Basically revolution is not an easy thing to bring, it requires serious hard work. We have to work hard day and night to bring a revolution. It’s not a one night game. It requires sacrif

ices and time. It cannot be brought in a day or two, takes a lot of time and effort. As very rightly said by CHE GUVERA that “The revolution is not an apple that falls when it is ripe, you have to make it fall.”

Nowadays revolution is just a matter of speech as you can see the upcoming superstar Imran Khan has the only slogan or hoping symbol to make his next election successful.


Imran khan niazi born on 25th November 1952 is a Pakistani politician and former cricketer playing international cricket for two decades in the late 20th century

In fact, he was not taken seriously for the next 15 years of his political career. He was hardly ever scandalized due to corruption scams like other politicians were; but that was mostly because he was hardly ever noticed. Throughout his career, he has spent most of his time doing two things: criticizing other politicians and struggling to gain real political popularity. He has always been called the ‘cricketer’ turned politician – until October 30, 2010, when he created some significant seismic waves amidst the sea of people in Pakistan.


In 2002, he won his first seat in Mianwali. Later, he was offered a slot in another party but he declined and went on boycotting elections. If there is anything constant in his rather rocky career, then that would be (a) his TV appearances bashing other politicians – many of whom have now joined his party, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI); and (b) his stance on the need for ‘change’.

There are many celebrities in the PTI list as PTI is famous for welcoming discredited politicians from other parties. There is a rising ‘join the-PTI’ craze among the ‘Lotas’ as they say on twitter. Imran says, “They say funny things on twitter.” (Lota is a toilet utensil and symbol of PML-Q.)



It’s a wonder how Imran Khan’s aggressive insistence that he can ‘change’ Pakistan makes this things apparent, which could be true. That he is desperate to come to power – his critics say this ‘greed’ could indeed be backed by the establishment.


Manifest in both his greatest triumphs and his most an obvious failure is Imran Khan’s greatest quality. Imran Khan is a born leader, and believes that the steely determination of a leader can single-handedly lead to victory. It is why his World Cup winning speech sounded like that of a singles’ tennis players. At the twilight of “my” career? Imran Khan wasn’t being stubborn or ungraceful. He was just being “me.


There are two lessons that Imran Khan could have learnt from his cricketing and philanthropic adventures. The first is that people matter, and therefore, change can only come about when the people stand up and make it happen. The second is that no matter how good a leader, a winning team is made up of multiple points of talent and skill. Only teams can win team sports.

On most days, it is obvious that Imran Khan learnt the first lesson well, but did not learn the second, at all. The PTI is a collection of nice young people, from mostly good families, who are almost exclusively from the cities. That is a demographic that has had almost zero electoral success. The reason is quite simple. They don’t vote. But even if they were to start voting, what are the chances that Imran Khan’s peripheral populism would catch fire and become a national juggernaut? Pretty low.

Some, for sure. But not all. Imran Khan’s political failures are the topic of many a cocktail party in Defence, F-6 and over drinks during hunting trips in the deep south of Punjab, and the deeper rural neverland of Sindh. But such criticism, while often on-the-mark, does stretch the imagination. Imran Khan, after all, poses no threat whatsoever to the established political order. Or does he?


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  1. Yes imran khan is the change that we want. He is a new leader with new policies and a new passion.

    • and you are ready to let him lead you due to this???
      you can be he change,,,you can be the leader,,,you can present ur policies,,,,and m sure u should hv the passion as well…

  2. Although it respect the view point of the author, in some of the points mentioned i strongly differ with the perception he has tried to create about Imran Khan. Imran Khan has got deep roots in the middle class of Pakistan and now is not limited to the specific class or society. I think he has the potential to lead a country and also the fact that at this level the most important thing is to select the right people for the right job. I dont expect a lot from Imran but at least things like rental power case, Haj scandals will no more will be the scenario in Pakistan if he comes into power

  3. Good effort Rao .

  4. I really loved the stance taken in the article. Nice post!

    In my opinion, I’d say the people are merely giving a IM Khan a chance since all other leaders have failed to prove their legitimacy. Last resort, in a way. However, IM Khan’s popularity has outstripped many expectations, this might prove his leaderships qualities.

