The Perfect Weather.

The perfect Weather.

Don’t you wonder how just a simple set of clouds could change your feeling, mood, emotions? These are the small wonders of life that we don’t notice in our daily life. Mother Nature has its own ways to talk to us but it is us who don’t seem to notice. Somehow every weather has its own effect on our moods such as when it rain you feel like sitting beside your friends or family with a cup of coffee or at times having Pakoras.

Each and every person has its different definition for a “Perfect Weather”. Some people might consider it to be clear sky with shinny sun above them but some might consider a blue sky, clouds with drizzling rain like someone is whispering into your ears and the greenery besides us makes the moment perfect. Just wait and imagine for a moment when passing through a hard day going back to home and the weather turns out to be perfect, forgetting the fact that you were tired you go on enjoying it and everything else seems to be lively and pure.

The Perfect View.

There are surprises and wonders which Mother Nature has kept on earth and weather is one of them. When I was little I used to chase rainbows and still now I wonder where would that rainbow head me too. As I remember I whenever it rained I used to go out and play in rain in my little blue shorts and the moment when my father would change for the rain it used to stop raining I used to tell my father not to change or else it would stop raining. I have always admired nature for its purity, the sparrows singing when the wind blows and the insects’ chirps in the moon light. It’s like God wanted us to be happy forgetting our worries and sorrows. I came across poetry by Asif Andalib that is:

On such a cloudy day why you are far away?
Lightning is writing in sky what I want to say

The cloudy sky is like my gloomy face
The thunderbolts are showing my distress

The raindrops are like my sorrowful tears
My soul is on your way like pioneers

The murmur of the leaves is like my whisper
Please meet me in such a romantic weather.

We should prevent and save our beauty of earth by removing catastrophic effects of pollution. Global warming is increasing day by day we should make an effort to guard where we live; our actual property should be Earth. I would advice and suggest every person to recycle trash and stop pollution by any means.

By Sajjad Naqvi

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  1. your thought is good, but we need to preserve this gift from Allah.we should make an effort to do something about this as you mentioned.

  2. EXCELLENT !!!

  3. wow perfect (Y)

  4. Amazing photography ❤

  5. good article, very well written.

  6. Same goes with me I appreciate the closing message!!

  7. great article!! 🙂

  8. simply intresting facts n figurs had the gret impact good work 😉

  9. Indeed , a good weather can bring positive changes in our mood and whole day. Nicely presented work (Y)

  10. Excellent Work (y)

  11. Unprecedented reality captured in vivacious words. Great work Sajjad

  12. – Its truly amazing

  13. Perfect combination of description and photography. 🙂

  14. awsummmmm project 🙂

  15. Great work 🙂
    Best of luck 🙂

  16. Mehwish Waheed


  17. Really nice project 🙂

  18. nice 🙂 1 like the poetry (y)

  19. project is outstanding n the way of cliking thr pics r mindblowing…gud work …n this iz the real beauty…. 🙂

  20. WOW! its really amazing :).

  21. Syed Faizan Faisal

    Really Amzaing! 🙂

  22. incredible photography!!

  23. Azeem Siddiqui

    that’s called a creative click! 😉

  24. An article worth reading..

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  26. wonderful photography and the article ix truely amazing..!!

  27. Love this post. I have the same feelings about weather–every day is a sweet surprise to the spirit. d:)

  28. Thank you for visiting my blog and for the reblog! So nice! d:)

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