“A unique Off-roading Experience”

In modern years, a number of people have purchased four-wheel- and all-wheel-drive vehicles. Among these people, the greater part has by no means modified the factory design of their jeeps or sport utility vehicle (SUV) and never tackle a driving challenge more severe than driving them on the carpeted roads among all the other cars. But a few feel the inexorable pull of nature and the road less traveled. These intrepid explorers spend countless hours and a little extra money to modify their SUV s into off-road vehicles capable of chewing up dirt roads, crawling over rocks and climbing near-vertical hills.


Our squad has joined hands in bringing together the passionate offroaders who at past were not given opportunity. We teach, we guide and we let everybody who owns an SUV in. Its totally free of cost and students at LSE are more then welcome to come and join us. We offroad at university timings and even after that depending upon the weather conditions and locations for the initial stage is in the nearby places of LSE.



If you’re hearing the call of the wild and feeling the need to explore nature, then you might be ready to become an off-roader. But before youhead for the hills, take some time to understand what off-roading is all about and what it takes to renovate a factory vehicle into an off-road vehicle.

Going unprepared into the wilderness can have severe consequences. You can get stranded. You can get lost. And, even accidents can happen through vehical roll-overs during off-roading. Hence, wellbeing precautions and off-roading without know-how can be fatal.
So, acquire it slow and easy. Understand how the various systems of your vehicle work. Then comprehend how to modify those systems to ensure that your vehicle functions effectively and safely in off-road situations.



Giving a brief review about off-roading trend in Pakistan, Let’s start from the common off-roading machines used in Pakistan which include

Land Rover Defender, Jeep M 151 Mutt, Landcruiser 70 Series, Jeep CJ, Mercedes G-class & Unimog

Next, the most initial step of modifying your vehicle is the off-road tires, which increase your vehicle’s clearance and give it traction in dirt, mud, snow and sand.



Thirdly, the handling and management of the Hub Lock & Differential locks depending upon the nature of the track. Understanding the function of H4-HI and H4-LO is the most important understanding one must have. All this off-roading learning process is mostly practical based and is learnt through experience while you off-road in extreme conditions.


Understand , Explore & Experience off-roading adventure with us:

By: Salal Rizwan (11U0660)


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