Long Distance Love: A passion For Football

My talent is football. I love playing and watching sports, but football attracts me the most. During my childhood, I used to play table tennis a lot and cricket as well, but as I grew up, I lost interest in these sports, and gained interest in football. All of my cousins used to play football, and because of that, I started playing it myself, I found my hidden talent, I got really good at it, and I used to be the first pick in any of the teams.Image

At school level as well, I played a lot, we used to play football, in the breaks and in our games periods as well. I was always the captain of my team. And as I got into my o levels, I was considered for the school team. And at that age, getting in the school football team was a big thing. I played in the school team for the next four years, and was named the captain in my last year. But when I changed schools, I lost interest in playing football, studies took a toll on me, and there was no time to play football, and also, during a match I got badly injured, and wasn’t able to play football for 6 months. But I kept on watching football, I follow Portugal and Manchester United. My favorite player is Cristiano Ronaldo. I try not to miss a United match. One of the things in my bucket list is, visiting Old Trafford, and watching Ronaldo play live.


I prefer playing as a holding midfielder, because sprint isn’t my forte. I play for the phantoms in the LSE football league.



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