    Whatever the case….May Allah do good to our nation!

    Pakistan ZINDABAD!!!

  5. #5minutestosnooze

    WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!!!!! you talk about revolution, that needs serious hard work, firm determination and EFFORT? inst it right, EFFORT!!! why is that we have time to discuss Imran Khan, his personal life, political career and talk about Effort when we cannot just stand for our very own existence, and for our pitiful dignity. KHUMENI wasn’t just bashed by tweets or news feeds?? if we cant talk for ourselves and there is this rich famous dude who is actually trying to fix what we have messed up, PLEASE STOP BADGERING HIM at least give him a shot as well if you can give it to some lunatics chanting ”Khappay Khappay lalalala kapra roti makan”, WAKE UP 🙂

  6. Shaharyaar Ahmad

    I’m pro imran khan and the reason i’m wid imran khan is that he himself have not been tested yet. V have given many chances to ppp nd plmN but this time we should try some new people.
    Some people might say that he has taken old tested people but the ideology is different now. They are under imran khan now. We should vote for pti so that dey could do something better..

  7. Immad ud din Mohammad

    Imran khan may be just another politician.. we have had numerous over the years and as a result the word ‘politics’ is now metaphorically used for corrupt, power loving and liar people in our country.
    So the question is, ‘do we need politics or do we need a change?’
    People are all innocent until proven guilty, but they are also innocent until they get a chance!
    Imran khan might not be the revolution but a hope for a probable change in the view of a more optimistic audience.
    but Pakistan do not only need a change of the political leader of the country but a revolution in the mindset of the masses. Wih our religion, that teaches equality, justice, brotherhood, sincerity, faith upon God and true belief and acceptance upon the power of God and the weakness of man, there is nothing that this country cannot achieve.
    God bless Pakistan!

  8. REVOLUTION iz not a hard game, like TURKEY , IRAN, MALAYSIA, LIBYA, SOUTH AFRICA, having a short way revolution,, just due to a good, brave n patriotic leader can bring the change. you should have open ideas, I.k having ability to do such thingz…. bcoz we have no leader in the history 65 yearz…. n definitely itz not a one night game. but u can try to remove 65 yearz dirty clouds in 1 year… not a single one society can b perfect, but we have to do try for this…. i think so in 2013 ELECTIONS I.k iz a good choice rather then otherz.

  9. Okay its a good write up; compiling his life events in a timeline and other achievements and so. But yeah i do negate most of your thoughts on this aspect. To me IK’s party is one threatening all the “Baap Dada” parties in Pakistan because party operations are so transparent and engaging “Aam Log”.

    For #NayaPakistan

  10. i think reform is the word you are looking for rather than a revolution. revolutions in todays world leave countries crumbled and unable to recover. however, if indeed imran khan brings in the reforms as he has yet promised the masses, then indeed he is what pakistan wants!!

  11. On the point, ‘Imran Khan’s political failure’. As you mentioned earlier, Change is not something which comes in some days. It requires sacrifices, struggle and determination. And thats what IK did in his earlier days, but after his 30 Oct 2011 Jalsa, even his critiques said “Imran Khan aaj se barey sayasatdaan ban gaye’.
    Now, on the point Majority of his supporters are youngsters who never vote. Let me tell you why they never voted in the earlier elections, Because, those people were so demoralized after watching the political corruption in their country. But now they have found their leader, InshaAllah they will vote in the upcoming elections as many new voters have been already registered by the election commission. Fact.
    And now the main point, In this article you have just criticized Imran Khan and what is the reason behind that? You never mentioned! Is this a good reason that he used the word ‘me’ in his speech after winning the w/c? Definitely not. So please, give me just one good reason what is the reason behind this criticism. Have you already tried him as a politician? Do you want us to give a chance to those corrupt politician who have been destroying our country since the death of Quaid? Please answer.

