Pakistani Media: A never ending drama

Who wants to watch The Game of Thrones, Prison Break and other hit series when we have our very own media and its actors. Pakistani media provides you with hits through their headlines, scandals and some very entertaining talk shows that have become an addiction for many viewers of the country or even people living overseas. The actors are of course non-other than our “Leaders” who are paid to perform for an hour or so, on daily basis in front of the camera. The day of a normal Pakistani is incomplete nowadays if he/she forgets to watch Geo or other  News channel.


The leading talk-shows are:

  • Hamid Mir’s Capital Talk on Geo Television
  • Kamran Khan’s Aaj Kamran Khan ke sath
  • Kashif Abbasi’s Off the record
  • Yakeen by Sana Bucha

Have you ever thought of the fact that why these talkshows have conquered our prime entertainment time? I remember the time when Ptv and Stn were the only channels Pakistan had. In the primetime from 7 to 9 pm, there used to be a mind soothing entertainment. There were dramas that actually made you feel better and gave you a lesson which followed by a half an hour news. Now, its the age of “FREE” media. Every now and then, there is a news on television with a red tag line hitting your eyes. It is known that an excess of everything is bad, you realize it when you watch these news channels for like half an hour constantly. The same news is repeated more than a 100 times in just 2 minutes. They do it on purpose. They have to gather your attention and create chaos in your minds. I believe they have been quite successful in doing so. Arguing for like an hour on television on baseless topics, personal fights have actually gathered viewers interest. If in a talkshow, there is no fight and exchange of harsh words, it is not considered as a hit show. There has to be some chaos. People love chaos. Topics will never end, there are many things happening on daily basis but the point is they happen everywhere, but when you are on an international forum, you don’t have to post every news you hear. There are things that are better hidden than known. Ofcourse practical action should be taken, but cricticising and posting 24/7 is not right.


This drama has evolved for years now since the birth of these channels and we are pretty sure that they will continue until the end of time.

From: Ali Murad

ID: 11U0262


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