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When we say music, most of the people think at the great musicians from the western world. But what about the eastern music? What about the Indian Music or the Pakistani music? I have noticed that only few people know some general information on Pakistani music, which consists of diverse  elements ranging from music from various parts of South Asia as well as Central Asian,PersianTurkishArabic and modern day Western popular music influences. With these multiple influences, a distinctive Pakistani sound has been formed.

Pakistani music consists of several forms of genres such as gazaals and qawallis with blended form of modern genres such as rock and hip hop. Using of traditional instruments such as table, dholak, harmonium and rubab are still popular enough with consistent use of modern instruments such as guitars, pianos and drums. Pakistani folks are famous for composing songs in several languages such as Sindhi, Punjabi, Balochi, Saraiki, Potohari, Persian, Pashto and Urdu.


The music industry of Pakistan seems to move on and flourish in spite of the fact that there is mayhem and terror, day in and day out in Pakistan. Some of Pakistani artist have left their mark on the Earth in bold letters such as Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and Noor-Jahan. Every week the stories about the death toll in Pakistan storm the international and the national headlines, but the gutsy, battered and bruised Pakistani musicians seem to blindfold themselves and move on with their job of producing harmonious music that inflames the hope among the people and keeps the spirit to live alive and well fostered. Pakistani musicians have always tried to trigger and arouse the sleeping spirit in the people and songs like Shor Macha have given the much needed boost to stand up for oneself.


Some time back Atif Aslam sang a song “Hath Uthao” for the flood victims and “Ab Khud Kuch Karna Pade Ga” in collaboration with Strings and most recently Hadiqa Kiani, underwent a hair cut for some cancer patients. These acts have clearly exemplified the fact to a large extent that Pakistani musicians want to move forward and help in building towards a classic Pakistani society that will hopefully be full of richness, colour, beauty and plenty of other optimistic expressions.


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  1. aws0me

  2. Inspiring..!!
    A good Effort i must say.
    Keep it Up Komal. 🙂

  3. Great work.

  4. pakistani music industry is really doing a great job..

  5. impresed by yur article …

  6. gud effort

  7. koooooool……. 🙂

  8. very nice !!! very knowledgable indeeed 🙂

  9. nice one

  10. reallyy.. pakistani music is awesome and so is ur article..
    great work!

  11. amazingly done 🙂
    keep it up!

  12. Ahtasham Ashiq

    GUD ONE 🙂

  13. Pakistani singers and bands have made a pretty good impression of Pakistani music internationally..

  14. i agree with you but there are also some artists those are running after fame which is directly an insult to those who devoted their life for music industry

  15. great work komal really appreciable 🙂

  16. yes orange we cannot neglect the fact . if there was only good there wouldn’t be a balance. so there has to be evil where there is good.

  17. orange ..the singers like , Ali Zafar, Ali Azmat, Mizraab, Noori, Aaroh, Pukaar, Irtaash and Call are progressing swiftly and shaping the future of music industry of Pakistan

  18. em a great fan of pakistani musicians..

  19. I believe Pakistani music is far better, with a littile more imoprovements and market it can gain what it deserves.

    Well Written : )

  20. yes aleena i agree …with a little effort they can gain anything..

  21. exactly my point aleena and hajra ….

  22. “We Pakistani’s surely got talent. We just need a little appreciation and commitment.” Acknowledged, Kasim

  23. Very well written 🙂

  24. nice effort, very good article

  25. very nice !!! 🙂

  26. Good effort!

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