A quest to find talent


Some people think that talent is a inborn thing. And talent leads to successful careers. It all makes sense, because some people literally carry special abilities from the day they are born. Many athletes and sports stars have different metabolism from start than normal people. Talented basket ball players usually have longer hands than their body proportion.

On the other hand, some believe that you can learn and practice to choose your own career or talent. I do not agree with this school of thought. This does not make sense to me because if there are no inborn talents than why some people are more successful than the hard workers. Like Wim Hof, 49, is immune to cold. Danniel Tammet, a british high functioning autistic savant is gifted with a facility for mathematical calculations, sequence memory and new language learning. Mister Eat it all, can literally eat rubber, glass, metal and indigestible items.

This all made me depressed, because for a very long time I was unable to recognize my own talent. I tried a lot of new things and was unable to build natural interest in them. But then I realized it is a possibility that I have more than one talent, and I am not extraordinary at them but I am good at them.


Mathematics, a subject that fills up my soul.  I can force in mathematics in any subject with numbers and digits and I usually solve the problems using my ability of understanding and making new expressions and functions. I can link colors to numbers and picture landscapes regarding the numbers.

Sports, I am not the world class or inborn sports star but I can play and participate in every sport and I usually am very good at it, better than most of the people with or without practice.

assorted sports (3)



M. Ghazi Anwar



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