should always try new things and it need not be repetitive and boring.






Cooking as a hobby is easiest among all hobbies. For instance if you want to paint you should have talent, for photography you need equipment. Cooking might not need that much equipment. All it needs is love for food, taste and one’s own talent. In my case my mom has been my cooking expert and the greatest inspiration. I still remember how she used to cook me a variety of dishes on weekends. At time she would bake a steak or make sushi or cook continental.

                                                                                                        254479_2096617132778_3298311_n 68627_10151183157241466_2086993404_n


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  1. Well written

  2. I liked it 🙂

  3. yasooba khalid

    I always love your cooking…

  4. Saman u really cook awesome =p

  5. Good effort

  6. Food love 🙂

  7. Interesting

  8. Amazingly written

  9. love your selection of food , and making me hungry as well to see the pictures of different meals , thumbs up (Y) .

  10. wow, after reading this article and watching the pictures of foods i waana taste your meals

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