    • good effort hamza…bro be practical or you can ask some other person who is actively participating in politics that a jalsa never decides the victory,,,jalsa is just a way to make ur name popular…hv u ever watched the jalsaas of MQM???
      let me give u some info,,u remember Shuja Pasha?who was known as the political father of IK,,..he was trying to change the time of elections,,he wanted the elections to be held in winters,,so that the majority of IK;s voters could vote,,,he is an experienced man and he was aware of this fact that majority of IK’s voters would not come out of thier A/C rooms to vote…
      and yes u are talking about newly registered voters ,,,u know many of the PML-N voters and supporters also sent that SMS thingy to register their vote for PTI,,just for fun,..and
      IK has counted them as his own votes…
      i am not trying to criticize IK,,,all i am trying to do is a small discussion about him…I really wanted to see Pakistan to grow and prosper…
      i also want to try him,,but just try,,,m not showing my full faith on him,,..
      ahhh nahh…If u really like the ideolgy of IK then u must not forget Z.A Bhutto(m nt talking abt PPPP)…

  12. hmmm this would b a secular change

  13. I believe that he should be given a chance. The bigger problem for our country is for democracy to continue without any interruption from the army. As for now, i believe imran khan deserves a chance…

  14. Good reply Mr. Vkar to Mr, Hamza.
    but dear….. you have Shreef Family last 20 yearz….. what they deliver you in Punjab…. they have 3 time in punjab n 2 times in national level….. then where you stand. iz punjab iz just lahore…. ever you see southern punjab.ever you lookz Multan. Sargodha, mianwali, DG.khan & all otherz cities. iz your living standard improve. where iz urz economy & GDP. the era of mushraf iz better then Shreef family. you have jobz,having good economy… dear i know Jalsa strength does’t matter…. but plz open the mind… now we have blank handz. can you say Shreef family n zardari family iz revolutionary partiez. can these parties now bring change in Pakistan…. oooo Dear for God sake. y u r going to destroy further 5 yearz. y 3rd party can’t lead the Pakistan…. y we r not giving one chance now party…. dear lookz Malaysia,India, Singapore .Iran, north Korea….. and just one time ur self… then u found…. what iz Punjab n Pakistan. may Allah bless Pakistan.

  15. PTI is striving for a revolution in the country.

    A revolution is a complete CHANGE of status quo, not trading ONE for the OTHER. I wish the PTI would change its stance on this word, its leading people towards SORE disappointment when they will realise that the system is the same inept inefficient one that existed before the PTI came to power with a corrupt to the core workforce. Its impossible to change mindsets in a day or even 90 days, PTI is saying too much too soon. They should reign in their rhetoric and propaganda.

  16. very well written… i totally agree with you. I have a belief PTI will bring change.

  17. Open your eyes and make the right decision for once people the only man who can save Pakistan is IMRAN KHAN!!

  18. I agree with you, and this is pretty good

  19. i didnt know tha u can write this well. m impressed, good work 🙂

  20. This nation of the Quaid can only begin to really hope if we all get serious about making social change our number one priority instead of political change. If we let this degenerative state of social affairs continue in Pakistan,then neither Imran Khan nor anyone else will be able to do much about it.

  21. Imran Khan is the only hope Pakistan has right now…

  22. Agree with the practical limitations on the chances of Imran Khan winning mentioned here but the personal criticism is really baseless. PTI has become more than Imran Khan and this isthe corner stone in Pakistani politics. With his party elections he has shown that even revolution begins at home.
    All of our perspective on any political party and specially PTI comes from 9pm sensational stories. Look into the education and energy policies PTI has given and you’ll realise the true revolution this party is heading for.

  23. shagufta maqsood

    am not 100% sure that imran khan can bring a revolution. but he can bring change on a bigger level. among all the politicians he is the person who has the abilities to lead a nation. so at present he is the ray of hope in darkness………

  24. What Imran Khan is trying to accomplish seems very positive for the benefits of Country Fellow
    Country Fellows are not ready to do anything for Self-improvement.

    That may be the Only Obstacle for Us

    And To be honest
    The Fire Of Revolution
    He plans to brings is not even igniting a minute Flame among Public Except to go in his Public meeting for sake of Enjoyment or to run away from Normal Routine
    While this Point seems like a Conspiracy theory
    Only time will determine its Authenticity

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