Westernization in Pakistan

Beginning of 20th century, western culture has increased, a step towards disaster


Westernization has been spread throughout our country because of the media. The TV channels show various newscasters and different characters in the dramas wearing westernized clothes. In addition to this, intimate scenes are becoming more common in TV programs. Even our Lux Style Awards depict the western style of dressing and decor.

The catalogs, magazines, billboards etc. clearly show the impact of westernization all over Pakistan. You can see the catalogs of StoneAge for example. Magazines and certain TV shows discuss extremely open issues that are out of the scene if people take into account our culture, tradition and religious values.

This is what, following, western liberal concepts has done to us. We don’t even remember our own values and beliefs and therefore we are getting entrapped deeper into the web of westernization (so called advancement that is considered essential for development!!!)

Moreover , URDU OR ENGLISH?? A dilemma most Pakistanis are facing today especially the youth. Each country has its own mother language and they are not just a way of communication but also a part of their culture. Most of the people are not proud to speak our own language now and this is mostly seen in the middle and upper class. Most Pakistanis are moving away from their mother language and adopting English. By adopting English we are not just adopting their language but also their culture, values, customs and traditions and in the process are forgetting our own culture. This confusion started when the British came to rule our land and since then people have been trying to copy their language and have associated it with prestige and class. This problem has been further aggravated by the excessive exposure and the media influence. Even our education is now focusing too much on English at all levels. It is true that English is an international language and is used worldwide; everybody should know it in order to excel abroad. Hence we need to find a balance between our choices of language between one that represents our culture and the other that will take us to international markets.

Yes to find this balance is hard and confusing but we have to come up with one fast before its loo late.

Most importantly, Westernization has intruded so deeply into our culture that the Islamic values and “Adaabs” have faded away. The obligations of a Muslim have long been forgotten. No longer do people respond to the call for prayers, No longer do they keep fasts in Ramzan, in fact, they eat or smoke openly. Alcohol, prostitution, drugs are becoming regular and despite their openness, no actions are being taken to eliminate them from our society.

Don’t let westernization win!!!!

Now a new trend in Pakistan is the emergence of the boyfriend/ girlfriend relation which starts at the age of 15 (hopefully). Parents send their children to schools and universities to study but unfortunately they end up into some other activities. There’s no right or wrong over here it’s not bad to like someone but is it good to have relationships that are not meant to last? People have come forward with this western culture of going out together and dating in the “Cafe’s”. Being physical in a relationship is not much of a big deal and they actually think it’s cool. Is this the future of Pakistan? Why is it that it has become mandatory to have a boyfriend/girlfriend?

In short we all must consider that where is this country leading to? Has anyone really thought about it? Why is it that our culture is disappearing in front of our eyes and westernization has taken its place…All these questions are basically describing the current situation of Pakistan. Yes! Our economy and political condition is suffering but so are our values and culture. One should stop and think whether Pakistan is really what its name mean or is it just another country vanishing under the spell of modernization!


By Maha Mahmood



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