Words – my best friend!


  When actions fail you, words become your best friend; such has been my journey with words. I, Zara Saeed, have often found it hard to express my feelings with actions, but words have never failed me or disappointed me. Since a young age, I have often found it peaceful and stress relieving, to pen down my feelings in the form of stories or poetries. These stories and poetries reflect my feelings, my experiences, my happiness, and my disappointments. Reading poetry, and going into the depth of words, has been my favorite pastime.

Apart from indulging myself in writing stories and poetries, I always kept myself indulged in debates. Throughout my school life, I used to participate in all debating competitions. It was my confidence that opened up a great opportunity for me, the opportunity of being chosen to represent Pakistan in the “IIPM, Ciceros Challenge” held in Delhi, India, in 2008. Those 5 days in India, among students from over 16 countries, was an eye opening experience for me. The experience boosted my confidence, and made me realize the worth of Pakistanis. Undoubtedly, we Pakistanis, stood out amongst the hundreds of students over there, and the encouragement, and appreciation we received, was overwhelming. Interaction with students, from different races, ethnicities, cultures, and countries, aided in my knowledge about cultures, and helped me to identify the beauty of every culture. To sum it up, those 5 days, were the best days of my life.



Thus, words have, and will always be my best friend, and for me, the best medium of expression!

The writing takes me to a place I have never been before, to an unknown destination….beyond fear, beyond hope”

By: Zara Saeed



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  1. Wow zara this is pretty good

  2. Nice article =D

  3. good read …

  4. Wow! must have been a good experience =) Well written!

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